Tuesday, 9 August 2011

London violence

What is wrong with the youth of today? My God!

I am referring to the disturbing events happening in London as well as Birmingham, Bristol and even Nottingham. But mainly in London. It is terrible.

Why is this even happening? This isn't protesting. Its thieving.

Watch this video here about how two girls are bragging about why they are doing this. Two drunk girls drinking "free alcohol" that they stole from a local shop, saying things like how its the rich people's fault, the people who have shops?! And they are showing the police that they can do whatever they want. What the hell???!

God bless all of the victims who have been affected by these events. God please don't forgive those people who have sinned! Send them straight to hell or at least to prison!

I'm sorry Pastor Su and Pastor Jerry, but this is unforgivable.

They are youngsters who run amok, knowingly setting fire on cars, shops, ruining other people lives, thieving and then bragging about their actions!! Its disgusting!

I can't imagine what it would be like to live in London now. Before, I thought it was scary to walk home in the dark myself when drunkards are walking on the street chasing me. This is much, much, much worse.

How to feel safe in a city that offers bins like this?

God bless everyone!

Feel free to read news reports here, here, and here.

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