Saturday, 5 October 2013

A Day in London

I dreamed that mum and I were in front of some hotel in London. They wouldn't allow us to check in yet. So I said let's go sightseeing. But no.o. She didn't want to. She said: wait for dad. I spotted him and waved him over: dadddeeee. Come here! Let's go kia kia now. Dad: ok. Where do you want to go? Mum: don't want la. (Gives excuses)

Me: fine. I'll go with Winnie.

Winnie: ok. Let's go. Come quick.

Dad: do you guys have money? (Peels off several hundred pounds and hands to us).

Me and Winnie gleefully run off!!

Winnie: Let's go to London Bridge! Tower Bridge! London Eye!



I forced myself to go back to sleep after that but couldn't.

At least let me enjoy London sights first! I haven't even been to any of that place yet! I didn't spend money yet! I didn't even buy tube tickets yet!! Argh. I was so mad at myself. Stupid brain got me excited for nothing!

So yeah. I'm ranting now. I think I'll take myself on a tour now.

Over the years, I have been a tour guide to my friends who stay in Sunderland, Newcastle, my friends' friends, my friends family members, and ex-bf's. I took them all to the same places the first time. 

Normally, we start at Piccadilly or Leicester Square, then walk to Trafalgar Square, then walk to Buckingham Palace, past Westminster, the Parliament Houses, Big Ben, London Eye, and take the tube back home. That is a long walk and plenty of sights and photo taking opportunity.

That was what went through my mind in my dream. Where I was going to take Winnie.

As I played tour guide to my friends and their families, how I wished it was my OWN family. One day, my own family could visit me there, and we would be so happy together. Never happened. And by the looks of it, never will. That's why I was so angry at mum. In my dream, I mean. HAHAH. 

But at least, one day, I will bring Cs. I will show him my old school, take him to the same Mcd's I spent so much time in, bring him around that route, eat Chinese food at Chinatown, walk the same streets, and make him fall in love with London like I did. 

Anyway. Enough talk.


Let's start at Picadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus is basically a square surrounded by shops. Its between Regent Street and we normally walk to Leicester Square, where Chinatown is. 

Soho is to the side off Piccadilly. Regent Street is a long street that connects to Oxford Circus and Bond Street. Shopping!! High street brands like River Island, H&M, Topshop, Zara, Esprit and everything else can be found here. The more expensive brands, don't ask me. Ask Nifer. I don't shop at Selfridges or Harrods.

The famous billboard sign. Under the signs is a Burger King and Boots. Or it was. I don't know if its still there. Is it Shirley?

From Piccadilly, walk to Leicester Square. Chinatown is located here. 

All your chinese food shopping can be done here. You can do your grocery shopping here where they sell everything from instant noodles, milo, canned and fresh food, to even durians. But frozen lah. I think. I don't eat. I just know they sell them. They have a few bakery shops here selling kuihs and cakes as well.

When you want/need your chinese food fix, you can have your duck rice (the famous Four Seasons), penang assam laksa, mee goreng, and so on and so forth. They have almost everything. Well, besides kolo mee, kam pua and such (sorry shirley), hahah.

Its well known that the staff (in Chinatown) are rude. They mostly speak Cantonese. If there are two of you, and one of you don't eat, you can't sit there. You must order something. Minimum of 8 pounds (this was years ago. I don't know what minimum amount is now). Their rent is crazy expensive, so they force you to order food. As soon as you put down your chopsticks, the bill is put in front of you. They need to turn around the tables very fast for other guests. But we are used to it. Its the only place for Chinese/Malaysian food, so no complaints. 

On the other side of Leicester Square is where all the movie premieres are held. Its where I queued up seven hours to wait for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix premier.

There are several theaters here and lots of pubs/clubs. But then again there are pubs at almost every corner. Just like there are Mcd's at almost every corner.

There is a huge Mcd at Leicester Square. How many cashiers are there? 15 in a row? I remember I liked the toilet. Haha what a thing to remember. Because of its location, its open 24 hours and always seems to be busy no matter what time it is. I remember waiting at Mcd at about 5 am after clubbing waiting for the tube to open so we could go home. And it still wasn't empty. So busy.

There are also many restaurants around this area like Angus Steak House. Ohh and a huge Haagen Daz store. I wonder is it still there. Hmm..should be. I just Googled it

From Leicester Square, walk to Trafalgar Square or Covent Garden. Take your pick. But I normally bring people to Trafalgar Square first. Its basically a public square with fountains. Oh and the National Gallery is here too if you're into that sort of things. Free entrance. According to Sophie Kinsella's Twenties Girl book,  Sadie Lancaster's drawing is here too.

Shirley surrounded by pigeons. Cs saw these photos when we were still friends, and he told me (through msn): can't believe you guys are really in London now. 

This was taken in May I I still needed a coat.

During nice weather in the summer, lots of people will be here, some of them dipping their feet into the fountain. Like Nifer here:

This photo was taken in winter:

Christmas Eve after dinner.

That's the National Gallery in the background. AL when he was in London visiting us.

If you're SPK, can climb up the lions like us. Haha not so easy ok. This was the only time I did it.

From Trafalgar Square, cross the road and look for this entrance:

Go through and walk down the long road passing by St James Park to Buckingham Palace. These photos are taken in St James Park. Its right next to Buckingham Palace. I love it. Really beautiful and peaceful.

Like all parks, it has plenty of birds/pelicans/ducks/squirrels. Yuck to the last one. I'm scared of them. If you have plastic bags with you, the squirrels follow you for food. =.=

If you go early in the morning, you can catch the changing of the guards. Don't know what time, Google yourself. :)

I'm getting lazy to look for more photos already. Everything is so unorganized.

Walk past Westminster, where Westminster Abbey is (Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding), and House of Parliaments.

London Eye at night. You can't miss it. Walk on from Big Ben to London Eye. To take the ride, it costs about 30 pounds? And there's normally a queue..

Love this photo. Not taken by me though. Boo. Just found it in my folders..must be taken by one of the guys. My camera was shit that time. And I didn't take photos of everything yet so I don't have much to choose from.

Its much better to go the London Eye at night so you get views like this.

After that, either call it a day or take the tube to London Bridge and walk towards Tower Bridge.

Took this photo cos its not everyday you see the bridge open. This is Tower Bridge btw. Not London Bridge.

London Bridge is just normal looking.

I think this is the only photo I have on London Bridge. Zzz..its cos its just a normal bridge. Nothing special.

That morning, Shirley and I were supposed to go to school. But it was closed. Bank holiday or something. So we walked to London bridge instead. It was very close by.

Ohh found this. Mehh. 

OK la. That's enough for now.

Writing this post made me feel a bit better about the dream. Imma go search for air tickets now.


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