Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Hello! I'm blogging from my phone..testing to see how convenient this is. Any errors ah, i don't care la. Its a miracle i can type at sll. Hahaa..testing to see if czn see the emoticon o not..:)

Ehh canot add image ka?? Fuck ..

K lah stop here. Btw, selamat hari raya!!

On leave the whole week damn happy!! :)))))

Btw 4 more days damn kan cheong !! Really hope i can sleep on fri nite!!

Gasp!! Received first gift oredi damn happy!! Got feel!!

Btw i'm damn tired! My fingers i mean..backspace too many times!!

So BYR!! I mean BYE !!!

Friday, 26 August 2011


I felt like doing a meme and went to google it, and found this from Suet Li's blog. :)

Here we go!


Skin Care
What facial cleanser do you use?

L'oreal's white perfect

And the green hydra fresh one. Err..I don't know if they're good or not. I feel no difference.

What moisturizer do you use?

Used to use Loreal's green tub also from the hydra fresh line, then I recently changed to something, which I forgot the name. Oh I'm also using the Bio essence face lifting cream occasionally. But I wanna buy Biotherm! I wish!

How many times a day do you wash your face?
Too many times! I can't stand oily face. And I make cs wash his face too if its oily. Haha.

Do you use eye makeup remover?

If so, What kind?

Loreal too. I'm a fan!

Is your skin oily, dry, or combination skin?

What is the best part about your skin?
Ermm quite clear I suppose. Just the occasional pimple on my chin if I get constipated! Haha!

What are your skin problems?
Erm the occasional pimple that takes too long to go away oh and I get dark very easily. One day at the beach and dammit all my care in trying to look fair goes out the window! So that's why I act like a freak and hide from the sun. =.=

What foundation do you use?
Using ZA now. Surprisingly very nice! Cheap and easy to apply. Looks great too. Haha to me lah!

What powder do you use?
The two way cake also from ZA. :)

What eyebrow pencil do you use?
I forgot the brand. Winnie bought it.

What eyeliner do you use?
In2it gel eyeliner. Its the best and cheap too. It just glides on.

The Maybeline liquid eyeliner is pretty good too.

I use both. And normal pencil eyeliner sometimes for bottom lids.

What is your favorite eyeshadow?
The palette that mum bought from Taiwan, and I like dark green ones too cos it looks good on me wtf. Haha. I also bought a few new palettes/and got them for my bday! Have yet to try them out. Happy! :)

What mascara do you use?
I forgot which brand was it? I normally use false lashes these days. Easier. Less hassle to remove. And look better too! :)

What are your favorite lipbalms/glosses/sticks?

Definitely Lipice Strawberry lah!

I have about 6 of them now at appropriate places for me - so I have one wherever I am: in my work bag, in my other going out bag. on my dressing table, at cs' house (one downstairs, one upstairs), and one beside my laptop! :) That is how dependent I am on my lipbalm. Yea, a bit crazy but I HATE chapped/dry lips. Yuck.

I have tried grape, lemon, and apple flavor as well but I like strawberry best because it leaves a slight pinkish color on my lips. You get a faint whiff of strawberry smell but not the sickly sweet/lipstick smell. Nice.

Do you color your hair?

What is your stylists name?
Don’t have a fav one ler..

What salon do you go to?
Well I recently go to Hairdo at Green Heights Mall. They charged me RM 180 for color and treatment. My hair is quite long and I am quite pleased with the result so far. :)

What is your natural hair color?
Asian black lah

Do you have a straightener?

What kind?

Do you use a blowdryer?
Yes, everyday. Mum says and I quote: if you don't dry your hair, you will have headaches in the future! It was easier to listen to her and blow dry my hair rather than have her nag.

Haha but seriously, I got into the habit of blow drying my hair ever since I went to London so I do it everyday now.

What shampoo do you use?

Herbal Essence I think. The red bottle. And the orange sunsilk bottle. One each at each house. Haha.

