Sunday, 9 August 2009


Last Saturday night cs and I accidentally stumbled upon an event at Terminal One. It was the ELEVATE event. No idea what it was really. From what I learned that night, some cigarrette company sponsored the event. As the whole venue was in green, I suppose it had to do with Heineken and the green packets of Pall Mall. They invited 2 MC's from KL, as well as DJ's, and pole dancers from KL.

I shall let the pictures do the talking..

What I look like for the night. I pale in comparison with the number of hot chicks present. Alot of the ladies wore dresses boo while I had on an old top and denim skirt.

T1 totally pimped their pub. It looked nothing like this before. Something semi-big must be going on as they closed the road outside as well, and inflated huge balloons.

Click for larger image. Those two flat screens were actually some sort of game. I don't know how it works as I didn't get to play those..I was standing too far away.

I saw a couple of guys holding huge cameras and videocameras. I think cs and I will end up in a magazine again. Argh. The last time it happened, my parents found it funny. That I go to club too often that I'm featured inside an article on the clubs in Kuching. wtf..

This was one of the dancers of the night. I think there were three?

Cs and I had a good spot, which enabled us a close up view of her assets. Most of the men were holding up their camera phones, with gleeful/triumphant smiles on their faces. Can't blame them. Its right there for you to see.

Spot a piece of ass..

To sum it up, the music was great. Nice for dancing if only they had a dance floor. Good crowd. Nothing too rowdy, no kids shouting and pushing. Just nice. Played games by nice MC's. It was ok, but too crowded to see what was going on. Drinks were priced more or less the same.. Overall, it was ok. Maybe cos it was just cs and I. It would have been more fun if it had been a crowd. With the group, I can predict that ah boon would be gawking at the dancers haha.. Ah ong would be busy snapping photos and videos. Nana and frankie would dance with cs and I. Boo..

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