Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Down the yellow brick road..

So I want to record down memories from birthday and hens party on Saturday night. Memories indeed!! I have plenty of photos that speak for themselves. But le sigh. Something is wrong with my laptop - its currently with cs. Hoping that he will try to fix it for me asap.

I'm using my mum's laptop for now. With no photos, I don't know how am I supposed to try to explain how the night went.


How about some updates on my life? We are halfway through distributing invitation cards. Finally we got all guests names, and decided on table places. Hard work indeed.

With only about 2 weeks left to go, people I meet are asking me questions such as, "how are preparations?" "Panic or not?" "Why you look so calm?" "Anything else to do?"

Hmmm how do I answer these questions without going on a lengthy discussion that other people don’t really want to listen to.

Let me try to explain.

How are preparations” – this question is simply too broad in a sense and asks me almost nothing. It’s the same as “how are you” – the question we ask people we haven’t seen in a while to be polite, and the answer is normally “I’m fine, how bout u?” or “OK, the same” etc. Blank polite answers that says nothing. I think I always sound awkward when I answer such questions.
So I always sound awkward (and not to mention dumb) when I answer, "err (pause) ok lah.." Haiihh dumb or what?!

So on the next question: "Panic or not?" Honestly, no. I am not panicking. And I fervently hope I have no reason to. *touch on wood*. I have things planned or lined up. Or already done. I don’t think that with about two weeks to go, I should still be panicking. So, yea touch wood again. :)

"Why you look so calm" – Refer to above question. Its about the same question/answer. Probably on the night before, I would be nervous. Anticipation. Not anxiety, hopefully. Haha. I might probably lie in bed going through my list – but hopefully still able to sleep.

"Anything else to do?" – of course lah (Ya, that's how I answer hahah). Its never ending if I really want to nit pick, and worry about it.

For example, I can rattle off the top of my head the things I have/want to do now.

1)Meet up with everyone I have not given/mailed the invitation cards to. There are just so many people to call, and to arrange meetings at a time convenient to them and to me. I still have to tick off names off my lists. Its at times like this that I really appreciate friends (thank u very much - you know who you are :D) who help to pass on invitation cards to people who they meet more often than me. The people who they see often/our mutual friends.

I know that some people may think that its insincere for us (the soon-to-be married couple) to not pass the invitation card directly to the people we invite. But seriously, we are sincere (big wets eyes!!), we are just VERY busy with so many other things (and so many other guests!!) Hahah so please don't be offended if we don't pass it to you directly. :)

2)Meet up with the MC and the band. Why? To discuss the wedding program at night. What type of songs to play, what to announce, and when. Coordinate and what not.

3)Finish packing (to move to cs’ place). Oh man. How am I supposed to fit all my clothes into one wardrobe (that I have to share with cs?), and share shoes cabinet! Hahah..

4)Clean and decorate house!!

And this list is giving me pressure so I’m just going to stop right now.

Oh I thought of another common question: "How many days leave are you taking?"

To which I always answer: one. Just one day before.

To which everyone exclaims: what!! Why?

To which I have to explain that I need to take leave(s) for chinese new year, to go to KL, to take wedding photos, go to gown fittings, go to the registry, go to the hotel to meet and discuss with the marketing person. And oh yea, to go on my honeymoon.

So I have used up all my leave for 2011. Yippee for me!!

I realize I sound somewhat cranky (do I?). Hmm..I think its the hormones (best excuse ever!)

Small voice: but my period is over lahh..

I can foresee the question that will come soon after we get married. Three guesses what it is?

a) How is married life?
b) How is married life?
c) How is married life?

Hahahaha..and after that will be: when are you having kids??

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