Sunday, 26 October 2008

La la la

Went to Kitty's blog and saw this! I shall do this cos Kitty made me smile with her post. Haha.

three names you go by:
- amy
- mi / ah mi(friends, bro, sis)
- miss minggu

three screen names you've had:
- amysimon
- flowergal (its my stupid email lar)
- amy the sheep (its a stupid nickname someone gave me)

three physical things you like about yourself:
- my shoulders
- my hands
- my nose? sometimes. lol.

three physical things you don't like about yourself:
- my ass. hahaha
- my many scars
- err..tummy?

three parts of your heritage:
- iban
- chinese
- taiwanese

but i look like a typical chinese only. been getting this a lot from my colleagues. they speak english to me then are surprised when i reply in mandarin. then say: u speak iban too? sorry.

three things that scare you:
- getting fat and old and ugly (hey that's three things)
- losing

three of your everyday essentials:
- phone
- vaseline
- money

three things you are wearing now:
- bra
- undies
- specs


three of your favorite bands or musical arts:
- i dont
- have
- any favorites.

three of your favorite songs right now:
- i don't know the titles or artists. i just listen and dance. i get them from winnie most of the time.

three things you want in a relationship:
- loyalty
- laughter
- great sex hahahhahahaa

three physical things about the opposite sex that appeals to you:
- toned, built body/legs/shoulders/arms. anything
- abs
- cute smile

actually tall dark and handsome sums it up.

three of your hobbies:
- reading
- dancing
- swimming

three things you wanna do really badly right now:
- sleep
- swim
- laze around

three careers you're considering/considered:
- due to the current economy conditions, i doubt i'll have any luck searching for a new job. better just work hard at my current job and forget any dreams for now.

three places you want to go on vacation:
- taiwan
- japan

three things you want to do before you die:
- go to japan
- eat my last meal
- have great sex if i have the energy. hahahhaa.a..i sound like such a horny bitch.

five people you want to see take this quiz:
- no one would take this.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Eli is back

I walked into the house. Plonked myself down on the chair and damn. I made the floor dirty with my heels. Mum's gonna screw me again. Then as I placed me high heels back in the usual box, I noticed something strange. Why are the shoes neatly stacked? They haven't looked like that since 3 weeks ago when eli left?!! I turned around and asked mum and dad: is eli back. They grinned at me and said yes!! how did u know so fast??

I rushed to look for eli. she lost weight and got darker. hahaha. but still the same shy girl who loves ah boi. soo happy to see her man. u have no idea. mum and dad were quarrelling so much recently cos of the house chores. no one to do the chores really. i even dreamt of mum and dad quarrelling and shouting at each other last night. when i woke up, i felt like my sleep was robbed from me. how could i dream of this shit?? so, imagine how happy i am to see her!

its's so bloody cold at work today. how can! its kuching! not london! not autumn. too bad. when it starts raining cats and dogs, i can feel it in the office. so damn cold. air conditioning too cold. my boss asked me today: how r u amy? got used to the cold yet?? haha...funny question. not about work, but about the air con. 

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Eli come back

Sorry for the lack of updates. So many things are going through my head and not all work related. I seem to attract trouble to myself all the time.

Work is ok. I like the job so far but I have a lot to learn to catch up with the others. Getting a lot of pressure from my seniors. I must work harder. I like most of my colleagues. They're all friendly, helpful and eager to teach me for which I'm very grateful. No handsome guys though. Too bad. Office is freaking cold. I'm wearing jacket everyday and brought a scarf to office. Am seriously contemplating bringing gloves to work. Not the leather one Shirley, the other one.


Cibai. Fuck. Kanineh.

I need to curse to release my anger and stress since I can't do it at home. Mum's in a foul mood ever since Eli went back and taking her anger out at everyone. Winnie is at school, whereas Kev, dad and I are working everyday. I can only help at night when I come home but by then I'm tired and trying so hard not to answer back at her. Turns out I'm so tired I cut myself twice when I helped cut the vegetables and in the end she told me I don't have to help. Just sweep, mop etc. Nowhere near knives. Idiot.

