Sunday, 25 October 2009


I am so SPK (sua pa ku in hokkien) In english, I think it means toad under the well. Or something silly like that. Or katak di bawah tempurung in Bahasa. I just downloaded Picasa and am happily editing photos. Not much cos I'm still lazy. I have so far just added some text.

Like so.

And so..

And like so.

Pls click for larger image like always..

Happy! I am so SPK! OK that's all for tonight while I go explore some other stuff.

Obviously I have yet to explore more and improve.

But I'm happy now. Wheee..


Thursday, 22 October 2009

Food for thought

1)Wii is useful when friends come over to your home. Nothing to do? Don't feel like watching movie, or sitting there talking your hearts out, particularly for men. Play WII. Its good exercise as well. The only exercise I get everyday is exercising my fingers (typing), and walking. I could probably lift dumbells with my fingers. Haha. No lar, of course not! Dumbell my ass...Probably a 500gram dumbell.

Super Mario race

Anyway, my arms, shoulders, and muscles were aching after a WII session of playing tennis, baseball, wrestling, and bowling. It was pretty embarrassing. The first time it happened and I felt my arms aching, I couldn't imagine what caused it. I kept thinking that I fell down, or am getting sick thus body aching..It was only after the next WII session, then I realized oh shit! Too much tennis and baseball. God I suck!

2) Guess what the photo below is made of. This was made in conjunction with Deepavali. I took this photo in Tun Jugah, on the ground floor literally.

Supposedly SEGI students made this drawing with rice, and coloured/dyed rice. In the beginning, the group of students sketched the drawing on pencil on the floor, then painstakingly added the rice onto it. The sign by the side said students spent 16 hours doing this. So outstiders stay away. Kids go play somewhere else. The drawing is still on the floor of Tun Jugah, if anyone is interested..:)

3)This is a typical Kaya and Butter toast you can find in most Kuching cafes. I said cafes cos places such as Ipoh Town Kopitiam,and Kaya and Toast serves it like this. In a normal kopitiam, the toast is like half the size (in width). I don't know am I making sense here. Width? Well not length. Its still square..but erm..not as fat. Slimmer version. Now I sound plain loso so imma stop.

Thick slab of butter on top. Yuck! Eww..I hate butter. I hate that people always have to apply butter on every sandwich that is being sold outside. I hate that I always have to specifically tell them to NOT put butter on my sandwich, and they look at me in disbelief as if the sandwich would taste ew-ey, yuck-y without the butter. Siao. Obviously I am not the one who ordered this Kaya and Butter toast.

Here is cs enjoying his breakfast.

4) This reminds me of dinner earlier tonight. Mum made a huge pot of something similar to..

Click the photo and zoom in on the biggest casserole dish in the middle of the table. It consists of macaroni in white sauce, fish fillet, oyster mushrooms, bits of chicken meat, corn, carrots, and broccoli. Topped and baked with mozzarella and parmesan cheese. I think. I'm just guessing from what I had from the dinner just now. Anyway. I was telling mum to not put in the corn next time cos I don't like the prepackaged frozen corn. Almost immediately, everyone opened their mouth to tell me that:

1) I'm too picky.
2) I don't eat too many things. No nutrition. No wonder I always get sick.
3) I'm too picky. (shaking head)
4) How do you know its frozen corn? What's the difference with normal corn? Its still corn!

Am I not allowed to give some input so she can improve? Jeez man. Btw, the photo above was taking during a dinner party at home. No, we don't eat that much for dinner every night.

5)This is mum's handmade Pizza. When I say handmade, I mean she bought the frozen dough from local supermarkets. The toppings of tomatoes, button mushrooms, chicken bits, and onion are chopped and diced by eli. Mum cooked the sauce for the Pizza, and Winnie or I put the cheese on top. Judging from this Pizza, I think it was Winnie. How can I tell?

Simple. Notice that not one spot goes uncovered by the cheese. Every little inch is covered. Almost immaculate right?

I have a craving for Pizza again..

I think Period is coming again (haha). I will be saying this for the next few decades to come..

Yea, I know I'm lame.

