Sunday, 16 August 2009


On Friday night, I went to Paragon, located at Travillion with the group. As their celebration for my birthday. The place is all right if you get the VIP seats on top. If you are stuck downstairs, you are so crowded and pushed everywhere everytime you try to dance. So, always get the seats upstairs.

In Kuching, to get a VIP table, you have to pay more money, meaning buy more drinks to enable seats. On Fri night, it was less crowded so we just had to open one bottle and voila, a private dancefloor without gawking male strangers. heh. nice.

This year for my 25th, I received a rather special cake:

What did I do to deserve this? I act freaking horny or do I crack horny jokes like my ex professor during MBA. He used to crack horny jokes in class. I forgot his name..remember nifer?

The baker really pays attention to detail eh. Look at the sperm on top. And condom by the side. The balls look quite disgusting though.. Looks aside, this cake tastes pretty good. Winie who tried the condom part says it tastes like blueberry. The cake itself is rich, moist chocolate. Very much to my surprise. I was expecting a super sweet cake, or dry unedible cake.

Thanks guys for that night!! I had fun!

Lucky we were seated upstairs away from the crowd or we couldn't be as noisy/wild as we did that night..

The top is made of a biscuit-y base by the way...

Looks a bit gross here..

Winnie attacking the balls. Nana had the other side. heh..

Baby measuring his own with the fake one.

Baby with a fake orgasm.

Played some drinking game for a while..loser for the night was winnie! No one was drunk though, a good thing. Especially since I had to work on Sat!! Screw!

Baby showing off his dance moves as usual..

The alcohol kicks in, and winnie, alvin and ah boon perform their own dance moves..heh. drinking games and alcohol are essential to every party cos then everyone is happily carefree and shameless.

We look so happy..

I'm a lucky girl and yes I know it. Thanks for the party, the cake, and all the fun and laughter.

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