Monday, 26 January 2009

On the 1st day of CNY

of 2009, I received no angpau's at all!! hahahahaa..instead I gave one out to ama. Mum and dad gave out ang pau's on cny eve as usual so I got one from them and kevin. =) For those who don't know, ang pau's are red packets containing $$$. It is tradition to hand out red packets on cny to those who are not working yet.

In my family, when Kevin started working he had to give me, so this year technically he's not supposed to but being so kind hearted he still did. (Actually he didn't know he could stop this year or he wouldn't give me at all). =)

Also, Kevin and I had to give ang pau to Winnie and our parents and grandma. No one else thank god. Cos I am semi-broke. being winnie so damn rocks ok cos everyone has to give her angpau as she is the youngest in our family. All the relatives, cousins, uncles and aunties... Sine they are saving ang pau on kevin and me, they give more to winnie. She should be so happy. She should have collected around the same as my salary already. wtf!

No photos yet cos I'm using the other computer so I'll accumulate more photos in the time being.


Of all the forward messages I got this chinese new year, I like this one best:

Good morning! Wishing you a very magical and happy chinese new year. This special day is all about forgiving and forget the bad history. Cherish and appreciating everyone beside us for appearing beside us. For a new sheet of story for a year will begin from today.

I tried to put that in mind as I told winnie: hey. Since its first day of chinese new year, I resolve to not be angry or impatient at anyone today. I will not curse or swear no matter what. Winnie smiled and said ok.

5 mins later, I was late while rushing to do my makeup and accidentally poked my eyeliner into my eye. Without thinking, I said: SHIT! then i said, oh shit. I just sweared. crap. this has been going on the whole day, as I drove the car out just now, the swearing got worse. I never realized I swear so much. hahaha..this is bad. How am I supposed to meet anyone's parents??

OK. Bye..Photos soon..

Friday, 23 January 2009

Almost freedom

Last working day today! I woke up at 530am to pee and can't go back to sleep so here I am entertaining myself and (finally) updating my blog properly (i hope). =)

It is 730am and I am one hour earlier than usual. Hmm..what can I do early in the morning? Wish I brought some work home with me last night so I can do some work now then relax in the office later. I'm gonna be damn sleepy after lunch. But its ok cos its the last working day! I'm allowed to slack off. Besides I just came back from sick leave man. Hahaha..excuses after excuses. Seriously yesterday when I went back to colleagues people are telling me how "weak" and "pale" i look. Or asking: u sick ar? diet too much issit? u look so..."tired".. shit! Its cny. I don't want to look like that.

Some more photos from karaoke the other day:

Heh. Must be sick of us already..

We went to a new karaoke at Premier 101. I like the place. TV and room bigger. Looks cleaner too. Not the dodgy looking type place that looks like where forty or fifty year old men bring their younger girlfriends, while leaving their wife at home. Sucks.

Flashing their cleavage. Its quite obvious who is wearing the wonder bra and which is au naturel. Hahahaha...for your information, xiao rong (my cousin) used to be huge. Around 80+kg and she is only around 158cm. This was a couple of years ago and she now stands at 48kg. Pretty amazing right? Just eat less and exercise more and lots of self control apparently..

One last photo.

Going to work now. I hope I have a good day ahead. Give me all the easy job at work today please!! I'm pleading to my blog wtf. Have mercy on the poor, sick, weak and stupid girl who should have taken one more extra day of sick leave. =)

Ok. really going now. bye.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009


No updates cos I'm sick again. On sick leave again today. Sorry Shirley I didn't reply ur messages or calls. Really not feeling well..

Back to work tomorrow..Not looking forward!! But 2 working days left to go only. I can do this!

Oh ya, I dyed my hair sometime last week. I randomly chose a color on reaching the saloon.

End result?

Not clear?

That is pretty cousin in the middle btw who is in Kuching for cny holidays. Going back in 3 weeks and has a bf already. :) No more questions.