Used to work here for couple of weeks. Beautiful place. Starbucks at St Katherine's Docks.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008


1) Still on probation, I need to work harder and that means no catching snakes.

Look familiar? Camden town, London.


Ignore the photos. Somewhere in Paris

3)Winnie is supposed to be studying but I've watched her sitting there for 3 days munching nonstop supposedly studying when she is STILL on the first page...

4) I'm drinking too much. Somebody stop me please. No. Really. No. Not really. I dunno.

5) I haven't been sleeping well. The other night I dreamt someone was holding a pillow to my face, stopping my breathing. In my dream, I tried and tried to push the person off. I couldn't see him. I felt as though a huge weight was on my chest, I was unable to breathe. When I finally managed to reach one hand up, that guy took my hand and kissed it. I woke up. Just like that. Weird dream. Felt so real.

Like I said, ignore the photos. Gare du Nord Paris. Train back to London.

6) I met old college school mates again after 3 years? We've all changed but damn its a small world. Kuching is too small, its no fun at all. Word travels fast, and people whisper around you. Be careful whom you tell your secrets to. Its times like these when being quiet is good. I'm a good, nice girl to everyone. But I'm actually a fake. What made you think I'm a nice person?

7) Why are everyone in a relationship or married? This sucks.

8) I am not bitter. Nor lonely.

9) I am fine.

Eiffel freaking tower.

I. Am. Fine.

Shop name

What would you name a shop that sells ice cream, waffles, pearl milk tea etc?

1) Happy Sundae
2) Hansel and Gretel
4) Ice Land
5) Ice Cream Parlour

Please choose one. Please.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008


I cut myself. Again. I'm so freaking careless. Dammit. Mum says its not my year. Haha..if you only knew.

I am not happy.

Monday, 6 October 2008

Sausages of another kind

Anyone like hotdogs? These are a different kind. They look really like cocks. Either they are photoshopped to look like these or do any restaurants sell these? I got these in an email saying Malaysia is selling this. But can you imagine our Malaysian government allowing this? 

How do you like your hot dogs? with peas and carrots?

with spaghetti?

hot dog bun suits winnie. she loves hot dog buns. hahahaa..

hot dogs on toasted bread. 

shirley likes black hot dogs. hahahahahhahahhahahaaa.....i'm so gonna get screwed by her for writing this. u know i love u shirley. =)

hot dogs with black pepper and onions. damn it looks gross.

Me? I don't eat hot dogs. Hahahahaaa..


I'm hungry. When hungry feast with your eyes. My philosophy anyway. When shopping for groceries, I can spend ages and ages deciding which snacks to buy, which looks more delicious. But in the end, I nearly always end up buying nothing. Or else I choose the light, low fat version which are not delicious and I hate.

I hate being a girl.

Anyway here are some photos of food I did eat. Regretted it later and forced myself to exercise to lose those calories. Salmon baked rice with cheese on top. Delicious.



Pizza. Any pizza is delicious to me. I love Pizza! Its the only thing I can't say no to.

Evil food.

More pizza.

Vegetable dumplings. Mum bought these from her friends. I don't like meat dumplings. They spoil dumplings for me.

Pork leg. Dad loves these but they're oozing with fat. Very yummy.

I came across these photos of Wending cooking spaghetti. I never blogged about this. This is the recipe. Very simple to make and very yummy too.

Broccoli and chilli spaghetti. I loved it. Simple enough for me to cook in Kuching and not fat...

The garden at his house. So clean and well kept. Perfect for a summer BBQ. Perfect for taking photos.

Boil the broccoli. The best tasting vege ever.

While he cooks, I walk around taking photos of his garden, myself, the food, myself and him.

