Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Of witches and wizards..

OK. Right now, I'm feeling really excited at the thought of dressing up for Halloween. It was Winnie's idea. She was raiding mum's closet, and mum was raiding our closet (we all share clothes, shoes and accessories). Anyway, Winnie found two semi-transparent long, black cape-like things belonging to mum. I don't know man. Mum said they were in fashion many years ago, and all fashionable women had one of those in the closet. She had two, so yay for us. Cos it was exactly like a witch or vampire's cape. So now all Winnie and I have to do is find the remaining pieces to turn us into a witch.

I have still never managed to dress up or even go clubbing on Halloween night. Bit pathetic and unbelievable. I would have forgot about Halloween this year too if Winnie didn't remind me that it was next week. Damn.

Think I can convince cs to turn into a vampire this Halloween? Buy a black cloth to tie around his neck and put on make up for him.

This fella is cute..

Edward Cullen doesn't look anything like this..

A pumpkin witch.

As Winnie and I were searching through google, I was saying that most witches have a hat. Winnie said most witches have warts on their noses. I was like wtf?! What did you type in google? She said: witch. I said: witch costumes halloween. Only then she said ohh..witches look different here, more sexy. No wonder she was going on along the lines of wicked witch of the west, ugly warts on noses etc. Weird..

Time to go shopping I think..

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