Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Busy busy bee

Ron Weasley would probably say: Blimey! That's scary!

Sure is!

I am beyond tired. I'm so so tired. When will I finally get enough sleep? I thought that as the date gets closer, I should be more relaxed. If anything, the two of us are tense. TENSE is how we feel these days. Making decisions, confirming all details, and making payments. Oh Lord, the making payments part. :(

I am just glad when this is finally over! And then we can go on to the fun part..:)

Its not supposed to be like this. I admire people who can remain optimistic, smiling, and you know, the opposite of erm, me. I'm like a pessimist, glass half empty. No lah maybe I sound like that on my blog but I really hope I'm not in real life.

So I shall attempt to be cheery. Its once in a lifetime. Its my wedding! Big cheesy smile!!

Bah damn fake! Hate fake people so I shall not be fake! How to be happy when things are supposed to be confirmed now, but suddenly a phone call comes that makes me wanna strangle the other person! GRR!! Just because I am organized and ready does not mean other people are!! That is why we are TENSE!

But its okay. A minor glitch when I think of the bigger picture. I must remember this:

On the day itself, there are bound to be things that will go wrong/not according to plan, but its okay. Chances are nobody will know except you. So enjoy the day. It is your big day after all.

That word is kinda scary in itself - Big Day. From the moment you wake up, till you shut your eyes at night..every single moment in between you will be the main object of focus! Photographers, videographers, family, friends, relatives GULP! How ah!

Cameras and eyes on you even when you're putting on makeup, walking across the room, yawning, zoning out, laughing, crying (hope not!!), and getting drunk (BETTER NOT!!). Eyes on you!! (Sounds like a horror movie title - the Hills have eyes hahaha)

No pressure now Amy!

I just have to smile and enjoy the day! :)

Less scary photo of me before I go! Bye.

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