Wednesday, 8 October 2008


1) Still on probation, I need to work harder and that means no catching snakes.

Look familiar? Camden town, London.


Ignore the photos. Somewhere in Paris

3)Winnie is supposed to be studying but I've watched her sitting there for 3 days munching nonstop supposedly studying when she is STILL on the first page...

4) I'm drinking too much. Somebody stop me please. No. Really. No. Not really. I dunno.

5) I haven't been sleeping well. The other night I dreamt someone was holding a pillow to my face, stopping my breathing. In my dream, I tried and tried to push the person off. I couldn't see him. I felt as though a huge weight was on my chest, I was unable to breathe. When I finally managed to reach one hand up, that guy took my hand and kissed it. I woke up. Just like that. Weird dream. Felt so real.

Like I said, ignore the photos. Gare du Nord Paris. Train back to London.

6) I met old college school mates again after 3 years? We've all changed but damn its a small world. Kuching is too small, its no fun at all. Word travels fast, and people whisper around you. Be careful whom you tell your secrets to. Its times like these when being quiet is good. I'm a good, nice girl to everyone. But I'm actually a fake. What made you think I'm a nice person?

7) Why are everyone in a relationship or married? This sucks.

8) I am not bitter. Nor lonely.

9) I am fine.

Eiffel freaking tower.

I. Am. Fine.


Steph Kho said...

why is winnie eating? she's not suppose to. kittys gonna smack her. =D

wasm said...

fuck man. u traitor. y say me in ur blog??

Amy said...

its for ur own good. if only i can convince him to stop u eating too. hahaha...