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My skincare products cos sharing is caring!

Today, I feel like talking about my skin care products.

So, a bit of background on my skin. I think I have oily skin. I wash my face (with facial wash) when I wake up, every time I take a shower, when I get home, and before I go to sleep. I can't stand looking at my own face and seeing a shiny oily face staring back at me. I know you're supposed to wash like twice a day but that's impossible for me. I would rather die. Haha dramatic much.

Throughout the day, I always wipe my face with tissues some more. When I can't wash it in the office. That's how much I hate oily face. In fact, I make Cs do the same: wash face more often. 

For my diet, I don't really eat much healthy stuff I think. I like vegetables and will finish all the vegetables on my plate, and more often than not, on Cs' plate as well. I drink a lot of water. And I mean a lot. Plain water, honey, green tea, coffee. And unfortunately, plenty of alcohol too. 

That's the worst part of my diet. Damn. Minus the alcohol, I could probably look and feel better. And maggi mee. Instant noodles are the bane of my Not healthy. But other than that I should be fine. I don't eat that much meat, no innards, and I think I'm talking too much about my diet now.

Moving on.

I used to go for facials once a month. After my regular beautician gave birth and moved from one branch to another, I had to run around panicking looking for a new beautician. Seriously I tried a few different places, none of which I liked. Which messed up my schedule and made me lazy. So now, I go for a facial once in a few months. Sux. Sorry not her fault I know, but yea. 

There was a huge difference after I changed beauticians. Observe:

No make up! So smooth, so clear, so fair, so perfect. Haha self praise is no praise but whatever. I can go out of the house like that. No need to apply anything. I used to wash my face during lunch in the office and wipe with toilet paper leh. And still awesome skin. Look at Cs' face!! So clean. So unrecognisable! That was when I brought him every month without fail, for our facial session. 

I gotta look for my old beautician again. Damn.

And this is now:

Photo taken in Taiwan. Purposely chose a photo under the sun for proper comparison. Suxx.. So much difference.

Anyway. This is why I'm so hardworking in applying skin care these days.

 These are all the things that I am using now.

Recently I started using Hada Labo's Super Hyaluronic Acid. The bottle on the right. I love it!! I can actually feel the difference. Surprisingly my skin feels smoother, and more supple. I kid you not. This product is not new in Malaysia. A lot of people probably used it already but I just started using it for about 3 weeks. Love it. Give it a try!

That bottle on the right is the reason why I'm writing this post. Feel like sharing this. Sharing is caring. Its not too pricey too. About RM 50+ I think.

I just started using the moisturiser on the left. It is a bit slightly thicker in texture. But we'll see. After a few weeks then I give a proper review.

I got these Mary Kay products as my wedding present and I have been using them for over a year. The facial wash is supposed to be good but I don't like facial wash that doesn't have bubbles! I know that no bubbles is supposed to be better but meh. 

The only thing I really like for Mary Kay is that purple tub on the far left. 

That purple tub is a hydrating gel (if I remember correctly). Its good and I normally use it at night. But my favourite product from Mary Kay is the botanical face mask.

I forgot to take a photo, so I stole one off Google. Credits

This is what it looks like. I love this product too. Janet (mum's friend, who is a Mary Kay consultant) came to our house and showed us the products. Among them was this mask. She told us to apply it on half of our face first. Then wash it off after 10 mins. This was how you could see the difference. 

I could see that my skin was fairer, smoother, and most important, lifted. No saggy skin. So I bought one and have been using it for a few months now. You can use this as a face scrub or a mask. Both works fine but I prefer it as a mask. Awesome. Try it. Costs about RM 80. If I remember correctly. Worth it.

Moving on. These are b.liv by Cellnique. I got them from Sasa in KL. I have been using them for about 2 years now. I love the moisturizer. I use this for day time cos its not very thick in texture. It smells good. Just a light fragrance, not strong. Cs is using this as well. 

Quench me is the moisturizer. Shield me is the sunblock. Good too. I generally hate sunblock/sun creams because they make my skin oilier than ever. But no choice. Every girl needs sun creams. Especially in Malaysia. Suxx.

That bottle on the right off with those heads, are for blackheads and white heads. Finally something that works!! This bottle is kinda awesome too. I use it mainly on Cs' nose. His blackheads are scaring me. Hahah.

Those blackhead nose stickers - lies! Tried other creams and gels too but all useless. Finally found this. It works. You just apply them on your nose, chin, wherever there are blackheads. Apply it like moisturizer. Then go about do your own thing.

The NEXT DAY, when you are in the shower, start squeezing your nose. Its like magic. But kinda gross seeing all those stuff start to come out. It reminds me of worms. 

Anyway. Buy it! I seem to be saying that for all my products. Haha almost all. If I don't like it, I won't use it. I'll just leave it there half finished.

Moving on. These are my sleeping masks. The tub on the left is recommended by mum and Winnie. I have been using it for about a month plus. Use it before going to bed on a clean face (of course). Same as the one on the right. My raspberry roots from Face Shop. I have been using this for years. It smells good.

I have been using sleeping masks for so long now that I don't really know how to explain to you what it feels like when you wake up the next day.

I normally use either one of these sleeping masks, or Mary Kay's purple tub (the hydrating gel above) to go to sleep. I sleep in an air con room so I want my face moisturized. Since I use lighter stuff on my face in the day time, I try to make up for it at night.

I don't know if you should buy either one of these. I like the Face Shop one but its not yet awesome. Or maybe cos I have been using it for so long already? I'm still on a lookout for something awesome. The other naruko one, its good but still not awesome too. 

Am I making sense?

These are what I use when I feel insecure/fat. When I have a bloated face, I use Bio-essence's face lifting cream. Shit is real man! My face really looks slimmer after using it. I have been using this for a long time as well. 

On the morning of my wedding, I applied this face lifting cream instead of my usual moisturizer to get a slimmer face.

See..slimmer face. Maybe its not obvious to you, but it is to me. Can really feel/see the difference.

Downside is, I feel that it works for a few hours only. Another thing I don't like is the texture: its too thick for my liking and makes my face oily. But the slimmer face makes up for all of that. This is why I only use it for special occasions. 

This tub comes with a measuring tape. For you to measure your face. The difference before and after. Try it. You can always apply to half of your face and see the difference yourself. I like it though. 

The other bottle on the left: Miracle lift facial lifting serum was a moment of weakness for fancy packaging. I don't feel any difference so I'm just going to use it till I finish it. Or attempt to finish it.

Finally, this is my trusty bottle of sunblock. Anessa from Shiseido. SPF 50.

I have been using this for years as well. Small little bottle costs about RM 139++ Something like that. But soo good! I have been to Damai, Jangkar Waterfall, Sematan, and came back in the same shade of skin.

No sun burn, nothing. I slather this on Cs too and he's never had sun burn after too. Awesome stuff. I'm definitely buying another one after this one finishes. 

Phew. Finally done with all my skin care products. Just realized I probably shouldn't use all these at once. Hahah I alternate between using some for a while then changing again. 

I still want to try other products. But why so expensive?! I want SK II, I want Laniege, I want to see what the fuss is about for myself! I want to see the difference.

OK enough chatter. Photos:

Very recent photo and a proper look at my skin after make up. No edit.

This is a highly edited version haha. Almost blurred already. 

These were taken at the end of the night about 3am. Not bad. My make up and hair still looks ok.

OK that's all for tonight. 


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