What conditioner do you use?

Do you use leave in conditioner?
I use leave in serum. The loreal orange colour bottle. Sorry ah I forgot all the names and I lazy to look for them now.

What deodorant do you use?
Used to be the dove anti perspirant one but I scared got cancer. I'm now using the garnier one.

At least it doesn't have the words anti perspirant?!

What body wash do you use?
Biore whitening or Enchanteur.

This is how it looks like. Smells heavenly!

What perfumes do you use or like? Name five.
DKNY be delicious, both the green and pink bottle, and Jadore by dior. Winnie's Britney one. A CK perfume I forgot what name but not so nice. Seldom use it and err I can't recall now..

Do you always have to smell good?
Err would you rather smell bad?

Are diamonds really a girl’s best friend?
I think to older women they are. To younger girls, no. Young working adults like me, as we grow older and more superficial, I suppose they are. Haih conclusion, duno la. I wouldn't say no to them if got free lah but I won't buy them myself! :)

What is your jewelry essential?
A ring on my third finger.

What jewelry do you wear most?
The ring on my finger.

What jewelry do you crave most?
Besides the ring, when I go out, I put on earrings and bracelets. I think anklets and toe rings look hot but somehow they don't look good on me. :(

Purses and Shoes
How many purses do you own?
Ermm..2? One that I'm using now, and a red one my mum just gave me.

How many shoes do you own?
No idea..lazy to count.

Which pair is your favorite?
Erm cant decide lah they are for different occasions what. Such as for work, strappy ones for wearing short skirt, slightly more rocker type, flats, wedges etc.

Who is your favorite handbag designer?
I dunno. I have a LV and Guess. Those are my only erm designer items. :)

Who is your favorite shoe designer?
No idea whatever looks good!

This or that;
Manolos or Jimmy Choos?
Manolos because of Carrie!

Dolce and Gabbana or Chanel?
No idea..

Micheal Kors or Bebe?
No idea too..

Louis Vuitton or Coach?
LV cause more expensive but coach bags are alright too and they’re kinda cheap here..

Gucci or Prada?


Favorite Magazine to read?

Favorite nail polish?
As long as its darker colors. I don't really go for natural lighter colors except French manicures.

Favourite Book?
I have a lot lar..Some of Sidney Sheldon's and John Grisham's are pretty addictive. Page turners. And of course the entire Harry Potter collection, and also the Twillight series (yah I read them too), and I recently read Sophie Kinsella's Twenties Girl (so funny. I really want to buy the book. I read it free online btw).

Favorite Band?

Favorite Girly Movie?
Don't really have a fav. Hmm last time I really liked the Parent Trap hmm..I'll have to get cs to watch that too! :)

Are you high maintenence?
Duno..am I?

Do you enjoy being a girl?

I like this answer by Suet Li: If I’m not bleeding now, yes.

Hahaha so true! This can also apply to bleeding during giving birth eh.

So yea. Done!

No make up but cheat one cos of the photo effect! Heheh

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Fly so high

I'm sorry for this post. Ya, apologize in advance.

My feelings are going up and down so often these days, I am an emotional roller coaster wreck these days.

I really, really need a drink tonight. That was my status update in Facebook earlier tonight. Eh guys..liking my comment doesn't mean drinking with me ok? I am still alone..no one to drink with me. No one to take me out to take my mind off this stupid thing.

Who can I talk to? Why can't they understand?! Did I really make a mistake? Wouldn't you do the same? Can you please try to see it from my point of view.

Life is full of tough choices on both sides! I have so many people to please - and I know it isn't necessary to please everyone.

Says who?! Life could be so much easier if I just DIDN'T CARE!

And I'm blogging so often these days because it provides a distraction. Sort of. At least I can rant here and do whatever I want here still.

My dog is cuter than yours!

This is her act cute face.

