Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Or chien/oyster pancake! Food!

I'm hungry. In my mind's eye, I keep seeing lots of or-chien floating around, tempting me! Argh.

Or-chien is oyster pancake. There are a few ways to cook an oyster pancake. In Kuching, it is mostly served as a huge pancake, dry, and with a tiny portion of oysters. Bah. Wait I go search for an example.

Or-chien/oyster pancake stolen off google. Thx buddy. This is typical or chien that you would find in Kuching.

Unless you specify that you want Teochew or chien/wet or chien, then you will get this:

Teochew or chien or something similar to this. Not many places serve this, so expect the large pancake above.

The main difference is that it is wet, and not shaped like a huge pancake. I should warn you, don't expect such a big portion too. I don't know which stall/restaurant is this photo from but it looks goooood! Damn!

Anyway! When cs and I were in KL over the past weekend, we went to Jalan Alor to try some of their local food at CU CHA restaurant!

It was a less than 30 second walk from our hotel. Hahaha sounds so exaggerating but I'm serious. We had plenty of choices for dinner/supper. The first night, cs and I came out for supper at about 12am.

It was directly outside, kinda reminds me of the night markets at Taiwan. Just walk downstairs, and plenty of stalls selling snacks. *longing sigh. I miss Taiwan..

This is my view of Apple hotel (where we are staying) from where I am sitting. Close eh?

Apple Hotel.

The buildings on both sides of the hotel looks damn old eh. Its true. I actually err don't recall what was located beside the hotel. I kept my head bowed in the day time cos shielding from the sun (no umbrella) and hurried back into the hotel. When I go out of the hotel, I have my hand in cs' and let him lead the way, while I hide from the sun.

At night, as I walk back to the hotel, all I think of is collapsing on the bed, and taking a shower. So err yea sorry I don't recall what was next to the hotel. The place should be safe though - plenty of people walking about day and night. Does not look dodgy at all. Don't worry Nancy! Haha.

This was the or chien we had at Chu Cha restaurant at Jalan Alor.

Oyster pancake! Damn awesome! I want this! For dinner every night. I don't care.

I was actually very surprised that it tasted soo good. Mmmmm...the skin was slightly crispy. The sauce was divine. The oysters were plenty and big and juicy! Yummm!!

Eh compare to this again:

Nah. Tell me which one looks more appetizing. I hate that there is so much of the crispy part in Kuching's or chien. Everyone aims for the oysters and there are so little to go around.. Boo.

La la. Clams

We also ordered this dish of clams or more commonly known in KL as lala. Yea pronounced as la la too. This was fried with ginger and onion. We ordered a plate of char kuay teow the night before and it was SO SPICY that between the two of us, we could not finish even half plate. T___T Fail.

So we didn't dare order anything remotely spicy or looked spicy in the menu at all. Haih. Fail.

Deep fried pork. Would go very well with beer. :)

Very nice. I liked that it was very tender, juicy and tasty! Not dry at all! This is not good. Making me salivating at night!

Cs busy eating..

Oh yeaa, I found a little crab in my lala.

I'm guessing that this leetle crab is the lala's last supper?

I also almost swallowed another leetle crab! o_0

Chewing halfway, I thought it tasted weird - too crunchy and spat it out. Ooohh...a leetle crab. How cute. Not. But oh well its just a little crab. I'm still alive and kicking. No harm done. :D

Walked off the calories...all the way to Pavillion and back.

Before I go, look at the two photos below. Look there is a little girl in the second photo.

First photo: no little girl (on the right hand side)

With little girl.

Hahhahahaa..not creepy kah? Hehee..its late at night and I am thinking too much issit? in red some more The photo is slightly blur and I thought it was funny. Sorry no offense meant! :)

OK. Good night! Bye.

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