Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Mi vs Food

I like Camera 360. Awesome stuff. It seems to combine a lot of apps into one. They have different scenes for you to take photos, and lots of effects. I should have taken more photos using that app to prove my point. Next time, next time! Anyway, download if you can. It is good!

This photo below is using Camera 360. I know its not so clear but honestly this is my boring old living room, transformed into color!! Bright colors that makes my tv looks well, interesting. Or so I like to think.

This was from a Friday night out at Manhattan Fish Market! Oh man so sinful. We ordered way too much food. And it was all either fried, fried, or fried. Wonderful.

You are looking at cheesy fries, and deep fried mushrooms. Look at those cheese!!! Damn rich and sinful but oh so good! Fried mushrooms were a bit mehh. According to Nancy, they were much better the last time she came. I hope so for their sake, because these mushrooms were hard and kinda tasteless.
 This was our flaming seafood platter. Deep fried fish and chips, fried prawns and then baked with cheese on top, deep fried calamari, and deep fried oysters. And broccoli and carrots. Oh yes and rice below all that fried food.
 It was good no doubt. But a bit of overdose. Too much fried food for one night. And too much cream. But that's just me. :) 

This was from Camera 360 too. I barely had on make up. And no lipstick. The red on my lips are from the camera effect. Never mind that my eyes look a bit weird.

I am kinda abusing Camera 360 these days. Hehh oh well. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! 
I bought those tights from Taiwan, I think. I bought quite a few pairs from both HK and Taiwan, and have been waiting forever to wear them. :)

This is the soft light effect from Camera 360. That was minimal make up and bad hair day. But look at the effect. Ahh I should have posted a before and after photo. Next time! Let me be happy today! :D

 I told you I'm abusing Camera 360. Leave me alone. La la la la la...I can't hear you.

Back to food. Mum made these awesome bread sushi thingy below. She learned it from tv. Its nice!! I have to get that recipe from her! Bread, seaweed, sesame seeds, ham/hot dogs, and voila! Perfection!
I tried to arrange the food ala Asian Food Channel but failed miserably. Hahha I keep watching AFC, you would have thought that I learned something by now. But noooo...I have so sense of art, as usual.

Btw, I am still watching E&O's search for AFC's next Celebrity Chef again. The one where Dino won. This Thursday is final episode! Watch it!!! 

 The parents also made kong pia on Sunday!
Actually the parents went on a crazy cooking spree. On Sunday night, we had:

1) Kong pia, which are actually minced pork and pork fat fried with shallots and garlic

2) Bread-sushi above

3) Fried crabs with eggs and I don't know what (dad always cook crabs when we go over for dinner because we can help finish it - it is why I never eat crabs outside if I can help it. I have enough at home. hahha)

4) Steamed fish. It ish good!! How to say xue yu in English?

5) Spinach (finally!! vege!!)

6) Pasta with bacon and cheese. Winnie was in charge of the cheese. Bad idea. Need I say more?

7) Chicken - mum was trying to replicate the fried chicken like shih lin night market. She passed! Tastes great!

8) Bamboo clams cooked with curry.

9) Lemang. Google it if you must.

I know right!! What was dad thinking??? There are five of us in the family plus Cs. Oh and Eli too, I suppose. And Cherrie although she has her own special little meal.

But, when we laid all the dishes on the table, it reminded me of reunion dinner!! =.=

And NO, we don't always eat like this. In fact, we try to eat more vege and less rich food during weekdays. Definitely nothing like this. Yea.

Love this photo below! Cherrie is the boss of dad.

I feel like such a housewife. Hahha I have to stop thinking like that. I would like to think that I am a normal working adult now. On weekdays, what else is there to do?

After dinner, either tapau, eat outside, or cook ourselves, and then exercise, if I still have the energy after cleaning up, then settle in front of the tv before I drift off to sleep.

I even wrote down all the shows I want to watch for weekdays on Astro.

