Saturday, 12 March 2011

New Year, New Price @ Victoria Arms

Last night, I went to VA with mum, Winnie, Ivy and Janet. Where else to go? Kuching people are so NOT spoilt for choices. Plus we have been frequenting VA for years (since I was 16? 17?) Man 10 years already!!

In the beginning, there were dance performances, costumes nights with themes, and price was at RM 5, then RM 10, then RM 15. Now come 2011, price has increased to RM 20 per person.

Hear me out. At least with the price increase, they have enough sense to introduce other things too. Heh or else customers would have already ah. Price keep increasing but same old stuff. How can right?!

So anyway. Now the terms and conditions are: Pay RM 20 each, and,

1) Get a ticket that entitles you to free drinks from 7-9 pm. (Typical). Hand in the ticket to the bar, they rip it in half and return it to you. Keep it. This will entitle you a chance to win free drinks at 9pm. Chris (the DJ) will announce it is lucky draw time and if you lose your ticket then oops for you. No chance.

2) Get another lucky draw ticket (NEW!), write down your name and telephone number and pass it to the staff. They did not announce the prizes or when it will happen and I was too busy drinking to ask. -__-

3) Last and best NEW news of all. You can now get to choose between 1 of 5 choice of food to eat for FREE! Yay! I eat at VA so often now that this is good for me.

By the time I reach home on Friday evening after work, I normally crash into bed first then wake up for a shower, make up and out of the house again. No time to eat.

So this was perfect for me. The choices of food are:

(1) Fish and chips (small portion of fish and bigger portion of fries yum);
(2) Garlic sausage (this is two slices of slightly spicy German sausage served with awesome mashed potato-says winnie);
(3) Three (3) pieces of chicken wings served with wedges or chips;
(4) Grilled chicken chop served with fries (in my opinion, the most yummy of all!);
(5) Burger (the only thing our group did not order last night. But I saw the waiter walking by with it- teeny burger patty with two slices of bread-who needs that? Nahh..)

Reminder: Bear in mind that since it is free, the portions can be quite small. Just in case you are a big eater.

I regret to say that this was the only night that I DID NOT bring my camera out! As I was getting ready to go out, I thought aiih what for bring my camera? Nothing new and everyone has seen VA in my blog so many times before, even I am sick of it! BAHHHH...I should have taken photos!!

At 9pm, Chris announces that the bar has run out of liquor (read: free drinks). And this would be the cue to start lucky draws.

Wait. Let me say something else. At VA, they not only give you your choice of liquor, they also provide cocktails. Last night, there were three choices: Sex on the beach, Screwdriver, and something else. I had Sex on the beach the whole night (soo yummy I had 6 glasses).

The normal lucky draw free drinks are: jugs of Long Island Tea, beer, and something else (forgot).

Last night, they increased lucky draw to four free drinks, instead of three. But they ruled out beer. Also ladies, there are no more free beer at the bar. I don't know if it is permanent or if it was just last night.

So, we won a jug of SEX ON THE BEACH!! As soon as Chris announced our lucky ticket number, Winnie and I screamed!! So loud. SO happy. Siao chabos. But yea. It was delicious what.

Hehehee.. I ran to Chris (very unashamedly) and waved my ticket under his nose (as I always do), while he chuckled and said: is that you again Amy?

This photo was not from last night. This was one lucky night when we won a jug of Long Island Tea, as well as a jug of beer. As you can see, Winnie is very happy! :D

Oh wait. In the beginning of the night, when I had my first glass of Sex on the beach, and still sober enough to observe my surroundings, I am quite sure that there is something different with the sound system. Either they bought new speakers, or they changed the location of speakers. Hmmm....

There you go. Updates on VA. I am so kind, and I know I frequent VA a bit too often. hehe. Oh well. Until I find a new hangout in Kuching on Friday nights that give me free food and drinks for RM 20.

Mum looks gorgeous here. Eh my mum is 52 okay?! And she can pass off for 42, even 32. Who says alcohol makes you old? Not in mum's case though..


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