Raspberries for dessert. He loves making dessert btw. That day he made peach and raspberries with ice cream for dessert. He really knows how to make girls happy. haha..

The non chef.

The chef demonstrating how to cut the peach.

Said peach. peaches.

No idea what flower this is. Just thought it looked unique. And they actually grow green apples in the garden. I think.

If i'm not mistaken..

And white roses. flowers make me happy. roses make me happy. sex makes me happiest.. kidding. moving on..

Spaghetti with broccoli and chilli.

The chef stubbornly refusing to take photos with me. Thank you for the food wending! It was delicious as always.

Card games are good for you

Sorry for the lack of updates. Been a bit busy lately. I'm going to compile some photos from the past week into one post. Cos I'm lazy to talk and think. My brain is tired. My body is tired. It is 9pm and I wish I'm in bed! So unlike me.

Anyway. This photo was taken at VA on Friday night. Dance dance dance!

I'm a lousy camwhore cos I only have one pose really.

Caught unaware. I like this photo cos I look so horny. Hehe..

Steph, Winnie's cleaveage and Kitty.

I forgot when I took this photo. Some Saturday night dinner with dad and his friends again.

Very swollen eyes. Deep eye bags.

Post more photos of myself cos I'm lazy to type. I doubt anyone reads my writing anyway. Like winnie says I'm a sadist. My ex boss said I'm not a happy go lucky person. Why do u care? I hate my ex boss! And with good reason ok. I'm not generally a mean person but he is a pig!

More photos of me.

I'm the most accident prone careless person I know! I fell down again. Sigh. I didn't drink alcohol ok. Promise.

I tripped over this black and white thingy by the roadside as soon as I stepped out of the car. I was wearing strappy black high heels, very thin short skirt and completely made up carrying a handbag. Sigh. And I fell down. Lucky no one saw me kneeling down by the road.

Trying not to cry and imagine the horrible scar I will have.

I hate myself sometimes. Argh. I went jogging in the park just now with this leg. It didn't hurt anymore and the wound was already dry so I thought why not? But five minutes later, it started bleeding and yellowish stuff was coming out too. I hate myself again.

Damn careless.

A fun night with the girls. I haven't laughed so much in ages. Thanks girls. You guys made my night. Stupid card game made me laugh so hard. We played "bullshit", the police and thief card game, gin rummy, and the game that had to smack each other's hands. Don't know the name. Can't be bothered to google it. Doubt it'll be in google though.. I'm blabbing.

Ok. Bye.

9:25pm. Going to bed.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Selamat Hari Raya

For those who don't understand what it means, please read this wikipedia entry here.

As usual with Hari Raya I went to my aunt's house to eat. Chicken curry, lamb curry, beef rendang, satay, ketupat, those rice balls thingy that I don't know what they're called and am too lazy to google it. Also had biscuits and kuih lapis which means I probably gained 2 kg for lunch alone. So I am skipping dinner tonight.

Short entry cos I'm not a Raya person. I don't like visiting and going to other people's houses, shake everyone's hands and say Selamat Hari Raya. Then eating the food to be polite, and unable to refuse the cakes when they say they made it themselves. Its delicious but we got to visit other houses too and by the time I come home I feel quite sick from all the food. Sorry but I don't like visiting. When the host is so busy cos of too many people at their houses, we're left sitting there getting rid of their flies from their food. Boring. What is to like about visiting? No more receiving ang pau's cos we're too old. Haha.

Some more have to be on our best behavior cos its our parent's friends. So we answer the same questions: your daughter studying or working? If studying, oh study what, study where? If working. where? why not government job? why don't go singapore? why not stay in london?!!! Arrrghhh,...!!! I hate visiting!

Some more weather is so hot in Kuching! Put on make up and dress up in the morning and make up melts wtf. I look horrible and I feel bloated.

But yea Selamat Hari Raya. At least its public holidays!