Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Mambo jumbo

The past 4 days were work-free days, due to Hari Raya holidays. Everyone goes back to work tomorrow (Wed). Nice long holiday. Most people rest more during the holidays, no? But I feel that I get sick after the holidays most of the time. Am I playing too hard? I seem to regard every non-working day as an opportunity to do something other than spend time at home, watching tv, in front of the computer, playing silly Facebook games. I.e. raising a farm, creating a virtual pet and decorating its crib, running a restaurant etc.. No offense to anyone, just my point of view. Furthermore, I get bored very easily. I cannot sit in front of the computer hours at a time, watching endless drama series and movies. Maybe there's something wrong with me hmm...

1) Surprisingly though, I didn't drink that much this long weekend. Pretty amazing eh? On Friday night, I went to VA yet again cos it was ah pau's sis' birthday, and he asked us to go as well.

Winnie at our usual table. Too dark never mind.

2) On Saturday night, I went to Pizza Hut at Jalan Song. God the service sucks! Cs and I walked right into the restaurant without waiting for anyone to take us to our seats cos there was no waiters/esses in sight. We plopped down on a table still with leftovers from the previous patrons, cos all the tables had leftovers. We waited for the waitress to notice us. After 5 minutes, I grow impatient and start waving her over. I swear she just ignored me. Her eyes met mine and she continued her walk, totally ignoring me. This happened 3 times. Fuck I felt like a piece of furniture or a decoration on the wall. I felt so ridiculous and angry. Sigh. Poor thing is blind. Cs and I went to take the menus ourselves, and decided what to order, when she finally decided to walk over and clear the plates and wipe the table. Feeling a bit guilty, I tell her thank u, cos she looked tired. She (finally!!) looked at me and opened her mouth (It can talk) to ask if we would like to order now.

Order we did. Food arrived. We ate. From what I saw, everyone was angry at how long it took to get some attention from the staff. To getting the menu and clearing the tables, to placing place orders, asking for clean plates, knives, to ask for the bill, to take away. Granted, it was a Saturday night. Public holiday some more. Busy. Full house. I know. But still!! At least talk to us. Acknowledge us. We pay for our freaking food and your freaking salary bitch! I'm not even trying to make your life hard. Or being rude to you. Cs was so angry, he said he wished he could slap her so hard. Grr...

Lousy Pizza Hut dinner aside, later that night we went to 175 degrees cafe at Padungan to meet up with friends. Does anyone know that there is a Fish Spa inside the cafe? I wanted to try it (for free) but hmm..taking off your shoes in the middle of the cafe, with people and waiters walking around you feels a bit weird to me. Also, I knew that cs would rather be fucked by gay men than experience a fish spa. He is super ticklish. I have never met anyone (man, woman, or child) who is more ticklish than him. Seriously. He can't even touch the bottom/soles of his own bare feet, let alone soak his feet inside the water with thousands of little fish.

3) Stolen photo of fish spa. The fish are supposed to eat all your "dead meat" (in mandarin). You know, the hard parts of your feet: callouses are they called? Then new skin will regrow and your feet are all nice and pretty.

In Kuching, people used to say that the more ticklish you are, or the more scared you are of being tickled, it means that the more you will love your other half. If this is true, I'm glad I have cs.

4) Later that night, I met up with Winnie and friends at Paragon. It was unplanned and I didn't drink much. Here cs and I were taking care of the table while they went bar hopping, I think.

These photos turn out very freakish looking and blur. My Sony Ericsson T707 totally suck at taking photos. I can't camwhore as much as I used to.

5) These photos were taken with Cherling's phone. I don't know what her phone is but it clearly rocks compared with mine..next time I buy a phone, I should take in on a test in a dark bathroom (makeshift club).

I haven't been out with them for soo long. Sorry!!

The place was packed as usual, but I quite like our spot beside the DJ booth. Albeit the lousy and very loud bass and sound system. Our tables were at a dead end, which means that nobody needs to walk up and down here. I hate the "in-the middle" or "in-between" tables cos it means you're shoved from all sides when people and waiters alike have to walk up and down. To the toilet. To the bar. To meet friends. And also it means that the semi-drunk dancing crowd elbows you all the time from all sides. I sound like such a pro at this (analyzing tables what the hell). Shit I go out too much. And shit I swear too much.

I like this photo. I look slim and cute. Please ignore me. I know that I am vain.

6) On Sunday, it was the first day of Raya. The Simon family routine every first day of Raya is to go to my aunt's house. I have a lot of Malay cousins and relatives.

The first day of Raya is spent stuffing our faces with food. Feasting on Malay food early from the morning till afternoon.

Here are some of the typical food at a Malay house on the first day of Raya. I took the liberty of stealing some photos off google for your viewing pleasure:

This is called Lemang. They are cooked in bamboo sticks like so:

Copied this from Wikipedia: Lemang is a traditional food, originating with the Iban people of Indonesia and Malaysia, which is cooked in a hollowed bamboo stick lined with banana leaf to prevent the rice from sticking to the bamboo. Usually prepared for festivities such as Hari Gawai, lemang is made of glutinous rice and coconut milk, with salt added for taste.

Normally in Kuching, we buy them like that, in one long bamboo stick. Cut it open at home to eat. The taste? Fragrant coconut rice. Very nice to go with curry..

This is what a typical Beef Rendang would look like. I love Wikipedia. They have everything. Here is a copied version: Rendang is made from beef (or occasionally chicken, mutton, water buffalo, duck, or vegetables like jackfruit or cassava) slowly cooked in coconut milk and spices for several hours until almost all the liquid is gone, allowing the meat to absorb the spicy condiments. The cooking process changes from boiling to frying as the liquid evaporates. The slow cooking process allows the meat to absorb all the spices and to become tender. The spices may include ginger, galangal, turmeric leaf, lemon grass and chillies.

Rendang is eaten normally with plain white rice, lemang or ketupat.

Ketupat. It is compressed rice cooked in coconut milk. I don't really like this simply because it isn't as fragrant as lemang.

Curry. This can be easily cooked with either chicken, beef, lamb or even just vegetables (but rare). In Kuching, among the Malays, most curries are quite spicy though it varies with each household.

I went to google kuih lapis and came up with almost nothing. Then I realized these were called kuih lapis SARAWAK. Really? Is it not available in West Malaysia? I have been eating these as a kid, and I didn't know that these are unique to Sarawak. Please correct me if I'm wrong and forgive my ignorance. Kuih lapis comes with a lot of different tastes. The bakers add a lot of flavor into these traditional cakes, such as: blueberry, mint, chocolate, milo, raisin etc. I can't think of anymore. But kuih lapis are eaten during Raya, Gawai, and even chinese new year.


This entry is getting too long. So I shall end it here.

Before I forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SHIRLEY LIEW in advance.

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