Sunday, 30 December 2012

Dieting, yeah I am.

This was my lunch earlier today, and my dinner yesterday, and my lunch yesterday and my dinner today. I know what you're thinking. That's it? You're like a horse. Or whatever. Cs is trying to refrain from calling me a horse. My husband is thinking out loud.

Haha I care not. I like vegetables and tuna ok. And my dressing is kinda awesome. I made it up as I went. In the beginning, I ate the vegetables without dressings but I got bored so yea, I made my own dressings. 

For the dressings, I just added some mayo, mustard, a little honey, salt and pepper, and red wine vinegar. Mix it all up and voila. I'm not sure how other people think about it and my own husband don't want to try it. Fucker. So other people probably might find it weird. 

I bought these fresh salad by the box and finish the whole thing in about 2-3 days. I also added in some of these canned tuna by the side for protein.

I don't eat like this all the time ok. I just got fed up with the scales and myself. Stop whining about the weight if you're not doing anything about it. Like Cynthia says: I don't wanna be that person who whines but don't do anything about it.

She has a point. So I did this instead. Eat less carbs and work out more.

At least its healthy. Somewhat. I eat this as my main meal, for lunch and dinner, then the rest of the time, I snack on yoghurt/biscuits/fruits, and my weight did go down.

Awesome. Drastic times call for drastic measures. Dramatic much.

Btw, unrelated but I'm watching Grey's Anatomy while typing this. 

Quoting Alex Karev: I can see you like vegetables, after surgery you might become one.

Hahahah wtf?!

Change of topic again. This is Cs' nephew. He is so cute. I posted this on FB with the caption: testing parenthood. And have no idea why so many people like it. Everyone is waiting for us to have a kid of our own.

We keep waiting for a perfect time. No, not perfect. But we said, at least a year. Now that a year has passed, we're waiting for our upcoming trip to pass, we're waiting for after Xmas, after New Year Eve, after CNY, after Valentines etc etc .

At this rate, we're never going to have kids. There is no perfect timing. Maybe we should just fook it. And I should delete my blog before I have kids eh. Imagine if my future kid saw this and go: whaaaat? Mommy said fook it, and that's how I came out?!! 

Yea, someone remind me to delete this post or my entire blog by then. 

Moving on again..

Happy us in Pavillion when we were in KL.
Xmas is officially over for another year. Tomorrow we will be celebrating the end of 2012. Or the arrival of 2013. Year of the snake! I'm referring to the chinese zodiac, non-chinese people.

Maybe this is a good time to do my resolutions, since tomorrow its back to work till our bosses let us off early and we go and get ready for the night ahead.

Or I'll do it later. Procrastinator. 


Saturday, 29 December 2012

Xmas eve 2012

A continuation of Xmas eve. After dinner, it was too early to go to Space so we went to Loso to meet up with the others. Definitely didn't expect to see red faces already by then hahah. It sounds super happening there oredi whereas Cs and I came from a quiet dinner. 

Btw, Loso is a bar/pub behind Riverside Majestic. They seem to like organizing events, and they make it big. There are official photographers, and they make videos afterwards. Loso is actually just a small pub. Intime but yeah, still fun that night, it seems.

If it sounds like I'm promoting Loso, I am. Haha I just know that its owned by a friend of Daniel's.

Photo quality damn good..obviously from a DSLR. Nicked the photo from Facebook (FB) from Loso's FB page.

From left: me, SL, Stef, Caroline and Welly. Stef and Caroline are sisters..but only C is available. Everyone else is taken. :)

At about 10pm, we all went to Space together. The place was packed! Lucky we got a pretty good table. Right in front of the DJ booth. 

I don't really like looking at other people's clubbing photos in blogs since you don't know them eh..But I gotta post these photos up. For me. As memories. Even though the night wasn't as much fun as it could have been, but still. So yea, I'll try to make it less boring in my own way..

Cs, sparkly lights and blur photo. 

Spot me! Stole the photo off FB too. Credits goes to Alex Tan. 