On Mondays - Amazing Race, and 101 ways to leave a game show! (Crazzzzyyyy show!! Watch it!! Siao one!! But so entertaining!!! They drop people from 100 feet into icy cold water to win 50 k. And that is considered tame I think.Oooohh and Pawn Stars!

Tuesdays - Man vs Food! Love that show!

Wed: The Voice!! 

Thurs: Stanley!! Oh sorry, I mean E&O's Next Celebrity Chef!

Fri: I forgot by memory. But I wrote it down on my white board. :)

OK bye!

Monday, 26 March 2012

The Hunger Games

Edit: OK, after finishing the first book, the Hunger Games, I want to retract that entry below. So many more points are many clearer to me. I no longer think of how sick it is (ok maybe a little), and I know why Jennifer Lawrence seems to have little or no expression in the movie. In fact, she is trying to look sullen or neutral most of the time. And a lot of other things become clearer by now. I want to watch the movie again.

One good thing though, the movie follows the book pretty much. But still, read the book before you watch the movie, if you can. :)

I'm now halfway through the second book.


When I saw how popular it was, and how high the ratings were (85% by all critics; 95% by audience on Rotten Tomatoes, and 8.0 on idmb), that was what prompted me to watch the movie. Plus the trailer looked interesting enough.

What is the Hunger Games?

The Hunger Games is set in the future. The evil and very sick Capitol of the nation of Parem conduct what is called the Hunger Games annually, in which they select a boy and a girl from each district (there are 12 discticts), from the ages of 12 – 18 (me thinks). These kids selected are referred to as “Tributes”, and there are 24 of them. They fight, slaughter and kill one another (kids, mind you) with bows and arrows, knives, and their bare hands until there are only one remaining. Why are they doing this, you ask? For their (Capitol’s) sick entertainment. People place bets and watch on television everything that is happening on the show. They decide when to place beasts into the show to kill the kids, they decide when to turn day into night, they decide when to light fire just to direct the kids to one another.

From the reviews, the books itself sounds much more violent, aggressive and I dunno, sick I believe. Makes me think what the author was thinking. But maybe I should read the books first before I judge. There are three books btw. I’m going to Popular later to search for the books.

What I didn’t like: I didn’t like that during the fight scenes, you can’t see clearly at all who is fighting who. I didn’t watch this movie on some pirated DVD ok. I watched this at MBO. Very clear, big screen, and no subtitles, I might add. Or sometimes there are, sometimes there aren’t. Weird.

And during the movie, some scenes were moving about too much (duno how to explain), but at some parts, I had to look away cos it made me dizzy. Not just me. Cs as well. And another girl along the same row kept sighing when they moved the camera about too much again. Maybe this is some new high tech way of filming, I dunno. But it sucked.

What I liked: Yes, the plot is actually good. Not bad. But if they had filmed it properly (without us being dizzy and having to look away), it would be much better. But maybe that’s just me.

Would I recommend it: Actually, yes. Quite interesting to say the least. You don’t get to see Lenny Kravitz wearing gold eyeliner everyday. Hahaha yea he is in the movie. Jennifer Lawrence’s performance though, a bit blah. She looks a bit older and taller than Peeta (Josh Hutcherson).

The character I liked most was Stanley Tucci. Blue haired host of the game show. Funny actually.

Anyway, conclusion. I have mixed feelings about this movie actually. Good and bad. I want to get the book so I can know more about the trilogy first. 


Friday, 23 March 2012

Photoshoot by Jerrick Studio

I forgot about these photos taken by Jerrick. If I remember correctly, I have not posted them up on my blog. Right? Better not ah, else I just wasted about 30 minutes of my time tonight hahaha. I remember posting the video but not the photos. Ahh anyway..moving on.

The plan that day was actually start at home, go to State library, Kasuma and finally Camp Permai/Damai Puri. It was a Sunday and it was supposed to be just Cs and I, and Jerrick. But when we started, Jerrick said that he could use a helper. 