Kuching festival this year. Meh. I went there twice only - it was good that we get a wide range of food choices, but I somehow always end up eating the same things: oyster pancake (the teochew style - wet version) ehh unrelated but I have to say that the BEST oyster pancake is still the one I had at Jalan Alor.

And also from the Thai restaurant - pineapple fried rice, pandan chicken, and the dessert that I don't know the name of. Sorry I'm being so vague.

As usual, there are fried noodles, a lot of Taiwan sausage and Taiwan food stalls popping up, tornado fries.

But of course, the MAIN highlight of this year 2011's Kuching food festival is JENG JENG JENG!!! (Drumroll!!!)

Fried durian!!

I err don't eat durian and cs don't eat them in my presence. Also, we didn't even think of joining the super loooong queue for the fried durian. Its like the Gucci queue during Boxing day. Nahh Gucci one more siao. Ha!

Ya photo stolen off google. Credits to the blog owner of Juice Juicy's Life.

It was the closest I came to said fried durian. Yea, I still have no idea how it tastes like.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Down memory lane..again?!

OMG why am I so emo? I was looking at a friend's photos from her recent trip to London and other places (she haven't upload photos yet so I dunno). But the London photos brings back soo much memories. I'm so jealous! Jealous of Kitty cos she get to go back and study.

Haih do I have multiple personality disorder or not? The previous post below was written this morning when I felt SO UPSET! But now, I'm happy as a lark again (wtf?!) and emo. Oh em gee. Its the hormones! Bloody period come liaw!

But anyway. Because I jeles. Things I MISS SO MUCH!

Kebabs! Chicken kebabs! Pita bread! Fries! That can of coke! I miss!

My morning supply of semi skimmed milk! Seriously, ever since I came back, I hardly have milk at all. While I was studying there, I had milk every morning! Damn healthy lah no wonder no constipation! Haha! No need for laxatives or dried plum. :)

I realized I took things so for granted when I was there. My parents told me to choose photos of me from when I was overseas to put into slideshow (oh the shame cos I was damn fat ok no flattering photos!) for the wedding, and I realized I hardly have any scenic shots. You know, shots that show I am overseas.

All I have are photos of food, me, Shirley and Nifer, and more food, and err.. me. But hardly any outdoorsy photos. In the first year, I took them..the touristy photos..all the different things. I took note and delight in finding out how the cucumber looks different (longer and thinner), and how the eggplant is different too (much bigger and fatter thank ours) and so on and so forth. I took plenty of noob shots.

In the second year, I let loose. I played. Hard. Clubbing almost every night and living each day as it is. And all I took are photos of boys and me in the club. T___T

In my third year, I made friends..good friends and I had got used to the sights. It is my second home..all those things are second nature to me already. I was a tourist guide in a city that was so familiar to me already. I didn't take photos of myself..instead I took photos of friends at the tourist places for them.

So now I'm stuck. I saw the ticket for Victoria station and it brings back memories of picking people up at Victoria, attending interviews somewhere there. But I have no photos. I think of stations and I instantly think of Kings Cross! Taking the train to and fro from London and Newcastle. Heh memories indeed. I never said all memories were pleasant!

I see Buckingham palace and St James park and think of the many times I have made that walk from Leicester Square to Trafalgar Square and down to Buckingham Palace then to London Eye then to Waterloo to take the tube home. Home then.

I miss. I wish I could have played host to my family. I wish again and again. But its okay..next time?

Trafalgar Square. Was that my first time there? I was so happy. Over the years, I grew indifferent. I thought it was just a square..overrated..just some touristy place to bring friends.

But my first time there, I was jubilant! I remember being so happy and I took a video too. :) I still have it somewhere in my computer..me and Shirley being so happy together. Aiya miss that bitch lar.

