Tuesday, 22 September 2009


I first met Shirley at IBMS college: The first week of college, in Foundation C. We first talked in the cafeteria. The first thing she said to me was: Amy, why are you so quiet? My first impression of her was someone louder and much more confident than me. Someone popular and daring who speaks her mind. We were in the same group of friends in Kuching for 2 - 3 years. Yet we were never close. We were only close when we decided to go to London together.

At KLIA before departure.

I had no qualms on going to study in London with Shirley. At the time, we were friends. We were the "go shopping together, yamcha-ing occasionally friends" Not really the type who would have any heart to heart session over "my bf cheated on me". I didn't think so much about it. We had our own secrets but I thought that Shirley was fun to be around and I could get along well with her. Haha. On the other hand, she later told me she was skeptical about staying with me. She thought I was some spoiled rich brat.

We only got close in London cos we were two friends in a strange land. We had no one else but the two of us. No friends and family. Just a 25kg luggage. Time to grow up! Over the years we supported each other through the walks of life. Settling in London. Found a place to stay.

Found jobs.

Got through exams

and graduation..

Supported each other through the lousy guys that come in and out of our lives..Started drinking, getting drunk and wasted. Supported each other still..

And were happy for each other over the ones that stayed..

We have our own lives now. Now that we are apart for God knows how long, I don't want to forget her. I know that you are happy now where you are. Chris will take care of you.

Come back to visit asap!

I miss you and Nifer and all those times we had together.

Over the years, we have grown so close, even closer than sisters I think. More like lovers minus the sex part. I know what she likes and what she prefers to avoid. I know what pisses her off, and she knows what makes me impatient and angry. I know where we would both choose to go to eat, and she knows when not to force me to eat. I know that she takes her time to go to work in the morning thus she is almost always late (still?), and she knows how impatient I get when I have to wait for others..

It isn't easy making friends, especially now that we are all grown up. Especially true friends that will always have your back, supporting you even when you don't know what you yourself are doing.. I never call Shirley. Not once since I came back. But (I HOPE) she knows that I miss and love her as much as she does! HAHA.



To brother-in-law: treat her good u hear? :D

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