Monday, 31 August 2009

10 things you do before getting married

I stole this off M's Senses. I liked it. So here goes. Seriously though why is everyone getting married already? Only yesterday cs told me that he is attending yet another friend's wedding on 20th Sep. She is a former ex classmate of our back in college. (Shirley, remember Pei San?)


Supposedly you should not marry someone until you have accomplished these few things:

1. Go on a vacation somewhere far away with your partner.
Amy: Does KL count for both of us cos that's the only place I can afford plus the only place my mum is content that we two can go off together. I quote mum: "but u two are like going on a honeymoon together", when she knew that we were planning to go to Taiwan together. Sigh. She was pretty upset, why I don't know. Cos remember mum when you were 25, you had lil old me!! I'm old enough to go on vacation with my bf, remember?!

CS: We went to Kl together few months ago. Not tat far but it was fun because we've never been to some other places together. We can do whatever we want without any worries about curfew etc.. Miss that feeling.. Lets plan something again. =)

2. Visit the library together. Read your own reading materials and don't talk until you come out of the library.
Amy: We have been to the library together, supposedly to study but I think we ended up talking to each other, and then later went to feed the fishes by the lake, and then buying snacks from the cafeteria. This was years ago.. Seriously though, I can spend hours reading, while he would probably watch me read. Or sleep.

Sorry i cant spend hours reading unless there are some interesting magazines for me to read..

Case in point. I read while he sleeps..

3. Prepare a candlelight dinner together. It doesn't matter who does what. Get a bottle of red wine and take your time without worrying about the dishes.
Amy: We've cooked for each other but very simple stuff such as instant noodles, hot dogs, eggs, fried rice etc. Those don't count. From those experiences, I know that I'm the controlling one in the kitchen. I instruct him to boil the water, step aside, wash the dishes etc. He has no clue what to do in the kitchen and he looks so cute when he just follows my instructions. Also, he looks so bewildered in the kitchen when I get angry or scold him for not following instructions..
About washing dishes, most of the time I wash either at his or my house cos it looks better if I wash at his house to please aunty and uncle, and when I wash at my house, its cos I know how mum wants her stuff organized..

CS: We've no time and place to prepare a candlelight dinner by our own since we are still living with our family. What we can do is have a candlelight dinner with champagne in hotel room. I did it for her..

4. Buy a toy together. Give it a name and bring with you on vacations.
Amy: A toy? Sex toy can? vibrator is a toy...and yea we bring it on vacations..hahahhaa

CS: Kids play with kid's toys; adults play with sex toys. Makes sense right??

5. Go clubbing together. Pretend you don't know each other and meet each other for the first time. And don't laugh (as in laughing because of your pretense).
Amy: Well we have been clubbing together countless times. I would like to do this, i.e. pretend we don't know each other but I think some guy would hit on me. Then cs would just get upset at the guy staring at me. hahahhaa..

CS: We've never done this before in a club but i think we will end up

6. Visit places you and your partner grew up in.
Amy: Done. We go over to each other's houses all the time. My family are so used to him already, and even ah boi ignores cs now..

CS: Done. I've moved to Kuching for more than 17 years. So Kuching is the place where i grew up..

7. Make a wish together under a shooting star.
Amy: We made a wish under the stars together before.. Does that count?

CS: We made a wish under the stars few years ago before we get into this relationship. My wish was to bring her happiness if i could. Haha I never told her about this.

8. Make an anonymous donation together at an orphanage or an old folks' home.
Amy: I'm not trying to be stingy here but I barely earn enough for myself. I do buy biscuits from old men selling by the roadside. I give donations when i can...err..that should be ok.

CS: Yea we do buy biscuits from old men. Is this counted??

9. Look after a plant or pet together.
Amy: We look after ah boi (my dog) together. We feed him snacks and let him out to use the toilet. Cs buys him snacks when he is abroad or when we go to the supermarket. So yea, ah boi counts.

CS: Yea we have cute little ah boi. I bought some dog biscuits from Hongkong which cost me about RM50 per small box. I do care for ah boi..

10. Fart loudly in front of each other. If you can't do it, then it's difficult to last forever.
Amy: Yesh we both farted in front of each other..easier said than done. hahaha

We farted in front of each other but that is not the loudest one. I can have a louder fart. I'll try again next time k.. hahaha...

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