Vero, Caroline, me and Welly.

Daniel's friend (didn't get his name, sorry!), Daniel, me and Cs. We had beer only that night. The rest had red wine during dinner, and Cs and I had beer during dinner too.

From here on in, photos all taken with my S90. 

Say hello to the hunchback of Kuching. Yea, yea I know I hunch. I'm trying to stop that. Winnie smacks me on the back all the time. Bitch. Mum puts her up to it. 

Welly and Alvin. She looks good here..cute. 

Sexy ladies.. 

OK I pretty much suck at captions so imma let the photos do the talking.

Daniel and Cs. 

Those green things on our fingers are actually like laser lights, that you wear on your finger. I thought it was a whistle at first. 

Daniel not yet ready hahah..looks weird but everyone else looks good.

I got my dress from Bangkok and have been waiting to wear it for Xmas. I didn't think that I would gain weight. In fact when I bought it, I thought mehh..I can lose weight easily. No problem by then. Haha plus it was cheap. Sort of.

Nice photo of the three of them: SL, Boon and Vero. And part of Caroline's stunned face. 

They gave us party packs..but the one I liked was the laser light thingy only. I think I have one in the car still. No idea if it still lights up though.

Winnie came really late to join us. Was it after midnight? I'm not so sure already. Bad memory. 

We didn't stay late that night..and none of us wanted to go for supper. Haha proof of how mehh that night was. When I called Winnie at home, around 2 am, she told me: I'm in bed!! Can you believe it?

Yeah..Winnie is the type who sleeps at 4 or 5 am on weekdays.

I'm hoping New Year Eve would be less disappointing and more fun!

Till then, bye. 

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Party Hard!

I saw this on a shared post on Facebook and had to share it. Credits to whoever came up with this. (

I literally laughed out loud when I saw it. Kinda apt.

I'm trying to live up to it. Hahah no lah!

Tonight, we be going to Buntal for a family dinner with relatives who came back. So I guess in a way it means Party!! Food, drinks, and pleasant company. Looking forward!

Tomorrow (28 Dec) is the day Cs and I got together three years ago. I think its 3 years. I think. We both only remembered yesterday. =.= Typical. Now that we're married, which date to celebrate anyway? There are so many new dates now: wedding anniversary, ROM, proposal date, honeymoon, etc etc.

So yea, no plans to do anything tomorrow night at least. Might just stay in since we're going to party on Dec 31st. The theme this year is The Great Gatsby. Anyone care to enlighten me what am I supposed to wear/dress up for that?

I'm actually updating my blog more often these days. Surprise, surprise!

OK short post. Gotta run!

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

It's Boxing Day!!

I miss the sales..I miss the crowd..I miss Shirley and Nifer. I miss laughing with Shirley over Nifer in the crazy long queue for Gucci at Selfridges. Crazy queue probably extended 1 km in length. No exaggeration.

Photo nicked from

Boxing Day is the day we walk in Body Shop, H&M, River Island, and Topshop and gawk at the price! Did we really pay 30 pounds for that last week?! Its 15 pounds today. Fook it. Yea, that's what we learned. Don't shop BEFORE Christmas. Shop ON Boxing Day.

Boxing Day is the day I stock up on presents to bring home to the family for Chinese New Year. I bet that is what Shirley is doing today. I miss shopping with her.

So I shall just dream instead. Dream of walking down Bond Street, Oxford Circus with her today. Dream of walking into McD for lunch, dream of the snow that might be falling today. Dream of walking till my back ache. Dream of hot chocolate. I miss you. I miss London.

I miss today, 5 years ago.

Photo taken from here. Go click to see more pics like this one.

I don't remember it being that bad. Sure it was crowded but people flock to Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, for the more luxury items. Me, I just go for high street brands.

If you're reading this woman, happy shopping!!! Buy something for me!!

Happy Boxing Day to all those who can shop today!

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Xmas eve dinner

Hello hello.

