Sunday, 4 October 2009


This is a complain post!

Earlier this evening, cs and I were supposed to watch Sorority Row at MBO, Spring at 815pm. We bought the tickets early, around 2pm. After dinner tonight with cs' family, we rushed to MBO for the movie. Bought a medium sized popcorn, 7-up, and a mineral water and settled in to wait. Due to some stupid arrangements at MBO, the entrance to all six halls to the cinema were through one door only.

We were told to WAIT till the light is on, indicating which hall we were supposed to go in to. We waited from 8pm till 845pm. Finally we were the only ones left outside the hall, along with another couple. We had no choice but to ask the guy again, what about us? Why aren't we allowed in to the movie, which started at 815pm!

Our movie should have started ages ago. He was so damn blur. He hesitated, then said hmm..ok..go on in. Cos we were the only ones left outside. So in we went to Hall 4. The hall was empty and dark, with loud music playing. We went out to the hallway to ask someone what is going on??? Where the fuck is our movie? She said oh yea go on in. And they started the movie, which was already playing halfway by then wtf!! No way was I going to sit down to watch a movie halfway like that! A waste of my money! Bastard! So we went out again to complain and were told to bring our complain downstairs to the ticket office to get a refund.

This we did. Complain we did. (Here I realized women complain more, while the men stand by quietly) After some negotiations, we got our money back! At least we got out money back but such a waste of time. Wasted an hour standing there when I could be doing something worthwhile. Grrr..

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