Thursday, 8 January 2009


I was at work yesterday when I got a phone call from some girl who works in Citi Bank, KL. Cos it was a KL number. She started introducing herself and asking if I was free, to which I said I'm at work. What is the problem? She then spoke very fast (and quite loud) and started saying how she wanted me to apply for this credit card.

I said: I'm not interested.

She then continued, but we also offer you etc etc etc etc.... (after around 5 minutes)

I said: I'm STILL not interested.

Immediately, she said: OK. Thanks. Bye.

And hung up before I could say anything else. I shouldn't be surprised that she sounded a bit pissed off. But...

I hate rude salesperson. Which is why I chose not to go into sales. I won't be good in sales. I have proof:

According to an insurance salesperson, I'm too shy and softspoken.

According to a banker, I'm too quiet and demure. I don't have the personality. The aggressiveness. Great!

According to an interviewer who once interviewed me for a public relations office position, I slur when I speak. I'm unclear and people cannot hear me clearly which is of course, a bad thing.

So apparently my current job is perfect for me cos I don't have to meet clients. I communicate with clients via email only. When on the rare occasion that I have to speak, I am shy and quiet, but it doesn't matter. I do my work, right? So everyone's happy.


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