Saturday, 12 September 2009

Drunken night

Mum's 50th birthday fell on September 4th. Friday. On the day itself, mum and her friends wanted to go to Victoria Arms (VA), which is at Merdeka Palace. By popular belief, the place is filled with old, fat, and unattractive women. Btw, I really hate it when people say that. Have you been to VA before? NO? Then what gives you the right to say that. Ignorant! I go to VA. Winnie goes to VA. Then what are you saying we are fat, old, and ugly? Guys normally answer me with: no lar. of cos not. To which I would answer: so just my mum lar??!!

It is really rude to classify women who go to VA like this. My mum and her very nice group of friends are among these women. I have made a few friends there. (One of them turned out to be my colleague now) They are just the same as you are. Working hard during the day time, five or six days a week. Tired and relieved its Friday night. A night out in town. What's wrong with that? Middle aged women with kids cannot drink alcohol out in public issit?

Ok. Enough. Continue..

A lot of photos ahead.

1) Pretty cupcakes. Winnie bought them off a seller called Lovey Dovey Cupcakes on Facebook. Of all places.

2) We arrived around 730pm and started drinking. For those who don't know, women pay RM15 per entry and get free drinks from 7pm - 9pm. Drinks are inclusive of fruit juice (orange or mango), alcoholic drinks of whiskey, brandy, vodka, gin, rum, beer, or cocktail. Granted they are not of some good, expensive brand. Too much of the whiskey leaves u with a hangover the next day. The brandy sucks. The beer choices are Heineken or Tiger. The cocktail is whatever mixture they have for the night. Normally it tastes pretty good. For that night, the cocktail was a mix of tequila+peach+i dont know.

3) Ze group.

4) Like mother like daughter. I'm going to look exactly like mum in 25 years time. Hah. We are 25 years apart. Fortunately for her, you can't tell that right?? Mum can pass off as a 40 year old still. Lucky for her.

5) Before this photo, Winnie, mum and I were pushing each other in order not to stand in front. Why? Camwhores should know that the person who stands nearest to the camera will have the largest and roundest face, arms etc.. thus the ugliest. God I swear my IQ is decreasing even as I type this.. When did I turn into this bimbo who only cares about her looks?! Since forever.

6) We ordered Pizza from Ristorante Beccari, the Italian restaurant at Merdeka Palace. I think the pizza costs around RM 22. Yum. Delicious. Cheap. And pretty convenient. Just flag a waiter over to bring over the menu and order from him. They will place the order for you via telephone to the restaurant downstairs.

7) Mum's friends brought a choc chip cheesecake for mum. The cheesecake was so creamy and sinful at the same time..

8) We camwhore some more while the alcohol kicks in. Build up our guts to start dancing. The DJ normally plays songs during this time. The band starts to perform at 9pm. No, they do not sing Malay or Indonesian songs. They sing to Black Eyed Peas, Beyonce, Shakira etc..normal stuff you listen to on

9) Alcohol has kicked in already..

10) At 9pm the men come in.

Baby! I ran to hug him when I saw him walking towards our table in front of my mum and her friends. I don't know why. I think its the cheap alcohol. Its not like I was separated that long from him. Just 4 hours. And they snapped a photo of us. The next day mum told me her friends were all asking: when are they getting married?

Dad came in around 10pm, much to everyone's delight. Tipsy mum and a reluctant looking dad.

12) Cs and Alvin

13) Mum was invited up to the stage being birthday girl and all that. The band sang a birthday song for her. The next day, mum said she didn't remember this part haha.

14) In between dancing, Winnie was walking around with a camera the whole night snapping photos of other people in various states of drunken-ess.

16) Dance floor at VA is pretty small, and around 80% of the crowd just sit there watching the dancers. The men come in at 9pm, still sober, meanwhile the women has already started drinking at 7pm. Hence the women are louder and more willing to dance. There are hardly any men on the dance floor at VA. Occasionally though there will be some very good male dancers..

In Kuching, men only dance under three consequences: (1)if they are good at dancing. (2) If they are drunk! (3) If they are part of the shuffle type dance group. This actually falls under the first category.

17) Winnie forces dad to take many photos with us..

18) I mixed way too much drinks. I had whiskey coke as usual for my first glass. The second glass of whiskey coke I asked for tasted foul and suspiciously like brandy so I poured half of it away and drank half. Then I asked for cocktail, which is a mixture of tequila plus god knows what. Then I had Kilkenny and beer. I don't know how many glasses. More than enough I suppose.

Therefore, I don't remember when the two photos below were taken:

Still looks okay right..


But I definitely don't remember this.. why the hell did Winnie kiss me? Look at her hand..she was the one kissing me. Not me her..

Dad and cs were probably the only sober ones among us..

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