Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Neglected gowns/photos

I wanna update my blog but I'm too lazy to transfer photos from my phone. So here are photos from my hard disk. Don't think I have shared them before..

Prepare yourself because there is a lot of me! Evening gown wearing me, trying on wedding gowns me, emo me, tired me, happy me, and yeah plenty of me. You get the picture. Or you will. Soon enough. Heheh geddit?

Supposedly look like a kwai fei. You know, the Emperor's concubine in the old HK drama series, don't they wear these? Looks not bad but I didn't choose this.

This looks like something the Emperor's wife would wear. Older, uglier women clothes. That one above is brighter and more suitable for younger concubines. Listen to me. I could beome a..a..a Concubine. =.= Wtf. Hahahah I watch too much HK drama.

I look like what Katy Perry would wear if she travelled back in time. Like a candy doll. Lollipop. Or a circus chick.

This one is so gorgeous! But also so expensive! I got an equally pricey one in the end but kinda wish I got this instead. It makes me look like I'm all big boobs and small waist eh? Nice.

For the one I chose on my actual day, I kept having to pull at my cleavage to avoid exposing myself. Not fun. But by lunch time, I was so used to it. I remember tugging my dress at the reception in the lobby at Riverside. Hahah..by then, I was all fuck it. I'm tired.

God if mum could hear me know, she would say: show some class woman! Don't talk about this in public. Mehh..

I'm lazy to find the photo but wedding posts are here.

This one I tried just for the heck of it. How to walk in this even? Forget trying to pee. In the end, I chose an equally long one. It's too pretty..I figured I'll pee later. Or hold it in. Btw, did you know if you hold in your pee, it does go away? Meredith said.

This is nice but I didn't feel so comfortable in it. Too tight and made me self conscious at people staring at my butt.

I chose this. Carrie like. And that's Wendy by the side. She is damn helpful and has probably seen too much of my body already. Hmph. I was very mortified when she took off my nu bra claiming I wore it wrong. 0.o That will stay in my memory forever.

I like this one but again too pricey. If you choose a wedding package with a bridal studio, make sure you go look at the dresses first. They classify it to Normal, VIP and HB (priciest). So yea. Silly me didn't do any of that and ended up paying extra.

I think its obvious from my expression that I don't like this dress.

I like this though. Regret. Should have chosen this too. Oh well.

Roses are red, violets are blue, honey is sweet, but not as sweet as you.

Just suddenly thought of that. It was part of a song..wait lemme Google!

Oh yea Aqua - Roses are red! God bless the Internet!

Quite transparent and yeah those are clips at the back. Unrelated but why does 3 kg make so much difference? Whine. I am now approx. 3 kg heavier than when in these photos. It does not make me happy.

But it is good motivation though. Looking at these photos..I want my old body back.

I wore this pink dress for our outdoor photo shoot. It didn't look nice but in the photos, with the right make up and hair style, it looks good.

There you go.

I think that was the case with all the dresses. Looking back, I thought most dresses looked not bad what. But back then, I couldn't find anything to wear at all!

Supposed to wear this on the night of our wedding but was too lazy to change. Zzz..it lay in our hotel room upstairs, neglected.

But its okay..I have pictures of you still.

I chose this for one of the photo shoot. OK lah. Nice enough. Why do I look so tall here. Not nice. I wanna few abut 165 cm, so I can fit into dresses easier!!

Not a fan of brown and its not hard to see why. Mud like..

Not this too. Yuck. Mustard yellow is not my colour.

Pink might be my colour were it not for the design. A bit weird..

I probably aged 10 years wearing this dress. Don't I look old!?

Cs has been sooo patient throughout waiting hours for me to try on dresses and taking photo after photo. I needed help getting in and out of EACH dress, so the process took so long. Some more, had to go back time and time again because we had to alter the dresses, had to wait for other brides to return the dresses etc etc.

Thanks love. :)

Mannequin. I chose this one but hated the official photos from the photo shoot so nobody has seen me wearing it actually. Typical.

Cs made me stand there next to the mannequin. And I suck at writing captions.

Told ya it was a lot of photos of me. Quite nice to get it out of my folder..

OK bye.

Winnie has finally posted the recent photos on Facebook and I'll go copy them tonight.


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