In previous posts, I remember saying winnie and mum made sushi. It tastes ok lar. Nothing we've decided not to serve them during cny. Save the embarrassment. You know what its like to visit someone else's house and try the cookies they made.

The meat floss popiah. I think that's the name anyway.. I helped make this and it erm tastes alrite. Nothing special. The short n fat ones are made by winnie. I made the long ones. Mum made the perfect looking ones...

More photos of pretty cousin singing karaoke. So happens she's a great singer too. Unlike winnie and I. we suck!

Non-singers order alcohol and play card games and camwhore and applaud the singers.

Kevin says my hair color looks the same. No difference wtf.

Sisterly love.

Ah boon looks hiao here beside xiao rong...:)

The non singer.

Enough photos. It is 9pm. Off to bed.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009


Chinese New Year (cny) is just around the corner. This year I'm working everyday and I spend hardly any time at home, so mum and winnie and xiao rong (my cousin visiting from taiwan) are busy preparing for cny. They have so far painted the carpark yellow and white, the toilets, doors etc.

They've baked 2 types of cookies: a chocolate chip type. Tried it yesterday, nice! Btw, they baked it twice cos the first attempt failed. So, they had to go out buy the ingredients etc and bake it again the next day. Both taste good to me, but mum insist the first batch was too hard, inedible etc. She is such a perfectionist. The other type of cookie, I have no idea what is the name. It tastes kinda salty, because its meant to be. Basically, mum says all those cny stuff are sweet so she made a salty kind of cookie. Tastes good anyway.

This is our carpark. Starting cny eve, it looks like this. Dinner outside the house, buffet style. With lots of food on the table, and chairs around the walls. This photo was taken the morning of the 1st day of cny.

Last Sunday, Winnie, mum and I made popiah with those meat floss inside. Tiny, crunchy stuff that people always eat in Kch for cny. I'm doing a lousy job at explaining right esp since with no photos. Hahaa..

This is the living room where most of the guests make themselves comfortable..

What else? They bough a new rug, chocolate, candy, cake, drinks and have nearly finished cleaning the house. I did nothing. For those who don't know, in Kuching, we always buy new clothes, shoes etc for cny. We clean the house in preparation for the new year ahead, but also because during cny people visit your house and you don't want people to see your messy, dirty house right?! And those cakes and cookies and drinks are to serve the guests who come to your house.

I'm so pleasantly surprised to come home and see all these preparations for cny. I'm looking forward to the day I come home and see those fireworks etc. Dad buys them every year; he loves them. Last Sunday I woke up to loud and happy chinese new year music and it feels good!!

Last week at work...

The office will be very empty on cny. Happy happy. Very in the mood now!! I will be in Kch this chinese new year!! I have a job!!

Oh yea, lion dance at my neighbor's house. Every year, on the first day of cny they would invite the lion dance to their house, and every year, winnie, me and shirley(my neighbour) would tell each other: wake up early ok to watch the lion dance. And every year we never wake up on time.

This year I must see it!! I must! What is cny without lion dance??

Kuching flood

We're in the rainy season now in Kuching. It is raining every freaking day and there are floods in so many places for the past few days. Here are some photos I stole from the internet:

This is Kuching waterfront.

I should be so lucky my place is not flooding.

This is the waterfront, the river overflooded. Pretty scary I should think.

It is still raining as I'm typing now.

Nowadays whenever I meet colleagues or friends, the first thing we ask each other is: your place flood or not???

The rain is expected to continue..

Damn..Hope the rain will stop soon..

Thursday, 8 January 2009


I was at work yesterday when I got a phone call from some girl who works in Citi Bank, KL. Cos it was a KL number. She started introducing herself and asking if I was free, to which I said I'm at work. What is the problem? She then spoke very fast (and quite loud) and started saying how she wanted me to apply for this credit card.

I said: I'm not interested.

She then continued, but we also offer you etc etc etc etc.... (after around 5 minutes)

I said: I'm STILL not interested.

Immediately, she said: OK. Thanks. Bye.

