Friday, 23 January 2009

Almost freedom

Last working day today! I woke up at 530am to pee and can't go back to sleep so here I am entertaining myself and (finally) updating my blog properly (i hope). =)

It is 730am and I am one hour earlier than usual. Hmm..what can I do early in the morning? Wish I brought some work home with me last night so I can do some work now then relax in the office later. I'm gonna be damn sleepy after lunch. But its ok cos its the last working day! I'm allowed to slack off. Besides I just came back from sick leave man. Hahaha..excuses after excuses. Seriously yesterday when I went back to colleagues people are telling me how "weak" and "pale" i look. Or asking: u sick ar? diet too much issit? u look so..."tired".. shit! Its cny. I don't want to look like that.

Some more photos from karaoke the other day:

Heh. Must be sick of us already..

We went to a new karaoke at Premier 101. I like the place. TV and room bigger. Looks cleaner too. Not the dodgy looking type place that looks like where forty or fifty year old men bring their younger girlfriends, while leaving their wife at home. Sucks.

Flashing their cleavage. Its quite obvious who is wearing the wonder bra and which is au naturel. Hahahaha...for your information, xiao rong (my cousin) used to be huge. Around 80+kg and she is only around 158cm. This was a couple of years ago and she now stands at 48kg. Pretty amazing right? Just eat less and exercise more and lots of self control apparently..

One last photo.

Going to work now. I hope I have a good day ahead. Give me all the easy job at work today please!! I'm pleading to my blog wtf. Have mercy on the poor, sick, weak and stupid girl who should have taken one more extra day of sick leave. =)

Ok. really going now. bye.

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