I have so many photos taken here, at London eye and at Buckingham Palace, with many people but I suppose I was happiest this time. The first time! :)

St James Park. In May - in the summer when the flowers are blooming and the weather is just right. I look so young and so carefree. I realize I say that alot..in that I look back at old photos and think how young and carefree I look. In truth, life has really taken a toll on me. I am no longer that naive little girl. Even if I go back in the future, and take a photo at the exact same spot, it will all be different..

I remember what Shirley said to me before: even if we come back to London in the future, we won't be the same. We are no longer students as free or as happy as we are now. We will have changed. Sigh who knows Shirley was the one who ended up staying there! Haha! Miss you bitch!

Chinatown at Leicester Square. Lunch, dinner and late night supper spots! Comfort food! Its weird how being overseas can make you miss home cooked food so much.

Even for me, I'm definitely no rice lover, but being overseas, I want rice with vegetables. I want rice and duck. I want seafood fried rice. I want curry noodles. I want laksa, however Penang-like it is (HAHA)!

There are no Kuching style laksa there, only Penang laksa which is erm different. With sardines and cucumber? Hmm.. Nifer (a true Penang-nite) said our Kuching laksa is like their curry mee! :p

The very much overrated Four Seasons Duck! It tastes good, yes. The meat is tender, yes. The sauce is nice, yes. Its awesome with rice, yes. But what is the big fuss? Alas I fear I will never find out! :)

I definitely miss the variety of beer and lager they have there. The big glasses of beer! And so cheap too! At the White Horse (is that the name)? Our regular after class hangout at Picadilly's! Haha. Not lahh..not so regular. This was after exams. It was our regular after dinner-no-place-to-go-but-too-early-to-go-clubbing hangout! :) I miss!

And I definitely miss the parks. The long walks. Especially Southwark Park! After pigging out on hot wings and chips or pizza, I drag Shirley and Nifer to the park to walk it off.

After class and nothing to do when I'm alone, go for a walk in the park with my ipod. When I'm alone, I tend to frequent the park alot. I tried jogging a few times. Its so stupid! When I'm dressing to go jogging, I have to pull on long pants, t-shirt and a jacket, but once I'm out of the house and start to jog, my ears hurt! All the time! Its too fucking cold.

Maybe now that I'm here in freaking hot Kuching, I forgot how I used to HATE winter. It was so dreary and so cold. I hate waking up in the morning to go work the morning shift. In winter, it was still dark out in the morning and our breaths come out in puffs. I hate taking a shower because its cold even when I touch myself (sounds kinky wth get your heads out of the gutter!).

Ever since I discovered how awesome this beanie (is that the name?) is, I used them almost everyday! Covering your head and ears make such a big difference ok! It provides a protection from ze evil strong winds! Too bad I'm so smart - I only realized in my third winter =.=

Its kinda late so I have to reminisce some other night. :(

I need me sleep. :)


Wait..before I go. I was so missing that dirty polluted city so much that I went to Air Asia to search for cheap flights. And I found cheap flights next year! In April 2012! Total return trip from KL-London Gatwick costs RM 2000++ OMG! Who wanna go?!

Hahah I hope I didn't scare cs. Oh well writing this post has definitely lifted my spirits. I can go to sleep dreaming of kebabs and pizza gogo! And hot chips with ketchup and mayo! I miss!! :D

Busy busy bee

Ron Weasley would probably say: Blimey! That's scary!

Sure is!

I am beyond tired. I'm so so tired. When will I finally get enough sleep? I thought that as the date gets closer, I should be more relaxed. If anything, the two of us are tense. TENSE is how we feel these days. Making decisions, confirming all details, and making payments. Oh Lord, the making payments part. :(

I am just glad when this is finally over! And then we can go on to the fun part..:)

Its not supposed to be like this. I admire people who can remain optimistic, smiling, and you know, the opposite of erm, me. I'm like a pessimist, glass half empty. No lah maybe I sound like that on my blog but I really hope I'm not in real life.

So I shall attempt to be cheery. Its once in a lifetime. Its my wedding! Big cheesy smile!!

