Monday, 26 January 2009

On the 1st day of CNY

of 2009, I received no angpau's at all!! hahahahaa..instead I gave one out to ama. Mum and dad gave out ang pau's on cny eve as usual so I got one from them and kevin. =) For those who don't know, ang pau's are red packets containing $$$. It is tradition to hand out red packets on cny to those who are not working yet.

In my family, when Kevin started working he had to give me, so this year technically he's not supposed to but being so kind hearted he still did. (Actually he didn't know he could stop this year or he wouldn't give me at all). =)

Also, Kevin and I had to give ang pau to Winnie and our parents and grandma. No one else thank god. Cos I am semi-broke. being winnie so damn rocks ok cos everyone has to give her angpau as she is the youngest in our family. All the relatives, cousins, uncles and aunties... Sine they are saving ang pau on kevin and me, they give more to winnie. She should be so happy. She should have collected around the same as my salary already. wtf!

No photos yet cos I'm using the other computer so I'll accumulate more photos in the time being.


Of all the forward messages I got this chinese new year, I like this one best:

Good morning! Wishing you a very magical and happy chinese new year. This special day is all about forgiving and forget the bad history. Cherish and appreciating everyone beside us for appearing beside us. For a new sheet of story for a year will begin from today.

I tried to put that in mind as I told winnie: hey. Since its first day of chinese new year, I resolve to not be angry or impatient at anyone today. I will not curse or swear no matter what. Winnie smiled and said ok.

5 mins later, I was late while rushing to do my makeup and accidentally poked my eyeliner into my eye. Without thinking, I said: SHIT! then i said, oh shit. I just sweared. crap. this has been going on the whole day, as I drove the car out just now, the swearing got worse. I never realized I swear so much. hahaha..this is bad. How am I supposed to meet anyone's parents??

OK. Bye..Photos soon..


wasm said...

i remember that message. from alan our neighbour right?

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