I spent my Christmas morning cleaning the house. Boy, was I in a cleaning frenzy. Don't know why but I woke up with one thought (other than hey, no hangover at all): clean the house!!

 Wiped all the tables, chairs, cupboards, did the laundry, folded the clothes, vacuum-ed the entire house, mopped the floors, and swept the car park.

When Cs came home from work, he went: IMPOSSIBLE!! You're not only awake but the house is clean. Not just clean, it is spotless!!

My husband is a bit kuai lan lah. Hahaha..

Anyway, these are photos from last night. For dinner, we went to Mr Ho's Fine Foods. We had the set dinner. It costs about RM 88 per person. If I remember correctly. It was quite pricey. But that was to be expected since its Christmas. Everywhere else increase the price as well.

I just hoped that with the price increase, at least we would be satisfied. Or full, at least. 

The food portions were too little and food was mehh. But judge for yourself. I have photos as proof! 

Photos taken with my trusty S90. Kinda in love with that cardigan..its from Cotton On. I got it in Pavillion and came back to Kuching and saw that same cardigan in Merdeka Mall. At least its the same price. :)

First to come was this angel hair aglio olio (me thinks) with bacon bits. Aside from the bacon, it was quite tasteless. Very small portion actually. I took a very close shot.

Look for yourself. From that photo, does it look appetizing? Not really eh. Looks dry and under seasoned, which it was.

Then our drinks arrived. We had a Tiger each.

We booked our table in advance so we were seated straightaway when we arrived. But those we didn't make a reservation had to go sit at the bar while waiting for seats. 

This was our pumpkin soup in a cup. Nice and creamy. No complaints. But not enough. I want more food.

 I probably look a bit too made up under the bright lights, but I was going drinking I have an excuse. 

Main course: turkey, potatoes, carrots and grapes. I think it was too little. I didn't feel full even, what more to say Cs.

I didn't want to fill up my stomach with too much pasta before hand plus I didn't know that the portions after that would be so disappointing, so I didn't finish it my pasta. Cs finished it instead. And even after that he said he's still hungry hahah.

Seriously though, after we both cleaned out our plates, we went: that's it??

Some of the deco at Mr Ho's.

My husband.

My husband's wife.

Spot the little xmas tree. I love cakes and choc as much as the other girl, but this was way too sweet for me. I didn't finish this. If I had, I would probably end up with diabetes. No exaggeration.

Hahah ok maybe a bit. 

After that meal, we went to Loso to look for other friends as it was too early to go to Space by then. What I didn't expect was to find my friends already quite intoxicated. They finished a box of Stanley! Over dinner! 4 liters of red wine!! A bit siao. Hahah.

We joined them for a glass of red wine then went to Space at about 10pm. 

Continue next time. .

Monday, 24 December 2012

This is why we are sisters

So yesterday Winnie and I were at home talking together, when she mentioned: hey, we survived the apocalypse.

I said: Oh yea.. so?

Winnie: So we should celebrate!!!

Me: But we did celebrate already.

[We both celebrated last night (Saturday). I had a pool party with friends, and Winnie went to a beach party.]

Winnie: No, I mean we didn't celebrate together.

Me: Oh ok.. So let's drink now then.

Winnie: OK. But we're out of beer. Hey let's call Dad and ask to drink his Macallan.

(Dad is in SG with mum).

Dialing..Mum picks up.

Winnie: Hello mama? You with dad now?

Mum: Ya, why?

Winnie: Nothing, just pass him the phone.

Dad: Hamik kang tao? (What's up in Hokkien)

Winnie: Amy and I are at home and wondering can we drink one of your Macallan? No more beer.

Dad: OK, but take the green bottle.

Hangs up. Horray! Runs to open bottle.

After pouring the first glass, I look at Winnie and say: any excuse to drink, eh?

Apocalypse my ass.


Btw, its Christmas Eve. Time to party! Err, I mean, go to Church. Ahem, yea. And err ask for forgiveness. No wait, that's Hari Raya. Or do Christians ask for forgiveness too?