Bah damn fake! Hate fake people so I shall not be fake! How to be happy when things are supposed to be confirmed now, but suddenly a phone call comes that makes me wanna strangle the other person! GRR!! Just because I am organized and ready does not mean other people are!! That is why we are TENSE!

But its okay. A minor glitch when I think of the bigger picture. I must remember this:

On the day itself, there are bound to be things that will go wrong/not according to plan, but its okay. Chances are nobody will know except you. So enjoy the day. It is your big day after all.

That word is kinda scary in itself - Big Day. From the moment you wake up, till you shut your eyes at night..every single moment in between you will be the main object of focus! Photographers, videographers, family, friends, relatives GULP! How ah!

Cameras and eyes on you even when you're putting on makeup, walking across the room, yawning, zoning out, laughing, crying (hope not!!), and getting drunk (BETTER NOT!!). Eyes on you!! (Sounds like a horror movie title - the Hills have eyes hahaha)

No pressure now Amy!

I just have to smile and enjoy the day! :)

Less scary photo of me before I go! Bye.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Then & now

I saw this super cute photo of cs and had to share it. *pinches cheek. Hmm is this how our future son will look like? Heheh

At age 3-4? I don't know. Cs has no idea. I'm just guessing. We don't spend too much time with kids so no idea. Heh heh.

Then & now. His face is not as round..more matured now. But still cute! (to me lah!) :)


Anyway, its Saturday night and I'm at home with cs having a movie marathon. Yea, I'm watching the movie, even though I'm blogging now. Obviously there's something wrong with me - I cannot sit still in front of the tv unless I'm alone.

We're watching Young & Dangerous! Part 1,2,3,4,5..I don't know how many are there. The Hong Kong old old movies! It brings back old memories. Its been years since I last watched this. I forgot most things already..the things that happened in the movies.

Young and Dangerous!

Kevin is my polar opposite. He remembers everything..and I mean everything that he watched in the movies. Every time the family sits down and watch a movie, and someone asks a question about the movie, Kevin would be the one with the answers.

He will happily explain everything. Very lengthy explanations some more. Sometimes even when I didn't ask, he also tell me haih. Bising! Like ama! Hahah kidding kidding. Ama part only.

Ok gotta go back to watching movie.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Birthday and hens party!

This was from my birthday and hens party on Aug 13 2011! Saturday night.

Venue: Terminal One.

Start with a photo of me first! Hot pink theme! I was in pink, whereas everyone one else was in black! :)

Winnie prepared a few games for me. She planned everything. I only decided on the hot pink and black theme. Winnie booked the tables, contacted people, who to invite etc, and planned all the games etc. Thanks sista!! :)

Not only did she plan the games, she actually took the time to write them down onto strips of paper and decorated the cards etc. Hard work indeed. Haha too bad we only played one of the games: truth or dare.

Kitty bought me the pink Hennessy! Gorgeous! - I'm never drinking them. :)I'll keep it till I'm 75.

Truth or dare: Among the dares/question that I remember so far were:

Make a silly pose and stand in front of the stage for 1 minute.

So here is Steph demonstrating. Haha she got all the weird dares that night such as, pretend you're riding an imaginary horse, bark like a dog, choose someone to piggyback and she also had to smell someone's armpit.

She chose mine. =.= FHL!!

I had to smell Winnie's feet!!! FML!!!

Which do you think is worse? Who got the worser(?) deal? Smelling someone's feet or armpit?! Armpit, I think! Hahaa!

The other questions were: have you ever cheated on a bf; who would you chose to make out with among your friends and so on and so forth. I think Winnie got all these from Google so feel free to search for ideas if you need to.

The other games that Winnie prepared were treasure hunt (I didn't agree to play this because running around the pub searching for things = nahh I'll pass. I would rather stand and drink hehehe sorry winnie!) and more than 20 questions for me (how well do you know cs??)

