Thursday, 27 December 2012

Party Hard!

I saw this on a shared post on Facebook and had to share it. Credits to whoever came up with this. (

I literally laughed out loud when I saw it. Kinda apt.

I'm trying to live up to it. Hahah no lah!

Tonight, we be going to Buntal for a family dinner with relatives who came back. So I guess in a way it means Party!! Food, drinks, and pleasant company. Looking forward!

Tomorrow (28 Dec) is the day Cs and I got together three years ago. I think its 3 years. I think. We both only remembered yesterday. =.= Typical. Now that we're married, which date to celebrate anyway? There are so many new dates now: wedding anniversary, ROM, proposal date, honeymoon, etc etc.

So yea, no plans to do anything tomorrow night at least. Might just stay in since we're going to party on Dec 31st. The theme this year is The Great Gatsby. Anyone care to enlighten me what am I supposed to wear/dress up for that?

I'm actually updating my blog more often these days. Surprise, surprise!

OK short post. Gotta run!

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