Wednesday, 26 December 2012

It's Boxing Day!!

I miss the sales..I miss the crowd..I miss Shirley and Nifer. I miss laughing with Shirley over Nifer in the crazy long queue for Gucci at Selfridges. Crazy queue probably extended 1 km in length. No exaggeration.

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Boxing Day is the day we walk in Body Shop, H&M, River Island, and Topshop and gawk at the price! Did we really pay 30 pounds for that last week?! Its 15 pounds today. Fook it. Yea, that's what we learned. Don't shop BEFORE Christmas. Shop ON Boxing Day.

Boxing Day is the day I stock up on presents to bring home to the family for Chinese New Year. I bet that is what Shirley is doing today. I miss shopping with her.

So I shall just dream instead. Dream of walking down Bond Street, Oxford Circus with her today. Dream of walking into McD for lunch, dream of the snow that might be falling today. Dream of walking till my back ache. Dream of hot chocolate. I miss you. I miss London.

I miss today, 5 years ago.

Photo taken from here. Go click to see more pics like this one.

I don't remember it being that bad. Sure it was crowded but people flock to Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, for the more luxury items. Me, I just go for high street brands.

If you're reading this woman, happy shopping!!! Buy something for me!!

Happy Boxing Day to all those who can shop today!

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