Thursday, 11 August 2011

Boredom does this to you

Is there something wrong with me – the way my eyes automatically glaze over the computer screen between 2 -3 pm? Haha! I need coffee. I really should try to get more sleep during week days.

Rubbish aside.

I am dreaming fondly of Friday night – TGIF. Unfortunately we be working Saturdays again. Big mournful sigh. Its my birthday!! This Saturday I mean. I had plans. Big plans.

On Friday night I’m going out for dinner with the family for my birthday dinner and later on who knows? Working Saturday? Don’t need to remind me – come on, how often does one celebrate one's birthday anyway? So fook it. Imma go out anyway.

When I think of Saturday night, I’m a bit…apprehensive..close to bordering on scared. God knows what Winnie has planned for me. Its not just my birthday but also my bachelorette/hen’s party. Its perfect timing actually. Not too close to the big day and its my birthday as well.

Theme is BLACK and hot pink!

Anyway, why am I scared? Well, for reasons unknown, Winnie bought me a pink magic wand?? And I heard Kitty bought me a pink tutu??? And I saw a conversation between Kitty and Winnie talking about getting me a beer bong?????

Tell me why am I not scared!!! FML!!

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