So we called John up to see if he was interested to come along as well. As it turned out, John, boon and Doris were planning to go on an outing that day, with their cameras. So they came to join us instead. Glad that they did because they made it more fun, and thus easier to smile and laugh. :)

Don't have to try so hard to fake a smile. After the photo shoots, I have a new found respect for models. Bet all brides feel like this at some point during the photo shoot. Hahha 5 minutes in, and you know its harder than it looks. 

#1 Thinking of what to eat for lunch later. KFC? Mcd? Will I still fit into my dress after that? 

Jerrick: smile a bit Amy. Just a bit. Me: OK. Fine. Pretend I'm Tyra Banks for now. Speak with your eyes hahha. How does she do it? Anyone watch ANTM?

# 2 OK this is just awkward.

I remember my knees hurting. We had to close our eyes,  and kneel down on the floor. Lean slightly towards him. Now hold that pose. Don't move! All the while, try to smile a little. Just a little. Hahahha

# 3 Oohh..look that's ourselves on the table.

No really, look how clean that table is. Eli is doing her job. Shows she is doing her chores, besides playing with Cherrie day and night. Seriously, they run around the house all the time. They play hide and seek. They play with Cherrie's toys. They make so much noise. They go for morning/afternoon/night walks all the time. Pampered little Cherrie. When my parents go out, Cherrie sleeps in Eli's arms. For real. Forget that she is a Malay okie?

# 4 Cs is peeking into my (non existent) cleavage

The dress is too loose for me. I should have altered it but I didn't. As a result, the dress kept falling (slightly). Damn. And look how low my boobs look in that photo above. What the...? My fault entirely. 

# 5 Hello, I like you very much.

♥ how this photo turned out. So sweet..

# 6

# 7 Jerrick's brilliant idea turned out really nice..I really suck at providing descriptions don't I? Besides "nice", I don't really know what else to say. =.=

This was taken at the State library in the middle of the day. It was not empty! There were people, many people!! To accomplish this photo above, twirling/spinning around in the middle of the staircase means, we have to block the staircase haha. People literally stop at the top or bottom, shying away from Jerrick's lens.

And to get the photo above, we had to go through many takes, as well as John and the others holding the lights from all directions.

# 8 Love this photo as well. Kinda awesome. Actually love all the photos I posted here and all kinda awesome. Of course lah, I omitted all the other photos which I thought made me look plump/fat/ugly/not satisfactory/oily face etc etc. I am my worst critic. Aren't we all?

#9 Headed off to Kasuma next.

If you're from Kuching, you know where Kasuma is. For outsiders, I doubt it. Google can only help you so far.

Hahahha I actually went to Google "Kasuma". Not bad. The third search results lists the condominium for sale in Kasuma resort. There you go. Its that area.

# 10
Btw, I bought this wedding gown online. Not bad ey. Any takers? I want to sell it off but malas to advertise on Mudah.com. Why mi? RM 350, ai mai? Damn cheap leh.

I have worn it just this once. I have a veil for sale too. Its not this one in this photo. Its the veil I wore at the beach - the super long one. In the last photo.

# 11

# 12 Why hello there!

Check out Cs' ass. Ooohh look he has a stain. On his jacket lah! Hahha joke!

# 13 To the beach!!

The beach was not empty!! It was quite full actually. I should think that it would be difficult for Jerrick to take shots of us without people in the background.

Bt, are we lihai, or are we lihai? Brought our own kite! Love love love these photos!! We look so carefree, relaxed, and happy!

# 14

# 15 Kite. Duh, I know.

# 16 

Luckily the weather was good that day. Bright and sunny. And plenty of time to catch the sunset. Well, not really catch but you know what I mean.

# 17 

I wanted to bring wine, instead of just sparkling juice. Cos I thought the wine would help me relax more. Be more natural, more myself. Turned out we didn't need it. We were plenty happy that day. That day was full of laughter.

