Thursday, 27 August 2009


On my birthday eve, cs brought me to Rakutei, a Japanese restaurant located on the ground floor of Crown Square/Towers. Opposite Mr.Ho's. It was rather dim inside so photos all turned out very dark:

We ordered salmon sashimi. It was quite late by then around 830pm and we ordered waay too much food for two starving people..

Also shared a small bottle of hot sake. Sake to me, tastes a bit sourish but in a good way. It goes down well with the food when its still hot and warm. Is it strong? I don't know..It heats up my throat going down sort of the way bailey's does. Hmm..I don't know if that is a good comparison?

The portions were quite big. Definitely not what we expected. This is California Maki, very filling..

The service was pretty good there, nothing much to complain about. The place was pretty empty and quiet on a Wednesday night. I don't think Rakutei is a new restaurant right? The food is quite pricey but reasonably priced as the portions are definitely more than enough.. But if the place is still open with Kuching people's rather stingy spending habits, Rakutei should be pretty much a hit right? Our meal came down to around RM160, I think.

Baby ordered some Bento dish main course with a potato salad, grilled chicken, grilled eggplant, and some fish I think. Don't really remember and photo is too dark to tell anything. This came with a bowl of rice which was literally untouched.

I love soft shelled crab.

Some unagi thing. This thing is larger than life and so filling.. Yum. Oh yea, I choked on a piece of the unagi bone. Normally the bone is soo tiny that most people just swallow it, no problem right. But obviously I am a freak with a small throat opening. Stupid tonsils. I gagged and had to force feed myself rice to make myself swallow the tiny bone. Hate it when this happens. I remember the first time I choked on a fish bone back home during dinner time. Dad was the only one who was worried about me, forcing me to swallow huge mouthfulls of rice in between my gagging. My siblings were rolling around laughing, literally choking from laughing at me. Evil people!

The spread on our table. Greedy people ordered too much. We were starving by that time and randomly ordered everything that looked good thinking that we would of course finish everything. Some more Japanese food portions were always tiny, right??

At the end of the night after stuffing our faces with food..

No, I am not naked. I'm wearing a black tube dress..

Good night.

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