Monday, 31 August 2009

These days

It has been a long weekend due to public holiday Monday! Tomorrow its back to work..The highlight of this long holiday has to be cs falling sick on Sat. Thus, we get to stay home most of the time where I force feed him to drink all types of herbal tea, and whatever cooling water, in addition to his meds. Unluckily for him, I haven't got the patience of a saint. Luckily for him, I get over the anger pretty fast by myself without much persuasion from him heh.

All bundled up and happy.

Btw, we turned 8 months last Friday! Time flies by so fast..I suppose that working makes the time goes by extra fast. Working 5 or 6 days a week, rest one or two days, and routine continues. Before you know it, a month has gone by, then two months. Then half year. Pretty soon its a year gone by again. This month, I look forward to mum's birthday (spend $$), and Hari Raya (2 days public holiday!!).

Happy anniversary! We've never celebrated before this. Surprisingly neither one of us remembered or bothered to do something. A few days ago, I reminded him about it. I made a card for him, while he bought this cake for us to share at home with my family. God we are so boring.

Random photo of ah ong and his wife nana. Don't they look alike in this pose?

Hahahaha..caught unaware.

This was on Sat night, we went to Pending for dinner. The food was alrite, cheap and nothing outstanding. Oh wait there is something. They win the award for taking the longest time for the meal to arrive. God I was starving while waiting for the food to arrive!!

They also win the award for the seafood restaurant that serves the most "chang" (spring onion) on a piece of orh chien (oyster pancake).

Sorry the photo is blur but by the green dots, you can see that its not normal for oyster pancake to have so many of it, right? That aside, it actually tastes not bad. But then again, I was starving by then so I really couldn't afford to be picky about the food..

Ugly photo but a post without vain old me? Not possible..

Later during the night, we went to Lounge 2. I think this has become our regular haunt nowadays. I like the ambience; not too noisy. Occasionally there is a live band that plays but they sing songs such as Alicia Keys - No one. Also, the crowd is less noisy consisting of less college kids and more working adults. The alcohol is slightly RM2-3 more than your average Soho. Nice place basically.

On Sun and Mon, cs and I spent most of the time at his place facebook-ing, youtube-ing, talking crap, eating each other in his bedroom, having sex sleeping..yeah...pretty uneventful.

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