Tuesday, 4 August 2009


1)I love Korean food when it comes with so many side dishes. We ordered Kimchi fried rice. I like the slightly burnt taste. I think they cooked it with some stone pot.

It came with 6 side dishes consisting of Kimchi, some cabbages, clams, cold unappetizing egg, spinach, and black beans. The clams were yummy and the kimchi too. The bf thinks the kimchi is pretty tasteless compared with the ones his mum make. I don't know since I don't eat Korean food much. The other side dishes are nothing special. We went to Koreana located at Premier 101, btw.

2) The State Parliament building opened in Kuching and all the Agung's, Tan Sri's, Datuk's and whatever were in town for the past week. Police were everywhere, roads closed, which caused traffic jams and hold ups thus making us late to work, to go home or anywhere for that matter. Poor policemen though, standing there directing traffic day and night, in the heat, and even in the rain.

This is the newly built building:

Photo stolen off google images. It looks pretty impressive by night, all lit up.

This is us at Terminal One one night witnessing the event. Fireworks and some boat parade to celebrate the opening.

Grand finale taken with my 3mp camera. Sorry for lousy quality..

3) I redyed my hair. According to my hairstylist, I am 25, but have the hair of a 35 year old cos I'm balding. Booo... She asked: ur not scared har? wtf. Of cos I don't like it that I'm balding but what can I do?? Go for balding treatment? Seriously?! Shit!

After wash and blow dry. Back to normal..

4) My siblings and mum are back from Taiwan last night. The house is back to normal. TV on at all times, noisy and normal chatter resumes. I kinda miss the quiet. Maybe cos I'm still sick, so I need the quiet to rest/sleep.

The three shopaholics bought so much stuff. New shoes, new pants, new shirts, new bras, new accessories and Kevin gained weight. Expected actually. Kevin and mum each also have a new fake iPhone in black. Haha.. Kevin got his for free; mum bought hers for RM 250.

I miss baby. Been neglecting him the past few days. Sorry baby.


blur... said...

hey gal how are you ? you still look great =P
take good care of yourself ya..
send my regards to cs too ...

Amy said...

hey..how r u?? when u coming back to kch! haha..those pics were pre-sickness. i look like shit nw. u take care too! will tell him u said hi. :)