And hung up before I could say anything else. I shouldn't be surprised that she sounded a bit pissed off. But...

I hate rude salesperson. Which is why I chose not to go into sales. I won't be good in sales. I have proof:

According to an insurance salesperson, I'm too shy and softspoken.

According to a banker, I'm too quiet and demure. I don't have the personality. The aggressiveness. Great!

According to an interviewer who once interviewed me for a public relations office position, I slur when I speak. I'm unclear and people cannot hear me clearly which is of course, a bad thing.

So apparently my current job is perfect for me cos I don't have to meet clients. I communicate with clients via email only. When on the rare occasion that I have to speak, I am shy and quiet, but it doesn't matter. I do my work, right? So everyone's happy.


Sunday, 4 January 2009

Stolen Meme

I came across this great photo meme in another blog It's so cool cos I can post vain/camwhore pics while not writing much. =) Perfect for lazy people like me.

I took so long to search for all photos and in the end I got lazy and decided to simply choose photos as I go along.

OK. Here goes:

1. The most recent picture of you. Where was it taken, when was it taken and who took it? How was your mood?

I have a halo. The photo came out like this. I took this self portrait at home last Friday night. Came back from dinner at HK Cafe, the Spring with friends then shopping. Later went to Triangle pub for drinks then came home. My mood? I was feeling tired and sleepy by then.

2. A picture of you with a friend. Who is this friend? How did you meet him/her? How long have you known him/her?:

Everyone meet Simon. I met him in London in 2006, one of my housemates at Manor House. He is from Poland, a musician and a great dancer! Last I heard, he found himself a Japanese gf. hahahaa..

3. A picture of you with your spouse/partner. How long have you known each other/been married/been going out?
hmm..skip for now. =)

4. A family picture:

I just posted this actually in my previous post. We took this after a family dinner on New Year's Eve. We haven't eaten together for quite some time and amazingly we're together for ny eve.

5. A picture of you making a peace sign:

Still Peace but with gloves. Haha..this was taken at London eye with Brandy.

6. A picture of you making a yo dawg sign:

Is this counted? I don't even know what is a yo dawg sign! This was taken at Ipanema in Kuching sometime last year. Fun party people from left: Shaveen, Kitty, Steph, me and Winnie.

7. A picture of you in your Halloween costume:

I'm such a failure; I can't believe I've never had a halloween costume. Always on the day itself I am busy with something else and I never went to a halloween costume party. I suck! Next year I must dress up!!

The first year in London, I went to Braintree Freeport to shop the whole day with friends and was so exhausted by night that we all slept early. Next year, I was not in a party mood. Third year I went to Oxford and Stratford upon Avon the whole day so I arrived back in London around midnight, running to catch the last tube, if i remember correctly. So, no party again. Last year, I went to Terminal One because friends wanted to go there and no one wanted to dress up cos tired after work. I predict next year will be the same. hahaha..

8. A picture of you on holiday. Where was it?

I look pretty horrible but I chose this on purpose. Hahaa..cos I like the Louvre in the background at night. Nice, no? albeit the ugly person inset. I look pretty scary haha.

Edinburgh. Less scary.

Amsterdam. Back to normal.

9. A picture of you in your workplace/school:

I worked in McD in London for around 2 yrs plus in total. This was my first uniform. Over the years, they changed the uniform so many times. I had 4 different t-shirts but didn't bother taking any photos. They all stink of french fries and I only kept this t-shirt. Its at home in Kuching with me now. Also, my last McD uniform was the best. I had to wear a tight, knee length black skirt with black stockings, and a button down fit black top. I could still manage to move around quite fast but it was cold in the winter. Every time some one opens the front door of McD, us girls would be like: close the fcking door!!

Oh. I found this photo taken in the McD crew room. One of the uniform I hate! McD is evil btw. Eat McD everyday and look at me. Perfect example!

Minus the McD and now I look like this:

Sometimes, I miss wearing uniform then I don't have to think of what to wear to work everyday and have to buy new office clothes so everyone don't realize I'm wearing the same dress to work everyday.

