Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Damai Puri

Before 2009, I have not been to Damai since 10 years ago? Or more than that. Come 2009, and I don't remember how many times have I been to Damai Beach and Damai Puri. And it is not even December yet. What is wrong with me?

Over the long Raya weekend, I went to Damai Puri yet again. This time with the family, and some friends. Oh well since nothing much has been going on in my life, I shall bore you all with lots of Damai photos.

The parents at Buntal for dinner. Winnie was just telling me the other day that our family and relatives (on both sides) all drink and dance and some are really good singers. We are not the type of family with smart, outstanding students (those who score 15 straight A's or something silly like that, win a scholarship sponsored by our nice govt, and go overseas to study, and come back as I don't know doctors etc..) We are the type who knows how to have fun. This makes us sound pretty useless eh..

My very nice siblings and mum bought this for me from Taiwan. Let me quote mum: Its not for you to wear. You can hang it in your room as a souvenir. what the hell man. Souvenir to the alcoholic in the family. They only realized after buying the slipper that it reads Chicken, not Heineken! I imagine they must be pretty excited and laughing to themselves upon discovering this gift for me.

Here we are locked out of the room. After checking in, we realized that we could not open the door with out card-key. The other 2 rooms were working fine. Kev, winnie, cs and I were staying in this room. Yes cs. Surprisingly mum invited cs along with us. He slept on the same bed as me! My God. I don't know what came into mum.

So we did the usual. Stayed in the room to start drinking alcohol in the afternoon (dad and ah pau), played cards (winnie, kevin, ah pau, and I), use the Wifi (wendy), check out the gym (daniel and danny), or sleep supposedly (mum and dad). It was cloudy around 5pm, so we all changed and went to the beach and pool, respectively. I have still failed to take photos by the pool in a bikini. Sigh. I wonder when will I remember to bring the camera with me to the pool? After so many times to Damai, I still fail..

The guys who didn't make it to the pool. Later that night Kevin told me: waahh mi the sea water soo salty. My throat and eyes hurt like shit. I opened my mouth and swallowed so much water. He didn't finish complaining to which I burst out laughing: dumbass. why did you open your mouth to drink the sea water in the first place? I got punched by him after that..

So what else. Since it was Raya holidays, the resort was fully booked. Everywhere was packed. The pool, the beach, the slide at the children's pool which we were all eyeing. I managed to get on around 7pm. That is when I realized that while wearing a bikini, it is not very advisable to go down a kids slide. Things fall: namely my bikini bottoms. Screw. I watched cs and winnie have fun..

Breakfast the following morning was terrible. We (5) of us walked in and handed in our coupons. We were nodded in, and left to find out own seating. There were no tables. Everywhere was full. There were litter on the floor, eggs, toast, beans. Yuck. The tables were dirty and a mess. We stood by a table (quite a scene ok, we standout a bit) and a waitress came to clean off the previous person's mess. We pulled chairs from other tables. We waited for our cutlery to arrive. We went to get food.

The horror. The serving spoon had fallen into the scrambled eggs tray. There were no glasses at all for the drinks. The sausages were nowhere to be seen. I wanted toast and joined the very long queue for them. I want eggs too and joined the very long queue. 15 mins later I get my food from the buffet and walked back extremely disappointed. My eggs were swimming in their own very large pool of oil. Thank you for increasing my cholesterol level.

I had a good time this time around. Short 2 days, one night trip but still had fun.

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