Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Play hard

Mooncake festival is just around the corner. Last night I went to ah ong's house to learn how to make mooncake. That was the plan.

What initially happened was that most of them had fun trouble pressing/kneading the dough. And we made a mess out of ah ong's kitchen. Sorry! At least some of them helped in cleaning up.

Ah boon looking serious here.

The failures.

The ones that passed. Not bad for amateurs eh.

Baby happy with his creation.

This actually looks pretty presentable..I don't know who made this.

In case you're wondering, I didn't make any. I was the photographer. Why? Cos I just did my nails the night before, and no way am I ruining them so fast:

Click for larger image and zoom in on the nails. Cue bimbo. Actually I only like the oven baked mooncakes. I don't eat these cold skinned ones. I only took a tiny bite out of one that cs fed me simply because he made it. And hastily went to swallow some water (sorry baby).

Song of the moment:

Hazard by Richard Marx. Simply beautiful.

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