Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Of random thoughts

I want to update my blog but don't know what to talk about. Nothing much going on in my life. Weekends just mean eating out, watching movies, grocery shopping, trying out new restaurants, and sleeping more.

I shall just spew random stuff from my brain la. 

Getting lazier to exercise - must be more disciplined or I'll regret it during my 18 hours of labour. Choi please! Hahah ok that scared me. Walk more. Its supposed to help during labour. I won't get tired too easily, I won't be out of shape, and it'll be easier for me to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Haih. I'll try.

That day a friend mentioned that she can't see my bump yet. That's cos I hide it well. But she also said it in the tone to suggest how come I don't look old, fat and ugly yet? It amused me and made me think do I think that way of pregnant women? Thought about it seriously - no leh. Maybe cos Cheesie and Audrey seem to pull it off - still looking hot despite preggers. Besides pregnant women now take more care of their looks than before ok. 

This bump not that obvious. When I stuck my gut out, I expected a bigger bump but when I saw the photo..I was surprised. This was 4 months plus. Must be the angle.

This should be a better comparison photo. 5 months pregnant now.

Took that photo sometime last week to show Shirley. She was quite surprised by how much I grew haha. Normally I just hide the bump.

Has anyone touched my bump yet?

The first time it happened, I reacted so instinctively by pushing the other person away and exclaiming: DON'T!! The other person got startled and I got guilty cos she's a friend. I got startled too and felt a sharp pain on my side immediately. See? This is why hands off or at least give warning.

Families and close friends are fine la. Winnie btw always gives no warning when she places a hand on my stomach. But now I'm used to her already. At least her I can push away without feeling guilty hahaa.

Quite recent photo - chubbier face. Oh btw I gained about 4 kg now. I'm scared la but at the same time quite unfazed. I step on the scale and whine to Cs. Then 5 minutes later I'm thinking about food again. Oh well. But I make sure Cs is eating together with me la. If I have to gain weight, he's gaining too. Heheh.

Cs being the next Katniss Everdeen representing District Seng Goon. I posted on Dayre already so don't wanna praise him again. Hahah. 

We are starting to do more house planning stuff these days. I still want a white kitchen. Woe is me.

This is gorgeous!! I love the marble top too and the tiles. 

How? All white kitchen means more work in the future. But oh so pretty. Might compromise and mix up the colors. White and brown probably. 

When we bought the house, we had two spare bedrooms upstairs. Now, we are converting one to a nursery room. How times change. 

This was my canopy before. Planning to install a mini version for her crib. Don't know if its a realistic idea or not. Sort of like a mosquito net. Wanted to buy one in IKEA, but when reading the finer print, it says not suitable for children. Might be a choking hazard etc so we hastily put it back.

What else?

Amazing Spiderman's coming out soon. Or well if you're in other parts in the world, you watched it already. 1 May 2014 for us Malaysians. Earliest premiere date was 16 April 2014 in Belgium, U.K. and Ireland. So fast! Can't wait to watch it.


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

KL trip

Cs and I decided to go on a short KL trip before baby comes out as we foresee that we won't be going anywhere for a while. I wanted to go to KL for relaxation reasons, shop for more baby stuff, and go to IKEA for house stuff. I'm so aunty now eh. 

OK la. Can't expect me to keep drinking and partying non stop eh. I'll still drink after giving birth and breast feeding but not so soon. And hopefully not as much as I did before. Only mum drinking the beer at home and its going down so slow. Winnie is hardly drinking these days too but her, for different reasons. 

We stayed at Hotel Royal for one night cos we wanted to stay in Bukit Bintang area. Go to H&M, Pavillion and Sungai Wang.

The room exceeded my expectations. I didn't expect to find a nice, new, modern renovated room cos its a rather old hotel. But the bed! Soo comfy. Love the pillows and mattress. I didn't wake up even once at night. Unlike Cititel's (where we stayed 2 nights) - I woke up a few times at night. Bed creaking and pillows not as comfy. This is not me being precious. Cs agreed too.

