Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Fly so high

I'm sorry for this post. Ya, apologize in advance.

My feelings are going up and down so often these days, I am an emotional roller coaster wreck these days.

I really, really need a drink tonight. That was my status update in Facebook earlier tonight. Eh guys..liking my comment doesn't mean drinking with me ok? I am still one to drink with me. No one to take me out to take my mind off this stupid thing.

Who can I talk to? Why can't they understand?! Did I really make a mistake? Wouldn't you do the same? Can you please try to see it from my point of view.

Life is full of tough choices on both sides! I have so many people to please - and I know it isn't necessary to please everyone.

Says who?! Life could be so much easier if I just DIDN'T CARE!

And I'm blogging so often these days because it provides a distraction. Sort of. At least I can rant here and do whatever I want here still.

My dog is cuter than yours!

This is her act cute face.

Kuching festival this year. Meh. I went there twice only - it was good that we get a wide range of food choices, but I somehow always end up eating the same things: oyster pancake (the teochew style - wet version) ehh unrelated but I have to say that the BEST oyster pancake is still the one I had at Jalan Alor.

And also from the Thai restaurant - pineapple fried rice, pandan chicken, and the dessert that I don't know the name of. Sorry I'm being so vague.

As usual, there are fried noodles, a lot of Taiwan sausage and Taiwan food stalls popping up, tornado fries.

But of course, the MAIN highlight of this year 2011's Kuching food festival is JENG JENG JENG!!! (Drumroll!!!)

Fried durian!!

I err don't eat durian and cs don't eat them in my presence. Also, we didn't even think of joining the super loooong queue for the fried durian. Its like the Gucci queue during Boxing day. Nahh Gucci one more siao. Ha!

Ya photo stolen off google. Credits to the blog owner of Juice Juicy's Life.

It was the closest I came to said fried durian. Yea, I still have no idea how it tastes like.

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