I just know we're supossed to be more giving and err yea fook it. All I know is that my family and friends are busy buying presents for themselves (and some small minority, for friends), busy eating and drinking.

Every other place is probably fully booked tonight. And every other young adult aka me, will probably be very intoxicated tonight.

In Kuching, we all just go out to a fancy dinner on Xmas eve, and then drink the night away. By we all, I mean me and my friends.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone!!

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

My skincare products cos sharing is caring!

Today, I feel like talking about my skin care products.

So, a bit of background on my skin. I think I have oily skin. I wash my face (with facial wash) when I wake up, every time I take a shower, when I get home, and before I go to sleep. I can't stand looking at my own face and seeing a shiny oily face staring back at me. I know you're supposed to wash like twice a day but that's impossible for me. I would rather die. Haha dramatic much.

Throughout the day, I always wipe my face with tissues some more. When I can't wash it in the office. That's how much I hate oily face. In fact, I make Cs do the same: wash face more often. 

For my diet, I don't really eat much healthy stuff I think. I like vegetables and will finish all the vegetables on my plate, and more often than not, on Cs' plate as well. I drink a lot of water. And I mean a lot. Plain water, honey, green tea, coffee. And unfortunately, plenty of alcohol too. 

That's the worst part of my diet. Damn. Minus the alcohol, I could probably look and feel better. And maggi mee. Instant noodles are the bane of my Not healthy. But other than that I should be fine. I don't eat that much meat, no innards, and I think I'm talking too much about my diet now.

Moving on.

I used to go for facials once a month. After my regular beautician gave birth and moved from one branch to another, I had to run around panicking looking for a new beautician. Seriously I tried a few different places, none of which I liked. Which messed up my schedule and made me lazy. So now, I go for a facial once in a few months. Sux. Sorry not her fault I know, but yea. 

There was a huge difference after I changed beauticians. Observe:

No make up! So smooth, so clear, so fair, so perfect. Haha self praise is no praise but whatever. I can go out of the house like that. No need to apply anything. I used to wash my face during lunch in the office and wipe with toilet paper leh. And still awesome skin. Look at Cs' face!! So clean. So unrecognisable! That was when I brought him every month without fail, for our facial session. 

I gotta look for my old beautician again. Damn.

And this is now:

Photo taken in Taiwan. Purposely chose a photo under the sun for proper comparison. Suxx.. So much difference.

Anyway. This is why I'm so hardworking in applying skin care these days.

 These are all the things that I am using now.

Recently I started using Hada Labo's Super Hyaluronic Acid. The bottle on the right. I love it!! I can actually feel the difference. Surprisingly my skin feels smoother, and more supple. I kid you not. This product is not new in Malaysia. A lot of people probably used it already but I just started using it for about 3 weeks. Love it. Give it a try!

That bottle on the right is the reason why I'm writing this post. Feel like sharing this. Sharing is caring. Its not too pricey too. About RM 50+ I think.

I just started using the moisturiser on the left. It is a bit slightly thicker in texture. But we'll see. After a few weeks then I give a proper review.

I got these Mary Kay products as my wedding present and I have been using them for over a year. The facial wash is supposed to be good but I don't like facial wash that doesn't have bubbles! I know that no bubbles is supposed to be better but meh. 

The only thing I really like for Mary Kay is that purple tub on the far left. 

That purple tub is a hydrating gel (if I remember correctly). Its good and I normally use it at night. But my favourite product from Mary Kay is the botanical face mask.

I forgot to take a photo, so I stole one off Google. Credits

This is what it looks like. I love this product too. Janet (mum's friend, who is a Mary Kay consultant) came to our house and showed us the products. Among them was this mask. She told us to apply it on half of our face first. Then wash it off after 10 mins. This was how you could see the difference. 

I could see that my skin was fairer, smoother, and most important, lifted. No saggy skin. So I bought one and have been using it for a few months now. You can use this as a face scrub or a mask. Both works fine but I prefer it as a mask. Awesome. Try it. Costs about RM 80. If I remember correctly. Worth it.

