Thursday, 1 January 2009

New Year's Eve

This is what I did for New Year's Eve. Had a buffet dinner with the family plus Elaine at Holiday Inn. They all seem to like the food except me. There was the usual steak, chicken, lamb, kebabs, sausages, fresh oysters, prawn, sushi, sashimi, soup, bread and lots of dessert. Sorry I didn't bother taking photos of the food. It costs RM 97 per person after tax and service charge. For me, not worth the price tag. Kevin says I'm "buang buffet" cos I don't eat much.

I had most of the dessert. I prefer to save my stomach for the cheese
cake, choc cake, choc mousse, creme brulee rather than eat all those bbq meat. yuck.

Photos look a bit dark. Dad had a lot of the fresh oysters:

Photo not taken from last night obviously. I dont like them raw. I tried them once many years ago and tried not to spit it out straightaway in the restaurant. Instead, I forced myself to swallow it and spoiled my dinner for the night. haha. but i like cooked oyster. as in oyster pancake, oyster ramen etc. Just not raw.

Like father like daughter?

My green dress. I mean winnie's green dress drew a lot of comments about it being heineken/carlsberg girl. You know, in kuching a lot of girls walk around in pubs or kopitiams selling heineken/carlsberg and they all wear a short green dress. only uglier than the one i'm wearing now. hahahah..

With Elaine.

Without Elaine.

After dinner mum and dad went to VA with their friends. Elaine and Kevin went home to watch dvd. Supposedly. Winnie went out with her friends to Soho, Core, Happy Valley. I went to a house party. My parents had more fun than me and more to drink than me that night. Know why I know? At around 1230am, I noticed I had 5 missed calls from daddy. When I called back, dad said (in a very happy loud voice): AMY!! WHY YOU DIDN'T CAL ME? Only then I realized he meant I didn't wish them happy new year at midnight. Hahahaa..wished them happy new year. I could hear shouting, loud music and laughter in the background.

My parents are cooler than me. Our house party last night was pretty tame. We had red wine, tuak, beer, and tequila but nobody was drunk. Played games involving a lot of "dares" such as, pole dancing, licking body parts etc. It was fun but I'd have preferred to ring in the new year by partying away outside. At home its just too quiet. When midnight came al we did was raise our glasses, very half heartedly and yammm sennggg... cheers.. happy new year!!

Thats it. Party Over!

Haha..Happy New Year Everyone and Hope Next year's Better!

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