Some of the baby clothes we got in varying shades of pink. As we headed to checkout, I said we are so kiasi people don't know we are having a girl. Got practical clothes instead of the poufy dresses I wanted. But also cos mostly newborn clothes not as cute. Just simple ones. 

We are so noob though. Why is this newborn onesie smaller than this newborn? How many should we get? Should we get 3 to 6 months as well? What if she's big and tall and can wear them for like 2 weeks only? What if choi choi choi she's a premie?

Cs dragged me to Jalan Alor for supper that night. So many angmoh's there. Really a tourist spot - food was pricey but not bad la. I like the char kueh tiaw. Nice.

The indoor pool at Hotel Royal. It used to be Coronade hotel btw. I remember staying here with my family once many many years ago. We had pictures taken at this pool that's why I remember.

That morning, it was empty. Yay for us. But as we jumped in, I realized why it was empty. SO BLOODY COLD!!! Because it was indoor so no sun shining overhead. And cos it rained the day before.

I love these mushrooms from Italiannes at the Gardens. Reminds me of the ones mum make. Gotta hint her to make some soon. :) And I really gotta learn to make this.

Pizza was ok. Meh. Don't remember it being mehh last time around. I meant the toppings a bit mehh ok. Crust was good. I should have ordered another flavor.

Lasagna was awesome though. Urgh..salivating now. Hungry! We both finished the lasagna and had a slice of pizza each. Tapau-ed the rest of the pizza back to our room. 

In case he emo why there is no photo of him on my blog. 

Happiness is an ice cream cone.

Happiness is also Tony Roma's hot wings.

Oh yea I was trying to look for maternity clothes that don't look like maternity clothes (makes sense?) Bought a maternity jeans that are pull up type. They look normal just that the waist area is expandable. 

I hate maternity clothes shop btw. Even Cs says: why do maternity dresses have to look like maternity dresses? They are so auntie looking. Long over the knees, ugly colors and no style. I bought one dress (by force from Cs) and kinda regret it already. 

Bought a few tunic dresses from Uniqlo. Hope they fit when I'm 9 months pregnant eh. Else I'll be eating my words and wearing those auntie dresses.

Cheese cake that I was craving a few weeks back. I'm damn stubborn - refused to go to Secret Recipe because its not the same! Now damn regret I didn't buy more.

Not my fault Cs has his eyes closed here heheh. The only flattering photo of me so far. New top from Uniqlo too. Think I'll have to live in tops like these for awhile. :)

18 weeks (4 months plus) update - Am i fat?

I think my baby is going through a growth spurt right now.

As of this week, I have noticed a sudden increase in appetite. I'm constantly thinking of food. I wake up starving. Not hungry ok. Starving! I wake up in the middle of the night dreaming of food.

My abdomen has been hurting on and off this week. At times it hurts so much when I lay down or when I try to sit up. Sometimes my sides hurt when I turn over or when I lie on one side for too long. I wake up in the middle of the night because of back ache.

I'm not complaining. I just think she's going through a growth spurt. These pains are supposedly normal. Just ligaments pains - womb or uterus stretching.

Most importantly, my bump is growing. Seemed like it doubled in size from last week.

I don't think that I over-ate though. I eat when I'm hungry or when my stomach tells me to.

I eat chocolates if I want to but not the whole bar. I buy mini kitkats. I split them in half with Cs. I don't give in to roller coaster (the keropok) or pringles. I stare at it and don't open them. Hmph. Its like a battle of my wills. See how long before I give in. I can't stop myself buying snacks cos Cs is very encouraging. Buy more food. In case you get hungry, how? Buy. Eat!

I eat my supper in bed every night cos cannot go to bed hungry. Within half an hour, I have to sleep. This is enough time at least for me to brush my teeth again, go toilet and come back to bed. And still I wake up starving.

Aside from that and the occasional headaches, I feel normal.

When I read those pregnancy articles that say you might feel as if you're not pregnant. After the nausea goes away, we might feel so normal we don't know if we are really having a baby or not.