I wouldn't mind answering them but Winnie forgot all about it. Only in the car on the way home did she ask me. Questions such as what is cs' favorite color, fav car brand, fav hang out place, best memory between us, etc etc. Not that hard..

I had a bad headache in the beginning of the night (Sat) so, my apologies if I was a bit quiet at first. But I'm happy to say that as the alcohol kicked in by about 1130pm (fuck why so slow), then was I more, er..myself. :p

Cs was in the pub next door with his friends while we were at Terminal one. Yea, weird I know. But this is leetle Kuching. No Heaven, no Fabric, no Zouk. Nada. So we have very limited choices. He went out for dinner with the guys and then they dropped their gf's off at Terminal with us, while they went next door.

Cs and the guys popped in at about midnight with cake for me! I think it was about midnight. Cos immediately before they came, I had a flaming something.

I just know I went outside to make a call to cs, and Winnie came out to pull me back in saying that they're waiting for me cos my "drink" is here.

I is sked. But its okay. I didn't end up drunk. Turns out this drink was exactly what I needed to push me from my tipsy self to verrrry tipsy. Verrry tipsy means that if I don't dance, confirm drunk - cannot recognize anyone else except from my own table already.

Kitty looks so sweet/pretty here with Steph:

And Winnie looks cute here too..innocent looking. Somewhat.

A group photo of all of us early in the night..when we were mostly still sober..

John, David and boon came in with a present for me..hmm..what could it be??

My present: lizard spray. =.=

Shirley was right. They do know me well. Cs must have somehow mentioned it in their presence that I am terrified of lizards. T__T Why is no one else scared of lizards?! Am I the only one? It is now cs' job to keep our house totally lizard free! The spray is for him to use. :P

Everyone took turns putting on the headband and waving the wand around. Very useful props. It was a really good idea to bring them along that night..

Even the guys put them on:

Alvin looks so happy here hahaa..

Surprisingly I remember most of the incidents that day. I got exactly what I wanted - to not puke, and still able to party.

When the guys came in, chaos ensued. Rita them had a good time fooling around with them.

Oh yes, cs bought a birthday cake for me.

It turned out to be my only birthday cake this year. Lucky I got a slice before it was all gone. :) My mum kept teasing me about not buying me a cake this year - I don't know why. Cos she knows that I love cake maybe, and the more she kept saying no cake for me, the more agitated I got.

Why no cake? Everyone has a cake for their birthday what! Why not me?! Heh :P

Ah boon and the rest making use of Kitty's pink tutu! :) I didn't put it on in the pub - I did it at home.

So, this is for Kitty..thanks for the tutu - all the way from UK. Haha!

This photo of Kah Ling and Rita is so cute!

Blur photo of me but whatever. I like it. :)

Winnie and me. Do we look alike?

Finally a photo of Cs and I. The day is coming soon. :) I'm no longer nervous. Just want the day to come soon. I think of it as something to get over with asap. So I can get on with my life. On to the fun part. (Quoting Nancy now - but so true!)

Last one! Bye!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Down the yellow brick road..

So I want to record down memories from birthday and hens party on Saturday night. Memories indeed!! I have plenty of photos that speak for themselves. But le sigh. Something is wrong with my laptop - its currently with cs. Hoping that he will try to fix it for me asap.

I'm using my mum's laptop for now. With no photos, I don't know how am I supposed to try to explain how the night went.


How about some updates on my life? We are halfway through distributing invitation cards. Finally we got all guests names, and decided on table places. Hard work indeed.

With only about 2 weeks left to go, people I meet are asking me questions such as, "how are preparations?" "Panic or not?" "Why you look so calm?" "Anything else to do?"

Hmmm how do I answer these questions without going on a lengthy discussion that other people don’t really want to listen to.

Let me try to explain.

