Sunday, 16 December 2012

Can't think of one now

I feel like saying something totally uncalled for, something uncensored or shit.

I'm sure it's not because of the beers I had. No indeed.

It's cos it's the last day of our holidays. Boo hoo.

Why is it Sunday already? Technically it is Sunday now. Damn: 12:27am.

The hubs is having popcorn next to me. He is siao one, I tell u. We went to Jln Alor for supper just now. Ordered hokkien mee, fried squid, pork, and or chien. Bought beer to come back to the hotel.

Upon arriving back in our room, he exclaimed: omg! I forgot to buy supper!!!

I literally looked like this: @_@/0.0 I have nothing to say.

So here he is beside me munching on leftover popcorn. Siao one.

Winnie just left our room btw. She is the reason why I feel like saying something totally uncalled for. Don't know why..

But since nothing comes to mind now, oh well..

I try my best:

F21 totally disappointed me this time around. So did the buffet at melia hotel.
The asshole does not smell like saliva. Hahah totally uncalled for.

That was in reference to Timothy tiah's blog. Go read.

But yea, asshole does not smell like saliva. May I just say that my saliva smells good.. Smells of toothpaste or mint ( due to my unhealthy listerine obsession). And assholes smell like ass/shit/foul.

Lets just say that we experiment. As you do.

Anyway, moving on..I asked Cs for a topic to blog about. He said h&m. It did not disappoint. Now we just need a River Island here in Malaysia. I miss.

I also miss Shirley..Nifer..and my bed and my home.

I do not miss the laundry after arriving home tomorrow night or the next Monday. No please no.

Dear hubs, please hire me already!! Grr..I gotta get myself knocked up soon so I can avoid work! Hahahha kidding la not such a useless pig.

And why yes, I'm jumping from topic to topic.. Should I shop tomorrow morning too? Since our last chat, I got meself a paid of sandals, some fancy top shop undies, and some cardigans. All in an hours work. Happy me.

I love holidays!!

Sometimes I feel like I don't show/acknowledge that I love him too. It's just cos I feel so blessed to have him! He practically forces me to shop. He made me buy those cardigans, chose panties for me (ok this is for him too), and brought me into Charles and Keith.

What did I do to deserve you?

Mum told me the other day: dad was saying thank god u married Cs. He said that few times oredi. And in the pub the other day, dad patted cs on the shoulder while talking to his friend (gossiping about us).

Hmmm..a bit wtf la ok. Why say that? I know he loves me la but is it that obvious?!

Anyway..I want to say: I know. I do feel blessed. Loved. Kissed by the gods. I get to go on vacations, I get to be loved by my family and him. I have awesome in laws. No troubles nada. If anything,Cs' mum is afraid we will starve and always pass food to us. We are so lucky.

Enough sappiness. Lemme make it less sappy.

Did you know that the average male loses his virginity at 16.9 and women at 17.4? According to omg sex facts, whom I happen to follow on twitter.

Anyway what do u think? Quite accurate lah but I wonder which year is that research based on and which country.

I bet in most western countries, the statistics are younger and in Asian countries, slightly higher.

Just saying cos when I was in London, omg kids, who looked about 14 were wheeling a pram with their own kid inside. I remember one case particularly in the bus. Shirley and I were guessing: that ant be their kid can it?

Yeah call us kepo whatever..

It's kinda late. Nights!


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