# 18

# 19

# 20 Run baby, run!

I should not look this happy running towards Jerrick. Hmmm...
# 21

Ok, this was kinda fake. I didn't enjoy being splashed by Cs. Hahha I have on makeup what. Better don't get me all wet.

But actually truth be told, it was almost the end of a loong, tiring day. We were rushing from one place to another. I had to get changed in toilets, and in the tree house.

It was hot; we were sweating and hungry. By then, I didn't care what my makeup or hair looked like already. I just wanted to go ahead and have fun. Fook it. Fook the sun. Fook that Cs is all sweaty. Hug him anyway. Joke!! :D

# 22

# 23

Love sunset shots. And yes, we are still running. At this rate, I can join the marathon. Get rid of my treadmill. Pfft. I'm all-state man. Dunno why I'm so full of crap today. Weird.
# 24

I have lost count of the number of kisses we exchanged that day. I have learned to ignore the stares of adult and children alike, and go ahead - close my eyes, and cuddle, hug, kiss him as if we are alone.

Hahah thanks to Jerrick for all these photos (Good God - you know how heavy his camera is??!! And his camera bag, lenses, and equipment. Banyak susah to be a photographer ok!)

Thanks to John, Boon and Doris, for holding the light, for making us laugh, for making the day much more bearable.

And thank you baby, for being you. I like you. (Reminds me of a song I heard before - I like you) I'm going to Google it.

Speaking of this, I love Google, I really do. But I really hate that Blogger goes crazy on me sometimes. Why do you keep telling me that I have signed in on another computer/location, when I have not?

Dear God, please please please (x100000) tell me I do not have a hacker. Kill me now. Seriously, I am a nobody. Don't hack into my account or destroy me.

OK rubbish aside. Bye.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Totally irrelevant post with no purpose

I really want to write something down.

I am soo looking forward to my KL trip. Its just KL, but oh well. Its a holiday nonetheless. I have a few trips planned this year already. :X And its only March. Not to mention that we still haven't got round to getting that auto gate. Hahaha..that might never happen. Well not these few months at least..

Forget getting pregnant. No time! People, stop asking me. :D

We got a hand-me-down tv for our bedroom. No complaints there! Its one of the best things that could happen these days. Cs is elated. And so am I. Hahah. I thought that I would sleep later rather than earlier, with a tv in the bedroom.

But it turns out that, once we were both snuggled in bed, and the tv is blaring away, my body tells me that I'm tired. My eyelids droop, I can't keep my eyes open nor can I pay attention to what is on screen.

Unlike downstairs, I don't know why. I type away on the computer (like now), and procastinate. I wait and dawdle and find things to do just to avoid going to bed. Just because I want to prolong the day just a bit longer. Because waking up tomorrow morning, it will be yet another boring work day. 

I haven't been swimming in..forever. Or forever as in the last time Winnie came to visit. Which was, well forever. :)

I want to go to Phuket and laze about in that exact same spot. Fat chance. Next time I'm going to Phuket, I doubt we would stay in the same hotel (or same room type for that matter) again. I want to target Sri Panwa. Hahhaha fat chance! Google it. Agoda it! Sri Panwa villas! Swoonsss!! 

Only people like Xiaxue are so lucky get to be invited to places like that on a sponsored trip. Who doesn't envy that? Maybe that is why she got so many haters. Even on formspring, total retards keep asking pointless/irrelevant questions, if nothing, just to piss her off. 

The view outside a typical Melia room. I miss.

Genting, which I miss too. This was on one of our first trips together to KL. 

Damai Puri, which I am convincing him is the right place to go on his birthday! Hahaha!

I sound damn selfish I know. But he wants to go too! And my birthday is too far way to consider. I need an excuse to go to Damai, and since my birthday is so far away, well...the only logical conclusion is to convince him to go on his. :) Smart eh? 

On this abrupt note, I bid you adieu.

Sleep is a-coming.


Recent reads

I have just finished Jodi Picoult's book - House Rules.

