Monday, 21 November 2011

Absentminded ness will kill you one day..

I really want to blog about my trip. But so many photos overwhelm me. Plus it takes forever to upload the photos. Shitty line. Grr.. So, today I am going to share a story of how we got to Macau and bought egg tarts and boxes of cookies, and left it at Hong Kong.

Actually I pretty much said it all already. But let me elaborate more! I am not so selfish to say that it was all Cs' fault. *points finger accusingly. No, no. It was BOTH our fault. In fairness, he discovered it first. Where the hell is our bag? 

We walked into HK airport with 2 luggage case, 2 sling bags (one each), and one carry on case. We went to boarding with a sling bag each. Full stop. HAHA.Fucking epic fail man!!! We should NOT travel together!!

We checked in our two luggage case. We tried to cram in 20 kg so we could check both in. At the last minute, I still tried to squeeze in a few items into the carry on case. The carry on case contained 2 books, egg tarts, cookies, shirts, and shoes. 

After that my two luggage case were a total combined weight of 20.9 kg. I thought they should let me in. They did. HK staff pass. Yay!

At KL, my two luggage case were still 20.9 kg. But the WOMAN don't let me pass!!! I'm hardly overweight!!!! Angry!

But I digressed. Back to topic. 

So there we were. At Terminal 2, check in counter not yet open, so let's go have some dim sum. During dim sum, discover that the airport have free wifi, and from then on, we are both glued to our phones.

I blame the wifi for my inattentiveness lor. Haha. I was busy surfing, checking Facebook, catching up on friends news. Kepoh-ing more like. After that, check in our 2 luggage. Go to 7-11 buy some snacks to eat on the plane, and look for books/magazines to buy.

So when it was about time, we both decided to go to immigration. Looking at the queue, we were a bit startled. Ehh we haven't gone through immigration yet mer? What were we doing so long just now? Hurry and queue up.

Got stopped at the scanners because we had a bottle of water. We forgot. They confiscated it. We continued on our journey.
Joining the people to our gate. Gate 42, I still remember, I was a bit bewildered. Why is HK airport SO BIG? My God! We had to take 2 trains to Gate 42? 

And here I thought we were at the Low Cost terminal or something, cos we took Air Asia mar. So I thought that Terminal 2 would be smaller than Terminal 1. But it was still huge, and for others traveling to HK in the future, please don't be like us. Linger too long.. bad, I know. 

So we were at Gate 42. Plenty of time to spare actually. Laze around, shop some more, play with free wifi. Some 10 minutes before boarding, Cs turned to me and grabbed my leg: BEE, WHERE IS OUR BAG????

I was still confused: HUH? WHAT BAG??!!

He had already took off running/half shouting to me: our bag!!

And we ran off in search of it! NO SHIT!! Why does this happen to us??

Luckily our passports and boarding pass were with us. We ran to the scans because it should be there. They called throughout the airport for us to help us locate our bag. Apparently they have 8 scans at that terminal itself. Not counting T2. Just where we were then. 

Long story short, after a lot of explaining, good news: they found our bag! 

Bad news: they can't get it for us (2 train rides away, remember?)
Better news: we should run back to our gate and ask someone there to get it for us.

So we ran back to the gate and explained again, but they were queuing up for boarding already, it was too late, they could do nothing already.

Long story short, we have to write an authorization letter and give copies of our passport, boarding pass only when we have arrived in Malaysia, then they will collect it for us, and fly our bag to Kuching for us.

I have good news in the end though. Upon arrival in KL, we immediately went to the baggage retrieval counter to ask for help. I already wrote the letter on the plane, and he photocopied our documents. Faxed it to HK, and tadah, we got our bag the very next morning!

Damn efficient!! Everyone is so nice and so helpful! They called around for us, helped us find the bag, explained what we had to do, and SO FAST I got my bag!! The egg tarts were still edible, believe it or not!!

But a bit squashed lar.

 My family members better appreciate my efforts. Haha.

So that's it. The story of how we forgot our luggage, and had it returned to us. 

Epic fail!!! And we really should bring our brains and memory out with us when we go travel. Particularly overseas.

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