Monday, 6 October 2008


I'm hungry. When hungry feast with your eyes. My philosophy anyway. When shopping for groceries, I can spend ages and ages deciding which snacks to buy, which looks more delicious. But in the end, I nearly always end up buying nothing. Or else I choose the light, low fat version which are not delicious and I hate.

I hate being a girl.

Anyway here are some photos of food I did eat. Regretted it later and forced myself to exercise to lose those calories. Salmon baked rice with cheese on top. Delicious.



Pizza. Any pizza is delicious to me. I love Pizza! Its the only thing I can't say no to.

Evil food.

More pizza.

Vegetable dumplings. Mum bought these from her friends. I don't like meat dumplings. They spoil dumplings for me.

Pork leg. Dad loves these but they're oozing with fat. Very yummy.

I came across these photos of Wending cooking spaghetti. I never blogged about this. This is the recipe. Very simple to make and very yummy too.

Broccoli and chilli spaghetti. I loved it. Simple enough for me to cook in Kuching and not fat...

The garden at his house. So clean and well kept. Perfect for a summer BBQ. Perfect for taking photos.

Boil the broccoli. The best tasting vege ever.

While he cooks, I walk around taking photos of his garden, myself, the food, myself and him.

Raspberries for dessert. He loves making dessert btw. That day he made peach and raspberries with ice cream for dessert. He really knows how to make girls happy. haha..

The non chef.

The chef demonstrating how to cut the peach.

Said peach. peaches.

No idea what flower this is. Just thought it looked unique. And they actually grow green apples in the garden. I think.

If i'm not mistaken..

And white roses. flowers make me happy. roses make me happy. sex makes me happiest.. kidding. moving on..

Spaghetti with broccoli and chilli.

The chef stubbornly refusing to take photos with me. Thank you for the food wending! It was delicious as always.

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