Moving on. These are b.liv by Cellnique. I got them from Sasa in KL. I have been using them for about 2 years now. I love the moisturizer. I use this for day time cos its not very thick in texture. It smells good. Just a light fragrance, not strong. Cs is using this as well. 

Quench me is the moisturizer. Shield me is the sunblock. Good too. I generally hate sunblock/sun creams because they make my skin oilier than ever. But no choice. Every girl needs sun creams. Especially in Malaysia. Suxx.

That bottle on the right off with those heads, are for blackheads and white heads. Finally something that works!! This bottle is kinda awesome too. I use it mainly on Cs' nose. His blackheads are scaring me. Hahah.

Those blackhead nose stickers - lies! Tried other creams and gels too but all useless. Finally found this. It works. You just apply them on your nose, chin, wherever there are blackheads. Apply it like moisturizer. Then go about do your own thing.

The NEXT DAY, when you are in the shower, start squeezing your nose. Its like magic. But kinda gross seeing all those stuff start to come out. It reminds me of worms. 

Anyway. Buy it! I seem to be saying that for all my products. Haha almost all. If I don't like it, I won't use it. I'll just leave it there half finished.

Moving on. These are my sleeping masks. The tub on the left is recommended by mum and Winnie. I have been using it for about a month plus. Use it before going to bed on a clean face (of course). Same as the one on the right. My raspberry roots from Face Shop. I have been using this for years. It smells good.

I have been using sleeping masks for so long now that I don't really know how to explain to you what it feels like when you wake up the next day.

I normally use either one of these sleeping masks, or Mary Kay's purple tub (the hydrating gel above) to go to sleep. I sleep in an air con room so I want my face moisturized. Since I use lighter stuff on my face in the day time, I try to make up for it at night.

I don't know if you should buy either one of these. I like the Face Shop one but its not yet awesome. Or maybe cos I have been using it for so long already? I'm still on a lookout for something awesome. The other naruko one, its good but still not awesome too. 

Am I making sense?

These are what I use when I feel insecure/fat. When I have a bloated face, I use Bio-essence's face lifting cream. Shit is real man! My face really looks slimmer after using it. I have been using this for a long time as well. 

On the morning of my wedding, I applied this face lifting cream instead of my usual moisturizer to get a slimmer face.

See..slimmer face. Maybe its not obvious to you, but it is to me. Can really feel/see the difference.

Downside is, I feel that it works for a few hours only. Another thing I don't like is the texture: its too thick for my liking and makes my face oily. But the slimmer face makes up for all of that. This is why I only use it for special occasions. 

This tub comes with a measuring tape. For you to measure your face. The difference before and after. Try it. You can always apply to half of your face and see the difference yourself. I like it though. 

The other bottle on the left: Miracle lift facial lifting serum was a moment of weakness for fancy packaging. I don't feel any difference so I'm just going to use it till I finish it. Or attempt to finish it.

Finally, this is my trusty bottle of sunblock. Anessa from Shiseido. SPF 50.

I have been using this for years as well. Small little bottle costs about RM 139++ Something like that. But soo good! I have been to Damai, Jangkar Waterfall, Sematan, and came back in the same shade of skin.

No sun burn, nothing. I slather this on Cs too and he's never had sun burn after too. Awesome stuff. I'm definitely buying another one after this one finishes. 

Phew. Finally done with all my skin care products. Just realized I probably shouldn't use all these at once. Hahah I alternate between using some for a while then changing again. 

I still want to try other products. But why so expensive?! I want SK II, I want Laniege, I want to see what the fuss is about for myself! I want to see the difference.

OK enough chatter. Photos:

Very recent photo and a proper look at my skin after make up. No edit.

This is a highly edited version haha. Almost blurred already. 

These were taken at the end of the night about 3am. Not bad. My make up and hair still looks ok.

OK that's all for tonight.