How are preparations” – this question is simply too broad in a sense and asks me almost nothing. It’s the same as “how are you” – the question we ask people we haven’t seen in a while to be polite, and the answer is normally “I’m fine, how bout u?” or “OK, the same” etc. Blank polite answers that says nothing. I think I always sound awkward when I answer such questions.
So I always sound awkward (and not to mention dumb) when I answer, "err (pause) ok lah.." Haiihh dumb or what?!

So on the next question: "Panic or not?" Honestly, no. I am not panicking. And I fervently hope I have no reason to. *touch on wood*. I have things planned or lined up. Or already done. I don’t think that with about two weeks to go, I should still be panicking. So, yea touch wood again. :)

"Why you look so calm" – Refer to above question. Its about the same question/answer. Probably on the night before, I would be nervous. Anticipation. Not anxiety, hopefully. Haha. I might probably lie in bed going through my list – but hopefully still able to sleep.

"Anything else to do?" – of course lah (Ya, that's how I answer hahah). Its never ending if I really want to nit pick, and worry about it.

For example, I can rattle off the top of my head the things I have/want to do now.

1)Meet up with everyone I have not given/mailed the invitation cards to. There are just so many people to call, and to arrange meetings at a time convenient to them and to me. I still have to tick off names off my lists. Its at times like this that I really appreciate friends (thank u very much - you know who you are :D) who help to pass on invitation cards to people who they meet more often than me. The people who they see often/our mutual friends.

I know that some people may think that its insincere for us (the soon-to-be married couple) to not pass the invitation card directly to the people we invite. But seriously, we are sincere (big wets eyes!!), we are just VERY busy with so many other things (and so many other guests!!) Hahah so please don't be offended if we don't pass it to you directly. :)

2)Meet up with the MC and the band. Why? To discuss the wedding program at night. What type of songs to play, what to announce, and when. Coordinate and what not.

3)Finish packing (to move to cs’ place). Oh man. How am I supposed to fit all my clothes into one wardrobe (that I have to share with cs?), and share shoes cabinet! Hahah..

4)Clean and decorate house!!

And this list is giving me pressure so I’m just going to stop right now.

Oh I thought of another common question: "How many days leave are you taking?"

To which I always answer: one. Just one day before.

To which everyone exclaims: what!! Why?

To which I have to explain that I need to take leave(s) for chinese new year, to go to KL, to take wedding photos, go to gown fittings, go to the registry, go to the hotel to meet and discuss with the marketing person. And oh yea, to go on my honeymoon.

So I have used up all my leave for 2011. Yippee for me!!

I realize I sound somewhat cranky (do I?). Hmm..I think its the hormones (best excuse ever!)

Small voice: but my period is over lahh..

I can foresee the question that will come soon after we get married. Three guesses what it is?

a) How is married life?
b) How is married life?
c) How is married life?

Hahahaha..and after that will be: when are you having kids??

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Boredom does this to you

Is there something wrong with me – the way my eyes automatically glaze over the computer screen between 2 -3 pm? Haha! I need coffee. I really should try to get more sleep during week days.

Rubbish aside.

I am dreaming fondly of Friday night – TGIF. Unfortunately we be working Saturdays again. Big mournful sigh. Its my birthday!! This Saturday I mean. I had plans. Big plans.

On Friday night I’m going out for dinner with the family for my birthday dinner and later on who knows? Working Saturday? Don’t need to remind me – come on, how often does one celebrate one's birthday anyway? So fook it. Imma go out anyway.

When I think of Saturday night, I’m a bit…apprehensive..close to bordering on scared. God knows what Winnie has planned for me. Its not just my birthday but also my bachelorette/hen’s party. Its perfect timing actually. Not too close to the big day and its my birthday as well.

Theme is BLACK and hot pink!

Anyway, why am I scared? Well, for reasons unknown, Winnie bought me a pink magic wand?? And I heard Kitty bought me a pink tutu??? And I saw a conversation between Kitty and Winnie talking about getting me a beer bong?????

Tell me why am I not scared!!! FML!!