Monday, 6 October 2008

Card games are good for you

Sorry for the lack of updates. Been a bit busy lately. I'm going to compile some photos from the past week into one post. Cos I'm lazy to talk and think. My brain is tired. My body is tired. It is 9pm and I wish I'm in bed! So unlike me.

Anyway. This photo was taken at VA on Friday night. Dance dance dance!

I'm a lousy camwhore cos I only have one pose really.

Caught unaware. I like this photo cos I look so horny. Hehe..

Steph, Winnie's cleaveage and Kitty.

I forgot when I took this photo. Some Saturday night dinner with dad and his friends again.

Very swollen eyes. Deep eye bags.

Post more photos of myself cos I'm lazy to type. I doubt anyone reads my writing anyway. Like winnie says I'm a sadist. My ex boss said I'm not a happy go lucky person. Why do u care? I hate my ex boss! And with good reason ok. I'm not generally a mean person but he is a pig!

More photos of me.

I'm the most accident prone careless person I know! I fell down again. Sigh. I didn't drink alcohol ok. Promise.

I tripped over this black and white thingy by the roadside as soon as I stepped out of the car. I was wearing strappy black high heels, very thin short skirt and completely made up carrying a handbag. Sigh. And I fell down. Lucky no one saw me kneeling down by the road.

Trying not to cry and imagine the horrible scar I will have.

I hate myself sometimes. Argh. I went jogging in the park just now with this leg. It didn't hurt anymore and the wound was already dry so I thought why not? But five minutes later, it started bleeding and yellowish stuff was coming out too. I hate myself again.

Damn careless.

A fun night with the girls. I haven't laughed so much in ages. Thanks girls. You guys made my night. Stupid card game made me laugh so hard. We played "bullshit", the police and thief card game, gin rummy, and the game that had to smack each other's hands. Don't know the name. Can't be bothered to google it. Doubt it'll be in google though.. I'm blabbing.

Ok. Bye.

9:25pm. Going to bed.

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