Sunday, 12 October 2008

Eli come back

Sorry for the lack of updates. So many things are going through my head and not all work related. I seem to attract trouble to myself all the time.

Work is ok. I like the job so far but I have a lot to learn to catch up with the others. Getting a lot of pressure from my seniors. I must work harder. I like most of my colleagues. They're all friendly, helpful and eager to teach me for which I'm very grateful. No handsome guys though. Too bad. Office is freaking cold. I'm wearing jacket everyday and brought a scarf to office. Am seriously contemplating bringing gloves to work. Not the leather one Shirley, the other one.


Cibai. Fuck. Kanineh.

I need to curse to release my anger and stress since I can't do it at home. Mum's in a foul mood ever since Eli went back and taking her anger out at everyone. Winnie is at school, whereas Kev, dad and I are working everyday. I can only help at night when I come home but by then I'm tired and trying so hard not to answer back at her. Turns out I'm so tired I cut myself twice when I helped cut the vegetables and in the end she told me I don't have to help. Just sweep, mop etc. Nowhere near knives. Idiot.

Used to work here for couple of weeks. Beautiful place. Starbucks at St Katherine's Docks.


Wending Tang said...

Is the job harder than McDonald's? I think you have forgotten the days in McDonald's. Come on! Where is your spirit of a former McDonald's employee? 'I am loving it!' Haha...

Kitty said...

hi amy! cheer up ok!



Amy said...

wending: I haven't forgotten McD. McD was physical energy..Its a mindless routine right. No need to think. Just smile, serve, be polite and fast. But we survived McD. We can survive anything else! Lol.

Kitty: you're coming back?? Cool! Hoping u can club this time. hahaha..