I don't like the ending. It is quite abrupt. I could do with a longer narration on how Jacob got acquitted and how life went on for the Hunt family.

Why couldn't Emma question Jacob more thoroughly since she is the one who has some amount of control of her son? Since she believed that her son didn't kill (she asked Jacob right? And Jacob said no, and since she was relieved, it means somehow she believed him!), why didn't she question him more? He has Asperger's so he can't express himself too clearly! Haih. Anywayy..

This book made me cry a few times. In the office! WTF?! I read it during lunch while I was eating and omg my tears flowed freely as if I was at home bawling my eyes out on Cs' shoulders. 

I have not cried reading a book since...I don't remember when. I didn't even cry reading the Notebook or any other love novels.

But this. This book is about:

Teenager Jacob Hunt has Asperger's syndrome, making him hopeless at reading social cues or expressing himself well to others. He is brilliant in many ways, but is specially focused on forensic analysis. (Think CSI). He's always showing up at local crime scenes and telling the cops what to do. He's usually right too. Then, his small town is rocked by a terrible murder. This time, law enforcement comes to Jacob. Jacob's behavior are hallmark Asperger's, but they look a lot like guilt to the local police. Suddenly the Hunt family, who only want to fit in, are directly in the spotlight. For Jacob's mother, Emma, it's a brutal reminder of the intolerance and misunderstanding that always threaten her family. For his brother, Theo, its another indication why nothing can be normal with Jacob as a brother. And over the small family, the soul-searing question looms: Did Jacob commit murder?

This book is definitely a page turner! Read it if you haven't already. I'm aware that its not really a new book, so probably most people have read it already.

In case you have read it, I cried during the part where Jacob is in jail, and when his mum went to visit him, he asked: mommy, can we go home now?

Damn sad lahhh!!! But a good read nevertheless.

Another of her books that I read recently is Picture Perfect. 

A love story this time. Sort of. With an abusive husband in the picture. Oh and the abusive husband is the biggest movie star in the world. No big deal. The world thinks that she has the perfect marriage, but it is not to be. Something along this lines. I love the book actually and have read it a few times already.

You can read more here, because I lazy to search for the synopsis ah. Its good lah trust me. Or trust Jodi Picoult.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Singapore Trip Part 1

I haven't posted photos of my last Singapore trip in Dec 2011. Ya I know, its March already! How did it get to March already? Dafuq?!

The only mention I had of the Singapore trip was written in this post here where I complained about how Agoda forgot to book our rooms (no shit) and about the 6 cockroaches in our two rooms. Oh well at least the rooms were cheap. But I am never staying there again..Lesson learnt!

7 of us went together on this trip: John, Alvin and WL, Cs and I, and Boon and SL.

The name of the hotel is Fragrance Ruby but we got transferred to another hotel, which I forgot the name of by now. We were in the red light district at Geylang. I swear, every taxi driver asked us: why did you choose to stay here in Gelang? Don't stay here. Its not a good area, not good. Not safe for single women at night. Stay somewhere else, and proceed to name a few other hotel names. Hahha lesson learnt!

Went to Bugis first to shop some and stop for a bite to eat.

Stopped to eat at this unassuming shop. But the food is good! I forgot the name ah..Typical me.

My sandwich that's shaped like a fish. Can tell? The keropok is the tail at the back. I think. Cs pointed it out. If wrong blame him..

Went clubbing at night. This was our pre clubbing meal at Mcd. 

We went first to a club at gives out free champagne to December babies.

I booked in advance in Boon's name, one of the Dec babies. That got us all in for free and a bottle of free champagne. Woot! Lihai. Damn awesome. I wanna live in Singapore just for these types of promo. Hahha alcoholic!

So we finished that bottle of champagne and came out again. Typical Malaysians...After that, we met up with Alvin's friend and changed club to St James Station. 