I finally understand what they mean. Sometimes I turn to Cs and asked: I'm really pregnant la ho? I'm not just fat, am I? There is a baby inside me. Felt like I could have hallucinated my pregnancy.


OK that was written pre-KL trip.

This is post KL trip.

Appetite still damn good - eating up a storm. Got some heartburn pains but nothing so serious yet. Took a Gaviscon cos doc says its allowed.

Stomach doubled in size - check. That day, I caught Cs staring at my bump (made me damn self conscious). I asked: WHAT?!

Him: (smiling) nothing, it really suddenly doubled in size. It doesn't look like that last week.

I sit on the bed looking down at my belly (forlornly) wondering is it the Tony Roma's hot wings inside or a baby? As I'm looking depressed, Cs came over, put his arms around me and said: hey, that's our baby inside. Ours. (Dude can read my mind lol).

After a few days (ok fine, months weeks) of me asking him: am I fat? Am I fat? Do I look fat in this? Is my ass bigger? Do I look fat?

He said: I'm going to print out on A4 paper and stick onto your mirror: its a baby inside!! Hahhaha poor guy.

Ehh can't blame me ok. This is normal. So is gaining weight mi. Fine.

Anyway. What else?

Don't want to repeat what I wrote on Dayre here. Umm..so I'm back at work today. Holiday was great but tiring at times. My own fault - who ask me to wake up early go swimming in ice cold water, and then spend the whole day outside?

I'll update about KL in another post with pictures. :)

Monday, 7 April 2014

Updates on baby bump

I don't know if its just me or what. Maybe I never noticed it before but there are so many pregnant women in my group of friends. Or maybe acquaintances is more correct.

Even before I announced and after I announced, one by one pop up to message me that: hey I'm knocked up too! I'm 18 weeks too. I'm due this year too. I'm also having a girl too. Hahahha.

Its good news for all of us. But wow there are so many pregnant women. Guess we are all aging. 

Its nice to have company.

I'm quite afraid that I'm not so much the mommy type. By that I don't mean I don't love her ok. Just that how come I didn't cry during the ultrasound, or upon hearing her heart beat or when I felt the kick?!

Why? What's wrong with me?

My mummy instincts had better kick in soon!

I read up on pregnancy and baby articles almost every day for the past few months. What to expect each week or month.When I'm not, I'm surveying which breast pump to buy, how to increase breast milk (I'm scared already), how to recognize baby cries, which diaper brands to buy, which bottles and brands to buy, sterilizer etc etc. I visit mummycare with Cs so often. I put my hand over my bump every night before I go to bed and try to talk to her. But I don't know what to say. Cs is no help - he says the same thing. Daddy loves you. Are you sleeping? Did you enjoy dinner just now? 

And I didn't cry. My tear ducts have no problem acting up when I'm watching the Notebook btw. Or when Do Min Joon said saranghea Cheon Song Yi. Saranghea.

So I guess my tear ducts are waiting for the right moment. Maybe in labour. Maybe when I finally meet her.

This morning, I woke up to stomach pains.

I turned to Cs and said: I'm scared. If this is just ligaments pain, stretching of the uterus, then I'm scared of labour and contraction pains.

Used to think I have a high pain threshold, but now I'm not so sure.

I don't complain about it. I bear in silence. But during labour, would I be screaming at everybody and cursing the doctor to hell or what not? Would I cry out of anger?

I'm scared.

Might I add that I also feel increasingly stupid the more I type now. Hahah.

And yes, I suppose all this is normal and just proves that I'm adapting to the change in my own way.

One day after lunch, Cs and I walked into mummycare again and after surveying the baby prams and cots and car seats, we turned to leave. 

Then I spotted this hanging there and burst out laughing. So we bought it.

Spoiled indeed. Hope not. :)

This photo was taken last Friday night after dinner. Dress is loose hence misleading. Can't tell my baby bump at all cos the back is loose too.

OK bye. Update more next time.