Thursday, 18 August 2011

Birthday and hens party!

This was from my birthday and hens party on Aug 13 2011! Saturday night.

Venue: Terminal One.

Start with a photo of me first! Hot pink theme! I was in pink, whereas everyone one else was in black! :)

Winnie prepared a few games for me. She planned everything. I only decided on the hot pink and black theme. Winnie booked the tables, contacted people, who to invite etc, and planned all the games etc. Thanks sista!! :)

Not only did she plan the games, she actually took the time to write them down onto strips of paper and decorated the cards etc. Hard work indeed. Haha too bad we only played one of the games: truth or dare.

Kitty bought me the pink Hennessy! Gorgeous! - I'm never drinking them. :)I'll keep it till I'm 75.

Truth or dare: Among the dares/question that I remember so far were:

Make a silly pose and stand in front of the stage for 1 minute.

So here is Steph demonstrating. Haha she got all the weird dares that night such as, pretend you're riding an imaginary horse, bark like a dog, choose someone to piggyback and she also had to smell someone's armpit.

She chose mine. =.= FHL!!

I had to smell Winnie's feet!!! FML!!!

Which do you think is worse? Who got the worser(?) deal? Smelling someone's feet or armpit?! Armpit, I think! Hahaa!

The other questions were: have you ever cheated on a bf; who would you chose to make out with among your friends and so on and so forth. I think Winnie got all these from Google so feel free to search for ideas if you need to.

The other games that Winnie prepared were treasure hunt (I didn't agree to play this because running around the pub searching for things = nahh I'll pass. I would rather stand and drink hehehe sorry winnie!) and more than 20 questions for me (how well do you know cs??)

I wouldn't mind answering them but Winnie forgot all about it. Only in the car on the way home did she ask me. Questions such as what is cs' favorite color, fav car brand, fav hang out place, best memory between us, etc etc. Not that hard..

I had a bad headache in the beginning of the night (Sat) so, my apologies if I was a bit quiet at first. But I'm happy to say that as the alcohol kicked in by about 1130pm (fuck why so slow), then was I more, er..myself. :p

Cs was in the pub next door with his friends while we were at Terminal one. Yea, weird I know. But this is leetle Kuching. No Heaven, no Fabric, no Zouk. Nada. So we have very limited choices. He went out for dinner with the guys and then they dropped their gf's off at Terminal with us, while they went next door.

Cs and the guys popped in at about midnight with cake for me! I think it was about midnight. Cos immediately before they came, I had a flaming something.

I just know I went outside to make a call to cs, and Winnie came out to pull me back in saying that they're waiting for me cos my "drink" is here.

I is sked. But its okay. I didn't end up drunk. Turns out this drink was exactly what I needed to push me from my tipsy self to verrrry tipsy. Verrry tipsy means that if I don't dance, confirm drunk - cannot recognize anyone else except from my own table already.

Kitty looks so sweet/pretty here with Steph:

And Winnie looks cute here too..innocent looking. Somewhat.

A group photo of all of us early in the night..when we were mostly still sober..

John, David and boon came in with a present for me..hmm..what could it be??

My present: lizard spray. =.=

Shirley was right. They do know me well. Cs must have somehow mentioned it in their presence that I am terrified of lizards. T__T Why is no one else scared of lizards?! Am I the only one? It is now cs' job to keep our house totally lizard free! The spray is for him to use. :P

Everyone took turns putting on the headband and waving the wand around. Very useful props. It was a really good idea to bring them along that night..

Even the guys put them on:

Alvin looks so happy here hahaa..

Surprisingly I remember most of the incidents that day. I got exactly what I wanted - to not puke, and still able to party.

When the guys came in, chaos ensued. Rita them had a good time fooling around with them.

Oh yes, cs bought a birthday cake for me.

It turned out to be my only birthday cake this year. Lucky I got a slice before it was all gone. :) My mum kept teasing me about not buying me a cake this year - I don't know why. Cos she knows that I love cake maybe, and the more she kept saying no cake for me, the more agitated I got.

Why no cake? Everyone has a cake for their birthday what! Why not me?! Heh :P

Ah boon and the rest making use of Kitty's pink tutu! :) I didn't put it on in the pub - I did it at home.

So, this is for Kitty..thanks for the tutu - all the way from UK. Haha!

This photo of Kah Ling and Rita is so cute!

Blur photo of me but whatever. I like it. :)

Winnie and me. Do we look alike?

Finally a photo of Cs and I. The day is coming soon. :) I'm no longer nervous. Just want the day to come soon. I think of it as something to get over with asap. So I can get on with my life. On to the fun part. (Quoting Nancy now - but so true!)

Last one! Bye!


Miss G said...

YES IM SKED OF LIZARD TOO!!! If anyone use lizard to scare me i will cry even in public... and it happened once! *embarrassing*!

Amy said...

Hahaaa!! Thank you! I thought I'm the only one scared of lizards!! LOL I totally understand! I will probably cry too - so far nobody mean enough to do that to me! :) *touch wood