Tuesday, 1 September 2009

A trip down memory lane..

I miss Nandos. And old friends whom I've lost contact with...

Spot me.

I miss uni days.

I miss those carefree days.

I miss those crazy bitches...

I wonder what everyone is doing now?

This photo below was taken at a club after the last exam of our MBA. A night for celebrations.

I miss winter and ice skating..

I don't miss studying for finals and the many assignments..

Not enough sleep while trying to complete assignments and cramming for exams gave me this eye:

I don't remember if I have posted this before. But then, I suppose everyone can use a daily reminder of this:

So true right? Back then, I couldn't wait to graduate, to finish with all the exams and shit. When I graduated, I couldn't wait to get a job. Now that I have a job...grrr...hate it and all but it pays grr..I want a new job. I have a loving bf and family and grrr why the fuck am I reminiscing on those days? Cos I'm only human..

Ahh...nice reminder for all of us..appreciate your current situation.

Good night.

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