In fact, I look like a retard most of the time:

Exhibit A.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Of witches and wizards..

OK. Right now, I'm feeling really excited at the thought of dressing up for Halloween. It was Winnie's idea. She was raiding mum's closet, and mum was raiding our closet (we all share clothes, shoes and accessories). Anyway, Winnie found two semi-transparent long, black cape-like things belonging to mum. I don't know man. Mum said they were in fashion many years ago, and all fashionable women had one of those in the closet. She had two, so yay for us. Cos it was exactly like a witch or vampire's cape. So now all Winnie and I have to do is find the remaining pieces to turn us into a witch.

I have still never managed to dress up or even go clubbing on Halloween night. Bit pathetic and unbelievable. I would have forgot about Halloween this year too if Winnie didn't remind me that it was next week. Damn.

Think I can convince cs to turn into a vampire this Halloween? Buy a black cloth to tie around his neck and put on make up for him.

This fella is cute..

Edward Cullen doesn't look anything like this..

A pumpkin witch.

As Winnie and I were searching through google, I was saying that most witches have a hat. Winnie said most witches have warts on their noses. I was like wtf?! What did you type in google? She said: witch. I said: witch costumes halloween. Only then she said ohh..witches look different here, more sexy. No wonder she was going on along the lines of wicked witch of the west, ugly warts on noses etc. Weird..

Time to go shopping I think..

Sunday, 18 October 2009

These days

1) My Facebook account has been returned to me. But some items are still missing (photo albums) Grr..

2) Happy Deepavali!! No public holiday though. Boo..It is rather unfair for the Indians here right? No hols..not even half day holidays.

3) My laptop went under repair for a whole day and night so I haven't been updating (Excuses!)

4) I went clubbing two nights (Fri & Sat) in a row and I realized just how old I have become. God how did I used to survive clubbing three nights in a row till dawn? Till 5-6am, then McD breakfast before going home. How did I do it? Here and now, I am ready to leave by midnight!! What has happened to me?! I am rather awed that I have changed so much. Shirley, can u believe it? I don't even dance much. I stand by the tables and drink. Occasionally I dance when a song I like comes on. I try to hide my yawns subtly, then the later it becomes, the harder it is to contain my yawns and to summon the energy to dance. This isn't me. This is not Amy SImon. Party animal? Ptui! My ass!

Here are some photos:

Oh we were at the newly renovated Bar Zing. The interior design was pretty cool, not too crowded with noisy and pushy kids. Music was ok. Could be better though. Less techno stuff..cos every song sounds the same then.

5) Bimbo of the day! I have a fetish for changing my nail polish every once in 2 weeks. I don't know when or how it started. I got rather addicted to this. I don't have the patience to add little diamonds/crystals to them though. I do sometimes, or add stickers but they require a lot of patience and time. Both of which I don't have.

6) I cut my hair!

Yo nerd! I now look like I'm back in high school..there is no hope. I don't know how to save this hair..

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Too late

1) My Facebook account is still nonexistent. I never realized how often I was on FB till it was gone! How I depend on FB for updates on friends news. Whether they are on vacation or back yet. New photos on outings. Reviews on cafes/restaurants/pubs in and around Kuching. And the latest up-to-date gossips. Grr..Now, I login to cs' FB account cos we have quite a lot of friends in common. But still! I want my account back dammit! All my contacts and photos grrr...!!

2) Bimbo of the day!

Ever since I started work, I have been so lazy in applying makeup. What more to say of fake eyelashes. But I so love the effect of falsies. During the first few weeks of work, I put on sunscreen everyday after my moisturizer, applied foundation and powder. Occasionally applied eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. Pretty soon, I grew lazy and I set the alarm clock later and later. Today, I set my alarm at 8:10 am, got out of bed at 8:15 to shower, dry my hair, change, drink water, and leave the house at 8:45. I reach the office at 9am sharp. Before, I reached the office around 830 - 845am. Now I think its weird to arrive early.

Beauty comes with a price: patience. Most Fridays before going to VA, I sit before mum and Winnie, both of whom are already done with their makeup, whereas I'm just starting. Then I try to beg/coax/bribe them into applying the makeup for me! MAKEUP IS A FREAKING CHORE. Especially on Friday evenings when all I want is to sleep.

