Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Halloween Post

So this year, I was determined to play dress up. I had my eyes set a pair of white wings at Green Gallery months ago. But it seemed unrealistic to buy them wings when we were paying off so many wedding-related bills. After getting married, I thought it would be easier on us. Well kinda but I still can't bear to spend Rm79 on a pair of wings. Siao ah.

Anyway, by Halloween, those wings were sold out already. I found a few more pairs though at the Hills shopping mall, in black and white. So tempted to buy but aih impossible lah. Not for me.

Not really in a talking mood. Photos shall suffice for now.

Can you tell what I went as?

Yea, leapord. Or cat. Just because I have the dress..

I drew whiskers and stuck leopard print stickers on my eyelids and on my nose. Those stickers are nail stickers.

My red lips spoil the whole effect somehow, I think.

Not many people are dressed up in the pub. Meh. But the night was fun still. People dancing, people watching LCW versus Chen Lung. But still fun..

Cs was a pirate, ah boon the vampire and Winnie the sailor. Which makes Winnie Cs' slave. Sailors working for the pirate. Sort of.

And Halloween is over for another year. I'm really not very talkative today, but I have to update my blog somehow. A bit sien opening my blog, and its not updated again. Why so lazy mi?

Actually life has been really busy these days.

But its okay. 3 more working days, and here I come!!!

God I hope I won't be disappointed!! Can't wait!!

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