Sunday, 13 March 2011

King Salmon Buffet @ Hilton

One fine Saturday night, the little Simon family decided to try out the salmon buffet at Hilton. Dad finally agreed after much persuasion from Winnie. I was quite curious to try it out as well. Not just your typical salmon dinner but King Salmon eh? Must be good.

Apparently there is also 25% off for Facebook fans. I didn't know about this but oh well we got a voucher for 25% off the next visit. If I am not mistaken, the 25% voucher is only limited to the salmon buffet, which ends at the end of March. So hurry hurry if you want to try it out.

Be warned though, when they say it is a salmon buffet, it really is. Salmon galore. Go only if salmon is really your thing otherwise you would probably think that its not worth the price tag.

They have salmon cooked in a variety of ways:

A huge platter of smoked salmon slices. A tad salty but still yumm..with some kind of sour cream or cheese based sauce? I'm not sure but I like my smoked salmon just like that, without the sauce anyway. Nice..

Grilled salmon:

It really was King salmon. Just look at the size of that fish. It was very nicely done, tender and flaky. The sauce was yum as wel..

The salad section. I liked the potato salad. Its the one on the bottom right of the photo. There were little bits of the onions inside, very nice and crispy. But at the same time not too over powering. But also cos I didn't take much lar. Ahh anyway moving on.

Fried salmon? I didn't try this though. Don't really like salmon cooked like this:

I was more preoccupied with this section! Raw salmon sashimi!! Mmmm..all you can eat! Suits me just fine! Not the thin slices like at Sushi King. Thick, juicy fresh salmon!

My plate:

Salmon sashimi, tuna sashimi, octopus sashimi, baby octopuses, and seaweed.

Notice that I am mostly just talking about the salmon cos besides that, there is not much else to rave about. The salmon sashimi speaks for itself ok. Just look at it. Thick, juicy, fresh. Yumm.

But actually besides the salmon, I didn't really like the other dishes. With names such as Ayam Masak Merah, Kari Lembu etc, they just don't really appeal lar. Even Kevin thinks the food is too oily and that there are not much choices. This is Kevin okay. My brother is not very picky when it comes to food. Imagine what cs would say, heh.

There were also some lobster at the sashimi section, but nothing much to rave about..tasteless, bland. Normal.

The calamari looks good eh? Too bad that after I took this photo, I went to put my camera back. When I went back for the calamari, it was gone!! Wahhhh... *bawls endlessly. And it was not refilled either. I want my calamari!!

Chicken terriyaki was good though, so it deserves a photo:

There were other food but not much selections to be honest. I expected more. But then again, it was King Salmon Buffet. They did prepare a lot of salmon varieties, and for that I should be grateful.

Desserts, in case you can't tell. Err not that outstanding either.

Bottom-line: I wouldn't go back for the King Salmon buffet. Sure the salmon is good but how much of salmon can you eat in one sitting anyway? I love salmon raw, smoked, and grilled. But somehow the dinner itself was not very satisfying.

According to my family, it seems that we want more variety. Btw, has anyone been to Cafe Majestic (at Riverside Majestic)'s Japanese buffet? Now that is a buffet I would love to go. Been there so many times, and they never disappoint!

Wide range of food, fresh made sashimi, sushi, handrolls, great service with a smile, everything. So yea. I would rather pay the same amount and go to that Japanese buffet. Heck the buffet is always full when you go there. Should mean something eh? It is so full that they serve Japanese buffet two times a week.

Never expect to just walk in to Cafe Majestic on a Saturday night and ask for a table. It is always full. Make sure you make a reservation a week in advance.

Ehh paise lar Hilton, I was talking about the salmon buffet halfway, but sorry man. Cafe Majestic wins this round.

This is just my leetle humble opinion. No offense! :)

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