Notice the difference without fake eyelashes:

Almost nonexistent eyelashes. So boring. Maybe its the flash.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Tit for tat

I miss winter. I hear mum talking to my aunt about going back to Taiwan. The parents are going back to Taiwan this December. It will be winter and cold by then. Mum was talking about taking my winter jackets. I AM SO JEALOUS!!! WHEN IS IT MY TURN?!I am so sick of people telling me that I am rich. God I am not. The balance in my bank account is in three (3) digits most of the time. That is NOT rich. I live from paycheck to paycheck. I am not rich. I wish this were true. If it were true, I can do what the fuck I want, and hire a person to screw every other person who tells me that I am a rich bitch who does nothing, and deserves nothing!


It was Mooncake Festival last Saturday. Cs and I spent the earlier part of the night having dinner with our families, respectively. Later at night (around 9pm), we met up with friends at Friendship Park. The place was packed with people. Almost everyone were playing with lanterns. They even decorated the trees and made some lanterns to float on water. Here are some photos of that night stolen off google images:

Thank you silverdimension. Sorry I stole your photo.

Thank you Jimmychin and sorry too yea. :P

We didn't have much fun that night though as we arrived just as the others were packing up to leave.


Song(s)of the day: Lionel Ritchie - Hello

Unchained Melody from Ghost. I don't know who sang this version sorry.

Edited: Rubbish

1) FACEBOOK deleted my account!! Nooo..! Sigh. what the fuck is wrong with fb? Internet went crazy for the past week in Kuching. It was practically impossible to go online, then taking forever to load a page. Then on Sunday, I couldn't log in to my FB account till today. From my friend's pages, I had disappeared off the face of er..FB.. literally. All my contact list, photos etc gone. Screw it. I'm too lazy to create a new account or to write a complaint letter (which I don't think will have any effect grr...), so I think I might just let it be.

2) Winnie is sick. Like diarrhoea, vomitting, fever crazy sick. But she still has appetite for food. After she throws up of course. Why?

3) I went to watch Sorority Row tonight after the fiasco last night. Determined!

Hmm..a bit regret though. The movie was great. Nice and all but scary man! I don't know what happened to me. I was cowering behind mine and cs' hands, and my jacket.

What has ruined me, and turned me into this scaredy-cat coward, who used to watch Ju-On and used to laugh at my brother who was the one cowering behind his own hands in the cinema? Noo..what happened to me? I suppose that it is true that as you get older, the more afraid you are of dying.

4) I should sleep..Nite. Bye.

Sunday, 4 October 2009


This is a complain post!

Earlier this evening, cs and I were supposed to watch Sorority Row at MBO, Spring at 815pm. We bought the tickets early, around 2pm. After dinner tonight with cs' family, we rushed to MBO for the movie. Bought a medium sized popcorn, 7-up, and a mineral water and settled in to wait. Due to some stupid arrangements at MBO, the entrance to all six halls to the cinema were through one door only.

We were told to WAIT till the light is on, indicating which hall we were supposed to go in to. We waited from 8pm till 845pm. Finally we were the only ones left outside the hall, along with another couple. We had no choice but to ask the guy again, what about us? Why aren't we allowed in to the movie, which started at 815pm!

Our movie should have started ages ago. He was so damn blur. He hesitated, then said hmm..ok..go on in. Cos we were the only ones left outside. So in we went to Hall 4. The hall was empty and dark, with loud music playing. We went out to the hallway to ask someone what is going on??? Where the fuck is our movie? She said oh yea go on in. And they started the movie, which was already playing halfway by then wtf!! No way was I going to sit down to watch a movie halfway like that! A waste of my money! Bastard! So we went out again to complain and were told to bring our complain downstairs to the ticket office to get a refund.

This we did. Complain we did. (Here I realized women complain more, while the men stand by quietly) After some negotiations, we got our money back! At least we got out money back but such a waste of time. Wasted an hour standing there when I could be doing something worthwhile. Grrr..