Sunday, 13 September 2009

Mexican fiesta

On Saturday, mum decided that she wanted Mexican food. At Riverside: Cafe Majestic. So we made a reservation for 730pm. The place was filled with people, even though the buffet dinner costs about RM65++ per person.

They decorated the venue. There were three people walking around clad in Mexican attire. I don't know man: they were dressed in white, green and red, and wearing cowboy hats, carrying some musical instrument to which I don't know the name of, and singing. I don't think it was English either. The waiters and waitress were all wearing cowboy hats, and addressing my dad with Senor. wtf.

I'm sorry but I'm not the person with a good camera, and who is hardworking enough to take a nice pretty photo of the food when it comes..I'm the person who starts eating as soon as the food is set in front of me. Sorry.

I can provide a summary of the dinner though.

Before the dinner, I thought Mexican food consists of mostly nachos, tortilla wraps, enchiladas, corn, spicy sauces and jalapenos. Well..I was right. There were selections with names such as: Mexican lamb, Mexican fish, Mexican fried rice. Please. The fried rice was normal Chinese fried rice. There was a shrimp salad at the salad bar, with lots of shrimps, olives, and a pretty spicy sauce, but nice.

This is a crispy corn tortilla with fillings of erm..chicken, beans, salad, and potatoes topped with chilli/pepper sauce, tomatoes and lots of cheese. (I think)

The dinner was not something I would want to try again anytime soon. It is not bad, just that my taste buds are not so used to it. Most of the selections were too spicy and/or sour. Or either too bland. I didn't really like it. Also, I thought it was quite pricey. For that price, I would want more selections. More kebabs maybe though I don't like it. More desserts. More whatever..I don't know. More choices..

Then again, please take this with a pinch of salt. I'm a very picky eater.

It is Monday again..

Back to office..

Another week ahead.

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