Monday, 24 August 2009


I'm sick again. On Sunday, I was seriously wondering do I have swine flu or not? I sat there in front of the computer reading and rereading the symptoms of normal flu vs swine flu here. Its the article titled: An Apple A Day. Anyway, on Sunday I woke up to an aching and painful body, despite no exercise the past few days. Ignored it. Quickly decided that my fever is much more worrying. Quickly tested my temperature. Shit. Confirmed Fever. Took 2 fever pills, and found no antibiotics at home. Cough is getting worse, and damn I have flu! My cough is the dry cough, with no mucus. And double damn I'm freaking shivering non stop.

Then I tried to delude myself into thinking I'm fine. Reason being, I'm more worried about getting scolded by mum rather than falling sick. Yesh mum is that scary.. parents are not dumb. Obviously my face gave it away. And the cough and flu. After getting myself and cs scolded and nagged for going out too much, not enough rest, weak body etc etc etc...whew..the worst is over..

Or so I thought. This morning I went to the doctor and got back these:

A buffet of meds. Sigh. This will take a whole week to finish..

The doctor and nurse left me alone with my phone.

I'm scared of the meds. I think they are too strong for me. They make me so dizzy and so blur. I feel faint most of the time, and have to quickly sit or lie down again. Some more my hands are shaking terribly; these got me scolded by dad for being too weak!! I could barely hold my spoon properly. Obviously the meds are doing their job of killing the bacteria/germs/viruses whatever inside me, and leaving me weak and shaky what. Happens to everyone no?

Now I'm fine cos the drugs are mostly off already. But I seriously dread taking them before sleep. And how to take them in the morning? How to work?!

Btw mum thinks I have swine flu and I should quarantine myself from work. Sigh. Doc gave me a day off tomorrow as well. Should I infect everyone in the office? Or stay home?

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