10. A picture of you in a weird or random place. Where is this place? Who took this picture?

Shirley and I in our bedroom in Finsbury Park. The first room we rented. Aik lung took this photo. Very fond memories.

11. A picture of you on stage:

I can't find a photo of me onstage. I'm not a public speaker, and not a karaoke singer. I am a dancer onstage though. =)

12. A picture of you playing sport:

I can't find any photo of me playing any sport! This is the closest I could find. After a futsal session. I loved it. The sport, not the photo.

13. A picture of you with a celebrity:

Photo taken by me but I can't squeeze myself into the photo. This was taken at the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Premier at leicester square. Saw a lot of the cast and most importantly, JK Rowling herself!! But I didn't get her autograph. Too many people pushing.

Hermione Granger.

Colin Farrell. Yea, I met him in a pub and he totally ignored me. But I was so thick skinned I insisted to take a photo with him.

Kidding lar. Madam Tussauds in London.

14. A picture of you drunk:

Tell me we don't look drunk here. At Fabric with classmates celebrating end of exams! That's Vincent, my Cambodian friend. Haha. I wasn't drunk that night, just very tired. I was on stage dancing and I slipped and fell off the stage. That tired. Didn't drink much that night at Fabric.

When I start taking photos like these, I'm very near drunk. On the brink of drunk-ness.

15. A picture of you looking mad. Why were you mad?


Don't want to talk / remember old times.

16. A picture of you looking sad. Why were you sad?

Not really sad. More to very tired. This was at Chinatown with the guys in the middle of the night around 3am. After a BBQ party we went around London looking for clubs on a Thursday night and ended up at Chinatown cos they were hungry again.

17. A picture of you looking WEIRD. Why were you looking weird?

I look weird cos I was caught unaware on the dancefloor at a Christmas party with other McD colleagues. I miss them.

18. A picture of you wearing something strange:

Note the tattoo. That is the strange thing on me. Yes its fake. I will never have a tattoo this lifetime. So, yea, the tattoo is strange on me. Never mind if you don't understand.

19. A picture of you wearing formal:

This IS formal ok. Not work clothes. That is classified as boring cos I wear that and see people wearing work clothes everyday so its BORING! Dress up IS formal, hence the photo.

20. A picture of you wearing a swimsuit:

I do swim but I don't take any photos by the pool. So here is a bikini photo in the bedroom. Don't be fooled by the photo; I no longer have a flat stomach. And I gained weight. =)

21. A picture of you wearing PJs:

Shirley and I in our room. God I miss that bitch! Come back you!! I miss your voice, your laughter. I miss watching u eat rice. I miss u saying repeatedly that you're hungry. I miss you annoying me! I'm so quiet without you. Oh ya, Shirley, RUDY called me yesterday night from Sibu. Remember him??!!

Me in bed now.

22. A picture of you with an animal:

This one is easy. Our whole family has countless photos taken with these two. Our Shihtzu's. Ah Pui below passed away few years ago and now we have ah Boi only.

RIP. Even till now, I can't see his photos without remembering that morning he died. My mum, Kevin (bro) and I were at the vet crying nonstop as he took his last breath. Ah Pui had been with our family for 10 years. After he died, I felt so weird walking in the house without looking for him. Ah Boi waited at the front gate for a week for ah Pui to come back.... They were brothers btw.

Said ah boi below.

23. A picture of you eating or with food:

Raw piece of mackerel that I caught minutes ago prior to this photo! Amazing! The one and only piece of fish I ever caught! Hahahaa.. This was on a trip to Brighton; we rented a fishing boat and went fishing in the summer. Fun and a very nice experience.

Summer BBQ party at Ethan's house.

24. A picture of you in black and white:

Don't have. Pretty stupid eh. I will take a black and white photo tomorrow night. It is finally Friday tomorrow. One more day of work to go! Pretty sure I don't have to work on Saturday but I have to go to Timberland Clinic. Damn. Wish me luck please. I need it.