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Love in Macau

I forgot about Macau in my excitement about Taiwan. But its okay. Back to regular programming now.

So we woke up early one morning and went to Tsim Tsa Tsui to buy tickets for the ferry to Macau. I forgot alot of the details by now. Not surprising really. I have the memory of a duck. Or hippo. Or sheep. Whichever is worse.

I envy people with looong memories loh. Like Cs. He has all these childhood memories, and I don't have much. I really hope its not because he had a much more fulfilling childhood than me hahaha. =.= not funny actually. He already has a much more exciting, adventurous high school life than mine.

In school, I was the geek. He was the so noisy, popular prefect involved with soo many activities. Pfft..I only go to tuition after school. =.= not funny again.

Back to topic.

Bought tickets and got on the ferry.

Return tickets that costs HKD 151. Really stupid cos this is to Taipa, which is on the other island, where the Venetian is. Not on Macau island, where St Paul's Ruins and Grand Lisboa etc.. are located. 

Actually island is used really loosely. By taxi from the Venetian to Senado Square took about 15-20 minutes only. Quite close by. We had to cross a bridge, and it was so foggy that day. 

Anyway, I said we were stupid cos the journey back to HK island, we were on the Macau peninsula, the other island. It was SO SO SO SO SOOOOO difficult to look for a taxi to take us anywhere.

Taxi stands queues stretch like a kilometer everywhere. Bus stands at the casinos, you have to join the queue for the ticket as well. Seriously, we were panicking like hell by then already. 

How could we go back to HK island on time? Forget going back to Taipa by then. I don't care how much I pay for a ferry ticket, I just want to go back to my hotel room, away from all the crowds. There were soo many Chinese tourists in Macau.

So yea. In the end, Cs left me standing at the queue in front of a casino alone, and went in search for a taxi. No such luck. We had to pay extra for a taxi to bring us to the ferry terminal. Some crazy amount for such a short ride. They (taxi drivers) lay in to wait, and rip off tourists. Bad experience and I don't really want to go back.

Also cos we don't gamble much..

I was so afraid of getting sea sick that as soon as we found our seats that I settled in this position and shut my eyes, not daring to move at all. Ahh if only I could shut my ears as well. 

It was sooooo noisy in the ferry. I swear, it was like a wet market! There were sooo many Chinese tourists from China, yabbering, SHOUTING to each other. And sitting wherever they please, regardless of seat numbers.

This elderly couple sat down on our seats and refused to budge. We told them that those are our seats and showed the seat numbers on our tickets. He very gruffly told me that there are no assigned seats. Just sit wherever you please. Utter bullshit. Damn thick skin. 

In the end, he left because we insisted and Cs was going to look for someone working there to help us already. So buay paiseh!!


Arrived at the ferry terminal at Taipa and hopped onto the bus that brought us to the Venetian. These are all free (bus) rides cos they hope you spend money at their casinos. 

Ahh..bad mood gone as soon as we arrived at the Venetian! It was sooo grand!!! Be prepared to be awed by the Venetian. Look at the carpark for God's sake!

So beautiful. So grand! Gold everywhere! 

Ahhh..Venice!! Love their fake blue ceilings. Love the street performers.

Love the canals mostly!! And the gondolas! Really, it was worth the journey travelling by ferry here just to see this sight. Definitely must visit.

This will make do until I get to Venice. Ahhh...I wish. Someday I am getting on that gondola. I guess a lot of people watching "the Tourist" - starring Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp, fell in love with Venice more than the movie itself. :) Me included.

We didn't get on these gondola rides. They are fake and costly. I shall wait for Venice. :)

We took many, many photos around here, like every other tourist..

Some of the gondola drivers (?) were singing on top of their lungs, probably in Italian or Portuguese, no idea. And here the people are clapping along. 

The very enthusiastic singer/driver was not really steering the gondola, he was dancing/swaying on the gondola. Respect man. Not seasick ah?

I would be a bit afraid of getting dizzy no doubt, due to the consistent swaying. Or worried for him, in case he falls into the water. Not that its deep, just that it would be funny. Ha!

♥ this photo below. So picturesque! Gorgeous setting for lunch.

My Macau pork burger was so-so only as you can probably tell from the slightly burnt bun. But it was still warm, crusty and oh well. I was happy that day.

The fries were much too salty. You can see the salt on my fries..
But its okay..We're on vacation..Worth spending money to eat here just because its so pretty.

Are you sick of us yet? Everywhere we go, I ask him to take photos. Its good lah cos I have lots of photos as memories now. Without me, my family members don't have Chinese New Year photos, birthday photos etc. WTF right?! Damn lazy everyone!

This is why I named this post as Love in Macau, because we have many photos like this one below. I am damn thick face - don't care who is watching. Hahahhaha I wonder do I embarrass Cs or not sometimes?

And everyone automatically looks away when I walk in between people to pose there..

If you're wondering why there are so few photos of Cs, it is because he is shy. Men have to act macho and don't dare to take photos of self too much. When I ask him to go stand somewhere to pose, he cross his arms awkwardly, eyes darting left and right, and yea smile awkwardly too.

If I ask him to take another one because it is blur, he immediately declines and takes the camera out of my hands. =.= Men.

This was at Senado Square. You have to take a short walk to reach St. Paul's Ruins. But plenty of shops to look at and food to sample. Quite a lot of people around so you can just simply ask for people directions.

Pork burger on sale everywhere.

And Portuguese egg tarts! Cannot miss this! :D

This guy giving out free samples. And people are not shy. They push and grab it lo. Must fight back in order to try. Grr..

There are mostly bak kua/bak po, almond cookies, some seaweek cookies, cashew cookies and other things. A lot of people buy in bulk, i.e. a few boxes at once. Its good to give family members as gifts. If you're hardworking, can bring back egg tarts as gifts too.

And we have arrived! St Paul's Ruins. Very majestic looking!! There are steps for you to climb up if you want. Cs did. I didn't. I was wearing a skirt and I was lazy.

Lovey dovey shot again. Forgive us. We are on our honeymoon!

Posey mosey shot.

The weather was perfect for sightseeing actually. It was not too hot or cold. There was some wind, which makes it kinda cool. But overall really perfect weather. We went around Nov 13-18, if I am not mistaken. That should help whoever is going to decide what to wear around that time.

But I suppose it varies every year. I based my research on people going to HK and Macau around mid-Nov 2010 and it was supposedly really cold, people wearing layers. But in mid-Nov 2011, it was fine for us. So yea, depends on the weather God.

I love this cookie!! This was made fresh right in front of me. She made it, cut it up and handed it to me! OMG!! Good good stuff. I bought a box back.

Fresh Portuguese egg tarts!!! Yumm!! I want!!

Some more photos to make up for my lack of words. From here on in, we just walked around with no particular destination in mind.

After this, we were just busy looking for a taxi to take us to the ferry terminal back to HK. Looong queues booo..

We did go into Lisboa Casino to walk around some more. Didn't gamble there though. We tried our luck at the Venetian. Won nothing. Lost a bit. Oh well..

And this concludes our day out in Macau.

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