My photos somehow turn out a bit blur. Why? Aged issit? Left too long in my folder, didn't upload..har har har. Not funny. (If Kev is reading this, he would be like: diu why you so dumb?) God I hope no one else thinks like him. Har har har cos you would have zero IQ too. Kidding bin kidding. At this time I would leap away from him, to avoid getting slapped on the arm or leg or anywhere he can reach.

If he slaps too hard, I would revenge. I always get revenge! :D To which he would call me a crazy bitch. Haha I can anticipate whatever he will do or say by now.

Ahem. Rubbish aside. Photos all taken at Clark Quay. So pretty.

Surprisingly this photo at St James Station looks clearer. But by then I was busy drinking and dancing and thus no time to take photos. It was about 12am when we arrived at St James Station. So long since the night started at 12. So I ordered a Vodka Redbull to help. I miss this. Hehehe. No lah not really.

It was quite full that Saturday night. The toilet queue: so long!! Why only one toilet? Should have a couple more. Maybe got lah just that I didn't know where. In the end, I just held in my pee and drank less. A bit wtf. =.=

They let down free balloons. I was too short to reach for them. Eh wait no. I was actually too shy to grab it from the other guys in front of me. I think the guy must have noticed how I kept staring at his balloon cos he passed it to me in the end. #like a kid.

Shopping the next day at ION Orchard. Didn't shop really cos it was all bloody expensive so we settled down at a food court to eat.

I noticed that Alvin likes making that face while taking photos. #act cute. hahaha

Oh my. Christmas trees. Paiseh lah. This shows how outdated my post is. Hahha..this was before Xmas.

Met up with Tan KFwho brought us to Marina Bay Sands. It was the rainy season then. It rained everyday!! It was pouring that day we were shopping at Orchard.  Had a hard time looking for a taxi. In the end, took MRT. Very long queues too.

Touristy photo. But not very nice shot actually. I look like sheeet.

And do they look like some boy band group in this photo below? BSB! Men can pose too. Hah.

More Christmas trees inside Marina Bay Sands.

They have a canal too. Like a mini Venice.

HK Jong, Cs, and Tan KF. Sorry guys but calling you guys ah ken and ah fan sounds very cina so I settle for HK Jong and Tan KF. Sounds cooler, no? Well I think it does anyway. :)

They treated us to dinner!! So kind!!!!! All three of them here cos they big taukes earning SGD. Joke. Hahaa thanks for dinner again! :) 

I ordered this plate of pasta with green caviar looking stuff before I knew they were paying. Should have ordered cheaper food ah sorry guys. But it is good. Surprisingly, despite its err..appearance after I mix them all up. I shall spare you guys the photo.

Ai hui and I ordered the same drinks: some sparkling fruity beer, with plum? Or cranberries? FML I forgot by now.

If there is a nice photo of the scenery, it can't be taken by me. This photo must be taken by Tan KF. Hahahah he adjusted my camera's settings and stuff.

 I actually feel kinda pressured taking photos of the guys cos what if it comes out blur? Dah lah no skill, and then when they check back to look at the photos, or if someone is looking over my shoulder as I pretend to look like I know what I'm doing. hahah pressure man.

Could not be bothered to walk all the way there to take a better picture.

Universal Studios the next day. Good God it rained the whole day and night!!!! Sometimes it was drizzling, sometimes absolutely pouring like mad. So it was no surprise really that by the end of the night, we felt kinda dizzy, headache and feverish. By we, I mean me. :P

Bought raincoats even before we got in. Boo hoo. Actually it was kinda fun. The only un-fun part was that my flats got soaked! It was squishing and wet, and smelled! FML!!! But all is well after I bought a pair of flip flops. Happily splashed my way across all puddles.

Nice night view of the tall buildings at Marina Bay. Looks like Canary Wharf, no? Or HK skyline too. More to HK skyline. Canary Wharf, you can see the signs/ logos of the buildings. Kinda. Ahh..I miss. Pretty sure photo taken by Tan KF too, if not its Cs. Can't be me.

I shall talk about Universal Studios next time. Lazy to upload more photos now. Bye.