Saturday, 19 March 2011

Please stop raining..

It is another Saturday night. Bo-ring. I need a holiday. I will be going swimming tonight again. Ya, even though it has been raining on and off the past few days. Die la. The water will be freezing, or at least fcuking cold tonight. But I really need the exercise. So lazy to get on the treadmill recently. I am running out of movies to watch on the treadmill.

Choosing movies to watch during exercise is so difficult. The "movies" have to be loud enough - as in louder than the sound of the machine, and my thumping/running on the treadmill. For this, new movies that I have never watched before should ideally come with correct subtitles, or the audio is really good that I can turn it up to 100% on my laptop.

The "movie" should also ideally be on a Gold disk, and not purple disk (DVDs) cos my hard disk is super picky. Bitch, just like me.

In the beginning, I run to Grey's Anatomy's marathon (Season 1-6) because I have the full subtitles. By now, I can memorize almost every episode already. Know what is happening next. (Not bragging or exagerrating serious. My family sigh and roll their eyes when they see me watching it again!) Sigh. Where is Season 7??

Anyway. Some of our friends are coming over. Its actually quite nice; we don't go out that often anymore. Meeting like this once a week is a good catch up session. Eating, chilling, relaxing and playing together.

We are kids again.

Jacuzzi is only open from about 530pm to 7pm. After that it is off. Bah. Complain!

Actually I am a bit worried now. I can hear thunder: are we really going swimming tonight? Its cold. At least, there is nothing planned for a BBQ or what not.


I am craving pizza again. Grr..the more I try to lose weight, the more I crave foooood.. Btw, remember the 6 cheese pizza promo some time ago? The 6 cheese pizza where you can order it plain, with mushroom or chicken, and something else.

I decided to try it plain. With just 6 types of cheeses. BIG MISTAKE!

This was the first time pizza had disappointed me! It was bland, slightly salty (because of the cheese), but basically it was like eating pieces of dough. Not nice.

Speaking of which, I just tried the new pizza again. The Cheesy Pops promo.

In the photos, it looked sooo tempting. Hot melted cheese oozing out of the crust. Mmm...

The reality was slightly different. Cs and I went to the Pizza Hut outlet at Spring. FYI, for new pizza promos, you normally get 30% off if you pay using your Maybank card. So in we went to order. But their credit card machine was not working, so no 30% off. At least they told us this in advance, so we were prepared.

Then, when the pizza just was not what I was expecting. There was too much dough. It was quite hard. I meant, they probably baked it too long in the oven or something. I don't know. But it felt like I was eating hard pieces of dough and its not nice.

However, imho, this was one of the most successful promo ever!! The Alaskan Pollock something pizza. Fish King Pizza or something like that. I also liked the King Prawns pizza. Both are yum!

Love the cool mayo sauce, love the fish, love the crust. Pizza is ♥


Need to move away from food.

Vain photo of self because I am not feeling/looking so hot now, so I need a reminder.

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